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@czarny_samael:  seeing as he's much more powerful, has more battle experience and won't hesitate to kill and has all those other godly traits like wisdom, inner strength and is more favoured by his patron gods, he'd probably just use that knowledge thing where he knows what he needs at that moment in time and locate some kryptonite, carve a dagger out of it and slit supergirl's throat since he's without morals.
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A@czarny_samael: even without morals supergirl can't match up to black adam. pretty much handled evry dc superhero team by himself.

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r@CosmicSpiral: ow dnt they have hav d same abilities. they both hav supes powers plus psionic 1's. were's d diff?

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tony stark in any of his iron man armors against wild storm's brass. lets hear ur forts

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@Primmaster64: my man understands! supes got like ova 60 yrs of history fans, trademark infringements and lawsuits and he's still goin. who da fuck is sentry? sum blond man-child wiv "issues" .
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o@CosmicSpiral: ow doesn't it make sense?

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majestic feats r based on creative writing on the precedent that "how super can we make a superman?"so they make him strong, fast, reflexes which in turn lead to intelligence in that if u move at super speed and have super senses you can take in more info quicker and in turn become a super genius as well gladiator is similar in that as long has he has the belief he can accomplish a task he'll become powerful enuf to do it. imagine if gladiator had a cheerin section like in a football game or sumfin with the crowd behind him, if he takes it the right way he could hav the utmost confidence to take on majestic even if majestic has super intelligence cause they relatively have same powers mayb diffrent levels in regard to feats but all superman pastiches.

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Actually a US Shuttle system including booster rockets is about 2000 tons and the orbiter itself ( "the spaceship") is about 68 tons stripped down 109 tons max. take off weight and 104 max, landing weight, so i think u need 2 chek ur figures agen buddy.