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i'm really glad cyke has won. this should be a good month.

nightcrawler is cool, I would of accepted a win for him happily as well.

logan get enough exposure as is imo

I used to really like storm. i though she was cool. but what I've read about her recently, she just comes across as really petty. so i don't care about her

young jean is pretty good. she has a little attitude.

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we all know batmans feats but in my gut I feel that Star-Lord will win most of the time because of the following

both are in character, meaning bats will not kill. star-lord however is a little more open to it If need be.

any batarangs thrown can instantly be countered with a hurricane (element gun). if batarangs are some how immune to this, please tell me.

batman will of course be able to win any melee fight, but star-lord is smart enough to realise this pretty quick. quill is no bruce wayne in the brains department, but he isn't a fool.

batman may have a suit for any occasion, but does he carry anti-wind, anti-fire, anti-lightning and anti-avalanche as standard when zipping around gothams rooftops at night? fire and electricity probably. but then his suit will prob allow him full or near enough full protection from fire. but what are the limits to lightning? a lightning bolt hits harder than a hand buzzer. his suit may offer some protection from the cold. but does he ware his anti-mr freeze suit as standard? I doubt it. i'm not sure how it works but star-lord can drop an avalanche if the mood takes him. and that isn't standard gear for bats.

as previously noted, standard stealth tactics won't be at useful as usual. bats likes to go high or in shadow a lot. and star-lords boosters and visor can counter both.

I know batman can fire off multiple rangs and play off angles, but star-lord only needs one hurricane to dispatch them and his jet boots will allow him to outfly them. I acknowledge that on occasion they will hit.

we all know given prep time batman beat any and all (probably the same time) but from what I understand, he standard gear his designed to catch multiple thugs and hoods in the street. with a few pieces of higher level gear for odd rogue. I think star-lords standard gear can deal with gothams base criminal element and batmans rogues pretty well. and Star-lords standard gear is used when fighting the likes of thanos and the badoon.

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does current star-lord have 2 element guns? or is that just the movie?

does his element gun/guns still react to his thoughts? or does he manually choose the element?

mr quill must be pretty tough, he and nova fought thanos on their own so they both had to be able to take a hit

I think quill isn't given enough credit where tactical thinking is concerned, i'm sure I read somewhere that he organised an entire reality level army/armada. that requires more than 12% of a plan. and I think quill comes off as a goofball sometimes as a way making his enemies think he is less dangerous than he is.

I think batarangs can be made a mute point is the face of a hurricane.

I've still not made my decision, but I am leaning towards star-lord. although bats is pretty awesome as we all know

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does anybody know how long flash is supposed to last on gotg?

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I've not gotten any new avengers outside of infinity. is it worth getting past issues?

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sadly I can only vote for what I have read.

Scarlet Spider

but I am sure that x-force is awesome. that's just the way yost rolls.

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I like Padalecki (with a haircut)

but I like the idea if Alexander Skarsgård as Cyclops. he always comes across as calculating in his roles. bit of hair dye and some spandex (lol) and he's Cyclops.

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I heard Johnny and sue won't even be related. and only reed and ben go into space. the whole film seems weak

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I really liked scott and emma. the problem was bad writing. the sooner bendis moves on (hopefully fired) his shoddy work can be undone and the x-universe can be set to rights.

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glad they are now with team Cyclops...older Cyclops :)