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@irishx: I cant tell if you are a very very disgruntled hipster or are so out of touch with modern world that its comical

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@eisenfauste: I just now come and go as I please, I kinda lost interests in debating so I just show up at random say a few things and log off

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EGD. Unless story concept has been seen to be ridiculously OP then Thought Robot wins.

That what Im thinking.

Someone explain Thought Robots powers? If it's to literally control and alter the plot then Thought Robot Stomp

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@reikai said:

@jaken7: No it's quite clear. Demonbane stomps. He's as close to omnipotence as can possibly be. Not even TOAA would be able to get rid of him.

As has been stated before, he defeated Nyarlathotep with nothing bit a glare. Nya has infinite universes being destroyed and created continuously around her at all times, and specifically created a klein bottle, a container housing infinite multiverses that're continually destroyed and recreated in an effort to bring about the single point in non-existent space where the Court of Azathoth can be freed from imprisonment within the Shining Trapezohedron.

Not only does this fail because of Demonbane, it is the cause of Demonbane's existence and rise to become the Elder Gods who were responsible for smoking Nya and the Court in the beginning. Demonbane exists outside of all creation and chaos, and within at every infinite point of infinite time across all infinite realities whether real or imagined.

Not only does he wield the Shining Trapezohedron as a weapon that erases multiverses from existence just by swinging it, but he can use it to summon every one of those infinite EGD's that exists across the omniverse. You're not just dealing with One Nigh-Omnipotent that TOAA can't bump off. You're dealing with an infinite number of nigh-omnipotents that TOAA can't get rid of.

Yeah except TOAA is omnipotent

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@tommythehitman: Yeah but the second bare skin "touched" space he'd be dead.

Not necessarily true, The human body can survive a portion of time in space it's just holy crap your in space (this was studied and proven)

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This just looks so butt.

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@chazz85 said:

Ok the legendary muscle feller vs GOT the mountain. Noted the mountain is in squatting position and aka is ready to feel his big muscles.


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Feats of USW?

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@stylinred said:

Isn't Galactus a 'force of nature' and meant to keep the balance between life and death? and was created by Eternity and his true form is just fiery energy in the shape of a humanoid?

Basically just like the phoenix?

Wouldn't this fight really be a draw?

I...did not know any of that. Interesting.

Not necessarily. Phoenix is the force of life for all things that were will ever be and will exist and I believe WPOTC literally exists in the nexus of all realities fixing them.

Galactus i the alpha and omega who Eternity guided to the Cosmic Egg which Phoenix carried over to a new universe. However with that said, Galactus is stronger then what people credit. His brawl with an amped odin had Odin headbutting Galan and knocking himself out, his fight with the other had Galactus threatening to destroy the universe which the Other and...I fogot the other being but they both acknowledge he wasn't kidding. In Mephisto's realm after duking out with the hell lord on his own territory (he's all poweful there) he threatened to destroy it which Mephisto complied. Destroyed solar systems while on the verge of death and destroyed a Celestial in a hit.

However...I thought the Force is stronger with a host and not by it's self so I dont know the result of this