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i hope mr grayson gets a real push. he is actually my face character in dc.

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Batman and Scott are both tactical geniuses, But Bruce being such a genius would recognize fairly quickly that the risk for victory maybe too great in this random encounter, and may simply take a tactical retreat (and lose for now) and return to win after a some prep time.

but batman will only win with real prep time against Scott. imo.

although batman is more intelligent, Scott is Bruce's equal when it comes to combat tactics. and his optic blasts simply cannot be ignored or evaded (long enough to claim victory).

also, @god_spawn, i voted for cyke before i read your arguments. and all they did was strengthen my resolve for Cyclops.

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what is scotts eyesight like when looking through the visor?

is it like riddick and he can see in the dark? even if everything he sees is red, doesn't that cancel the dark/stealth aspect of batmans strategy?

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i like both but i give the win to Scott.

in regards to Storm beating Scott, that was in the danger room and Scott wasn't using a live combat mentality (lethal tactics). when his visor was removed he 'could' have just opened his eyes and ended her (along with the whole school). and in a random encounter with some ninja dressed as a bat who just got in close and knocked his visor off his head, why the hell wouldn't just open his eyes? he has no way of knowing that this random lunatic is trying to kill him or not. KA-BLAM! goodbye bats

in regards to batman not giving him a chance to reach his visor to use his optic blasts, on scotts biography page it states he can has gear in his gloves that operate his visor. i think he just likes raising his hand. so if batman does get close and is able to stop scott from raising his hands to his visor, so what...BOOM! goodbye bats.

ahem, cover? scott can fire warning shots to force bats into cover, then blast the cover (wall, car etc) into batman. suddenly the cover is his enemy.

batman tries to prepare for all eventualities. but he is normally armed with gear to wage war against street thugs. even if he has gadgets to call the batmobil, batplane or a giant batbot. scott likes killing machines who like to hunt him.

in h2h scott should lose, but batman (contrary to common belief) is not infallible, and he can make mistakes. scott will own on distance and just about anything bats physically throws at him can be blasted either out of the air or right back at bats. in close range bats has no way of knowing if the visor is source of scotts power or whats holding it back. one kick to the head of scott and his visor goes flying, how would batman know to get out of his line of sight. as i said, all scott has to do is open his eyes at that range. then a massive crimson wave a destruction comes flying at batman.

i may be biased as scott is my fave comic book character. but i truly believe scott will win.........just.

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another avengers title.

you think they would learn after having like 50 x-titles (50 is an exaggeration). and i like x-men over avengers (except wolverine books)

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@kasino said:

didn't like the films at all to be honest(Hulk, Ironman movies, Spidey 1 and 2, Avengers for having the Avengers) and Cyc was treated terribly

he's a character you don't understand until you have dreams(for a goal or a girl) and then sh*t start falling apart. I like that he's the good boy who will break you if put into a corner. I like that he cares for his girlfriend/wife a little more then mission but will do everything to save both. I like that he kinda hates Logan for messing with his chick but sees his value to the team. Scott stories are like Cables if he just didn't get to be a loner. He has a prime directive but cares.

when I was younger, I loved Logan and still do but as i got older saw Scott as a man who puts his gun where his d*ck is. he's the dad out on the lawn when the biker gang runs into town. he's the most qualified doctor, who stayed when the town got infested. he's the lifeguard that volunteered for a shark beach. Scotts a fcking man.


when i was a kid i was really fond of logan and didn't like scott. as i have gotten older (and a parent) i find logan boring and scott a great character.

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I agree that a mini would be good. something that would lead to him taking back utopia, or his powers getting amped up.

but i agree that he is also a great leader with a great tactical mind. cyke and batman playing chess would first time chess wasn't boring.

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I like him as the calculating leader of his people. him being in between the prof and magneto but a good guy fits.

i like that he doesn't get on with shield. and i HATE wolverine. the character used to be interesting but not anymore imo. he is more an avenger than x-man.

i would like him to give the avengers a swift slap and leave then dumb faced :)

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in the first few pages it shows that julian keller has managed to learn how to grow his arms back.

colour me impressed

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I hope wolverine gets killed.