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@xhavoc86: agreed, would like to see more of the wildstorm characters that i love, backlash, taboo, the wildcats, wetworks, you get the point.  a wildstorm expansion for the dcuo video game would be brilliant as well
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i think this has all kinds of potential, free roam of the city between missions similar to web of shadows, also allowing some of his allies to appear, such as the jlu, and definitely need to introduce a couple of new characters to the universe.  The Catwoman could be an ally/enemy depending on the choices you make throughout the game.  Maybe even have a level where things go beyond gotham and the jlu needs batman to help take down a omega level threat, whether it's a space villain or an arch enemy w/ global domination plans, it would be great to have warhawk and the rest available in the game.  adding a combat training mode where you could square off against opponents in a holo room, whether it be heroes against heroes or villains, that would be awesome, also give it an online mode so you can duke it out with your friends.  this could definitely be epic.

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add the whole team, Connor, Mia, Roy, and Dinah, and this would be excellent.  maybe have a couple levels locked to the supporting cast, say a martial arts level with lady shiva or silver monkey as the boss, connor and dinah would rock a level like that.

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is comicon the same week every year?

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quick update, i found the all beef edition and the lbcc, still looking for the others if anyone can help me find these issues.  thx  -angel

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sent you an email at the address supplied, thx and i appreciate any help you can give me :)

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i second galactasurfer, i've picked up a few Batman issues, maybe a story arc here and there, but having Finch do the title, i'm intrigued to see his writing style.  May have to go out and get these.

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Silvestri came off his work on x-men to publish CyberForce for Image Comics, and you can see the similarities in most of the characters for the title.  I have to admit i do prefer his versions of the iconic team archetype characters, i find their backgrounds more interesting and fleshed out than their Marvel counterparts.  Cyblade and Psylocke have similar powers, and both their costumes have blue as the dominant color, but that is where the comparisons end.  The are wildly different in background and story structure.  The same can be said for Impact/Colossus, Ripclaw/Wolverine, Heatwave/Cyclops, etc.  The meta-human/mutant plot tool has been used by several creators, and Stan Lee himself admitted it as a get out of the Power Origins free card by dismissing the characters abilities by saying they were born with them.  Silvestri takes this a step farther by adding that the human body isn't capable of handling those types of abilities without technological augmentation to harness and control them.  I find that point to be completely true, considering the way our world is progressing and the breakthroughs that science is providing in advanced medical/military applications.  Prosthetics and robotics have made generational leaps in the last decade, adding a laser or a gun to them isn't that much of a stretch for the boys in uniform.

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hey comic fans, i'm trying to find some variant covers, hoping you guys can help me out.  I'm looking for: 

 Cyberforce Hunter Killer 1 All Beef Edition
 Hunter Killer 2 Wizard World Philly "Holy Booty" cover by Silvestri
 Hunter Killer 3 Ebas Variant
 Hunter Killer 4 Supanova Con Variant
 CyberForce Hunter Killer 2 LBCC wraparound variant (not the sketch)

any help would be appreciated, willing to talk price and would prefer transactions done through paypal, thanks for your time  

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if your interested, i can set you up w/ digital copies of the storyline, i believe i have most of the 2099 volumes on disc, also, spider-man 2099 #15 is a lead in to the story, you would want that one if you're trying to put together a collection.