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  • Name: Sandra Hay
  • Age: 26
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Brown

Ever since I was a child, I have always had the ability to speak to the canine family, I could understand what they told me and I could talk to them and they would understand me. It wasn't until the age of 15 that I found out not only could I talk to them, but I, myself, could transform into a wolf. At first, I did it while I was sleeping, dreaming myself becoming a wolf, only to my surprise when I woke up, I really was one. I managed to turn myself back to normal by focusing on seeing myself transform back into myself. At first, it was hard and took me about ten minutes just to transform into a black wolf, but now I am able to do it in a matter of seconds. The more and more it was easier for me to transform the more I found that some characteristics of wolves stuck with me while in my regular human form. I found that I developed faster reflexes, I was a stronger, and faster than your normal human as well as some wolf senses.

A few more years I found that I was able to stop right in the middle of my transformation, causing me to look what looked like to be a werewolf. In this form, I was faster, stronger, more durable, heighten senses while still containing my ability to speak with humans still and still be able to move around as one instead of on all fours. It took me about a month to master that skill. With these powers that I found, I figured I would use them to my advantage. I was able to join up in school sports such as basketball, baseball, swimming, powder puff football, almost any sport I could get into, I did. I was the top athlete at the school, but because of my powers. I never told anyone, and no one ever found out about them, well... I guess no one ALMOST ever found out about them.

The day of our basketball final's I was approached by the other team, they accused me of cheating, being on steroids and enhancement drugs. I denied it all, saying I wasn't, and when I was proven to be telling the truth, the apposing team became enraged. After we won our championship game against them, their captain and four other girls came and ganged up on me while I was still in the locker room changing. They began to try and start up a fight, but I didnt want to, I knew that with my powers I would be able to take them down, but I didn't want to do any to really harm them, so I only fought in self defense. Only this pissed them off, one pulled out a knife and managed to stab me in the stomach, my blood began to boil, and instead of pain, I felt rage. I immediately transformed into my 'she-wolf' form and attacked with no mercy, I ended up killing two of the three girls before I regained my senses. The last girl ran out of the room, yelling out 'MONSTER SHE'S A MONSTER!' Not being able to handle what I did, I ran away. I left my home and family behind me and went off to live on my own, on the streets.
I was soon discovered by a man who offered me a place to stay and to help me hone my powers and abilities. Not having anywhere to go, I agreed to go with him. There I  was able to learn how to control my powers even more than I was able to, become stronger, better, faster and stronger with time. I worked along side with him, together we would help the city we were in by our own means of action. We did what was needed to be done, no matter what was needed to be done. If that meant to beat them into a pulp, so be it, if it meant to kill them, so be it. Almost ten years after we formed together he was killed by a gunmen, leaving me on my own once more, only this time, instead of protecting the city... I would get revenge on the one who killed my friend.

Human Powers and  Abilities
  • Peak human Agility
  • Peak human strength
  • Slightly above normal senses
  • Peak human speed
  • Small healing factor (able to heal small cuts in only a few minutes)
  • Lycanthrope (has 3 type of physical appearance. She can change completely in a wolf, a hybrid form taking on characteristics of both a human and wolf and her absolute form taking on the form of a huge werewolf like creature. She is covered with black  fur and has a tail. She also had reversed knee joints, an elongated snout and razor edged canines.)
  • Able to communicate with canines

'She-Wolf' Powers and Abilities 
  • Feral Agility
  • Super strength
  • Heighten senses (Smell, taste, hearing and sight)
  • Above human speed (Faster than any human)
  • Superhuman Stamina & Durability
  • Claws and fangs
  • Healing Factor
  • Able to communicate with Canines and humans

(Even though she may look like a 'werewolf' she does not have the weakness of them. She's a lycanthrope, not a werewolf.)

 Human form

She-wolf form

Wolf form