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i know it won't happen, but i would quite like for young scott to just be pushed passed breaking point and take over the hellfire club.

Red King maybe.

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Dude, this is not the place to engage in a philosophical debate about the rights and wrongs how the criminals should be punished/rehabilitated. i made a comment in response to the thread title. my personal opinion. you either like or not, agree or disagree.

i have not had a reason nor do i hope i will need to 'pull the trigger', but if anyone every hurt my son. torture would be nice way to start. you speak the high and mighty side of forgiveness, what if your mother or wife or daughter were raped and murdered, would you be so forgiving then?

but in the case of a simple act of fraud or something along those lines then i support prison and rehabilitation. and forever is only about 50 - 70 years. i don't know the average life span but i guess it's something like that. i personally don't feel that a cold blooded rapist is entitled to the same rights and privileges as the rest of society.

ultimately though, i am NOT a vigilante seeking my personal brand hard justice and all that. but if i was a billionaire genius with a bad childhood and a fetish for capes and flying rodents (mammals), the villains would be soooooooooooo much trouble.

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why should murderers, rapists and those who want rule the world for all the wrong reasons get away with everything?

fight fire with fire

and first.....for what its worth

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is it bad that i hope this story along with AVX leads to a sudden and drastic shift in management at marvel?

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@ArtGamer said:

^^this^^ x 3

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I need to move to the USA. you guys have way more fun than the uk.

oh, and she looks stunnin

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I hope Evan doesn't become the new Apocalypse. let the original somehow return and take over skinless (he bores me. lol)

i want Evan to be a hero :)

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@danhimself: I hope not. He is my fave comic book character