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personally I would like to see Vulcan return just to get into it with Matthew Malloy. If malloy can tap into some crazy unknown power source (which I would say is safe to assume is energy) then Vulcan may just be able whoop him like he should be able to do anyone else.

if his powers are to manipulate all forms of energy, and malloy is supposedly above omega, the shouldn't Vulcan be above omega? manipulating energy is kind of God-level stuff.

just my opinion

I would also like to see him return to be a father and not be a complete tool :)

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all I see in axis is marvels forever evil. and more x-men bashing.

I have not been reading it. but it looks...meh.

except the art which looks awesome.

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how did doom have anything to do with M-day.

I thought wanda just went off the deep end, and those 3 little words and boom.

has their been retcon that is a pile poo

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@somacula said:

-AvX make me hate and absolutely despise the avengers, I'm never going to buy anything that has the avengers word in it's title, ever.

-For those that are speaking about lasting effects, it only effected X men books, mainly Uncanny because cyclops seems to be the one carrying the weight of the whole consequences while the avengers and gold team just moved on with their lives.

-Don't dare to said the loss of Proff X affected anyone, it was just a plot device to make gold team hate cyclops and extend the schism and arrhate against cyclops to unspeakable level of hypocrisy, charles for the years prior his death was as relevant as X man

-For those blaming cyclops for his death blame the avengers for making charles do a leeroy jenkins against a fully powered and out of control cyclops while everyone was trying to kill him, and if that ain't enough I wonder why no one blamed jean of her actions as phoenix (blowing up a planet), I almos respect the shi ar for putting young jean in trial.

-Did I said I hate the event because in the end it only affected cyclops while everyone is living happily ever after as if nothing had happend? (I'm looking at you tony stark and captain america) Well I'm saying it again.

-If cyclops foes apocalypse clops or void cyclops in AXIS and kills a bunch of avengers I'm gonna be so happy for it, and if somehow everyone gets away with the inversion except cyclops I'm gonna implode and switch to DC comics or start downloading comics illegally from internet.

also, it's quite funny how judgmental hank is these days, especially when you consider his actions and the part he plays in new avengers.

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Avengers vs. X-Men proves Cyclops is the ultimate douche who doesn't deserve any respect whatsoever.

please explain

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I was never a big avengers fan, but I still liked just about all of them. since avx, I personally don't really like any of them anymore. the iron fist/phoenix connection was so tedious. even when they were possessed by the phoenix force the p5 were still doing good (except namor who has always been a tool). even when namor tried to burn hawkeye alive, it was cyke who made sure he was fully healed (although he never healed his son, that makes sense). mr fantastic even made the point in not wanting to get involved because the p5 were doing good. it was only after repeated attacks by avengers that namor went onto epic tool status and attacked wakanda, which kinda started the end of the whole thing. personally, I find the highlight of the event, is that it showed how not to do an event.

I did like the p5 uniforms. those were wicked. I know avx changed the landscape, but I find it silly that cyke gets branded a terrorist and the avengers don't.

the teams were kind of evenly matched. but I had issues with a few of the one on ones.

one of my biggest gripes is that cyke has been branded responsible for the death of Xavier. he played a part in it sure, but shouldn't the avengers also be held responsible? after all their repeated attacks against the p5, it was only a matter of time before they snapped and someone got killed.

if i'm honest with myself, I still haven't forgiven avx for braking up scott and emma. nor have I forgiven bendis for not bringing them back together.

ooh, I forgot, I like magik a lot after avx. i'm glad I was able end this rant on a positive note. nobody likes being negative all the time :)

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@micah said:

Great choice with Avengers vs X-Men. It had a great story, great battles, and moral issues, and a heartbreaking death. Not sure why people don't like it.

because it's atrocious. too many writers, writing badly. the avengers were wrong! we know that a lot of comics stories are illogical in nature. but one teams of 'heroes' invading the home/nation of another, and those being invaded are made out as the bad guys the whole time...

I need to stop, I could rant about this for months.

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This is a great list except for the fact that nobody should read Avenders Vs. X-men ever. The only person who was "right" in that event was whoever didn't buy it...and also Kieron Gillen, he was right too

took the words from my soul

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not familiar with ninja boy. but he looks quite interesting.

the respect thread for nb is good.

are there ever any reports of cyke tagging an invisible enemy? that could factor in quite heavily in either direction.

from what I read in his respect thread, nb has a computer like mind, drawing on past experiences in order to find the best course of action to take (which I good), but how is he at adapting on the fly, or is he more of a dog with bone kinda guy? by that I mean, does he make and follow through with in the belief that the first plan o attack is the best? I know cyke is the kinda guy who isn't content with only 26 back up plans.

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No. Bendis is the reason why Cyclops is still alive and kicking and a hero. If any other writer like Remender had their say of things, we'd be reading about the Death Of Cyclops and Wolverine at the same time.

Be thankful that Cyclops is in the hands of Bendis, a writer who truly loves the character.

truly loves the character??? bendis may not have ended Cyclops life, but he is giving him a slow death. and remender only knows how to deal in misery. x-force worked but otherwise no.

I was actually a fan gillens short run. that was ended as a result of AvX. Gillen should come back imo