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sadly I can only vote for what I have read.

Scarlet Spider

but I am sure that x-force is awesome. that's just the way yost rolls.

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I like Padalecki (with a haircut)

but I like the idea if Alexander Skarsgård as Cyclops. he always comes across as calculating in his roles. bit of hair dye and some spandex (lol) and he's Cyclops.

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I heard Johnny and sue won't even be related. and only reed and ben go into space. the whole film seems weak

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I really liked scott and emma. the problem was bad writing. the sooner bendis moves on (hopefully fired) his shoddy work can be undone and the x-universe can be set to rights.

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glad they are now with team Cyclops...older Cyclops :)

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Thor is a god, he has a weapon/tool forged in the heart of a star (or dying star), super strength, he is lord of the storm (lightning and tornadoes), he has thousands of years combat experience. he is also one of my fave comic book characters (that's comics in general not just marvel). he is awesome.

Faora wins! everything Thor has, she has an answer for. where thor likes to get in the fight (like a true Viking warrior god), Faora is a cold calculating soldier. not only is she willing to get her hands dirty, she relishes it.

sorry Thor.

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so they are getting rid of the great Cable and X-Force for this. no thanks.

what a waste. I hope axel's job is question. guy is a total tool.

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I think cyke was at his best when he was portrayed as a ruthless tactician who doesn't care how people view him as he is more concerned with the safety of his people.

so I would like to see the ruthless tactician. or see him become the ruthless tactician as the movie progresses. and to take command from Xavier (because he has done something to betray the trust of all/most of the students)

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@flameboy298: first class was set in the past, how the hell could Scott be there?

Scott is older than Alex. surely if the movie is set in the past than Scott should be the one more likely to appear in the movies.

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I don't like this O5 in the present stuff at all. It was a great idea for a beginning-middle-end storyline, but to make it an ongoing thing? Ugh. I'm not feeling it.

And Kitty's reasoning is almost as horrid as Cyclops'. I usually like to think of stuff like this from the perceptive of it being a trait of the fictional character and not a lack of ability by the writer, but in this case it's kinda tough.

A good writer makes opposing arguments equally viable, allowing the reader to be equally hard pressed when considering the right path - like Civil War or the opening decision in the House of M. With this BotA storyline the writing team fails. With Scott, Kitty and Rachel claiming these teenagers should decide what should happen is ridiculous - especially since their running a school. And Kitty getting upset that the other's didn't back her view is even worse - completely illogical. "You're quitting because they didn't agree with you?!"

It's all lame.

Logan and Alex are my two favorite mutants right now. Everyone else I seriously dislike or am complete indifferent towards. If I were writing an X-Men comic right now, there would be a lot of deaths is all I'm saying.

so, your more an avenges fan than x-men?

that's cool, but neither logan or alex should be on any x-teams (I know alex currently isn't), and logan has been more of an avenger for years.