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So here is another one of my chacarters from my mental harddrive this one is The Phantom Striker by far one of my favorite characters but im not to sure on this drawingbut oh well let me know what you think and ask any questions if needed
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I dont know bout yall but i would not blame batman for sodemizing this robin lol 
complete joke but she is cute in the robin suit 

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i didnt think dcuo was crap well on ps3 theres almost no one one on any server but on but pc shouldnt be bad and everyone played it for a month and just dismissed the game as buggy and crappy but other then a few sound bugs i havent had any problems as of lately 
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ok why would i play this if a can just play DC Universe online and create my own personal hero or villan i mean DCUO is great its pretty short considering you hit lvl 30 in a week but but once the bugs where straightend out it was awsome...but really an mmo with no character creation it kinda feels like a slap in the face 
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I know its been done befor (many many times) but screw it ima do it again. 
If you woke one day and realized you were a mutant, What would you hope your powers were? What would you do with these newly found powers? Would you have a codename and if you did what would it be? 
Codename- Striker
Powers- Teleportation, Agility  (I dont mind physical mutations but id love Crimson skin =D. ) 
Id prolly do some bad suff at furst too tempting, like teleport into the girls lockeroom and maybe a bank vault or 2 but id end up just going around superhero style and kick some punk ass then prolly join a team of some fellow mutants and put the X-men to shame with our ass kickery
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@Aiden Cross
Oh ok that is good to know, now thats one more thing i can knock off the list of things that bother me in DCUO
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@Aiden Cross
ok didnt know that which was the point of asking, i never read DC comics so all i ever seen of the Question is this guy
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So im playing DCUO and something keeps bugging me when ever The Question pops up i noticed a big change or should i say too big changes, for some reason they decided to make The Question a girl. I have no problem with some creative freedom but i think that is a bit much to completly change a characters gender, unless there is some fondation in the comics to support this sort of thing,  
so tell me your thoughts   
i wish i had a screenshot but cant find one
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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: ya i used that picture to refrence a pose i can imagin something like this but putting mental images onto paper isant my stong suit  but just to be clear i dont trace i find it dishonest and unfulfilling
@Billy Batson: Ya i know lol only reason it looks odd is cuz i dont shadow very well (not really at all) so its kinda awkward looking lol
Thank you all of ya glad to see yall like it