The Birth of Organic Metal

Prologue (OOC)

Photo of HeLa

1. Before HeLa cells, scientists spent more time trying to keep cells alive than performing actual research on the cells. An endless supply of HeLa cells freed up time for discovery.

2. In 1952, the worst year of the polio epidemic, HeLa cells were used to test the vaccine that protected millions.

3. Some cells in Lacks’s tissue sample behaved differently than others. Scientists learned to isolate one specific cell, multiply it, and start a cell line. Isolating one cell and keeping it alive is the basic technique for cloning and in-vitro fertilization.

4. A scientist accidentally poured a chemical on a HeLa cell that spread out its tangled chromosomes. Later on, scientists used this technique to determine that humans have 46 chromosomes—23 pairs—not 48, which provided the basis for making several types of genetic diagnoses.

5. It was discovered that Lacks’s cancerous cells used an enzyme called telomerase to repair their DNA, allowing them, and other types of cancer cells, to function when normal cells would have died. Anti-cancer drugs that work against this enzyme are currently in early clinical trials.

Dr. Hubert Blaire uses "HeLa Cells" to create organic metal (OOC)

Dr. Blaire specialized in various scientific studies ranging from biology to nuclear imaging to bioengineering as well as several others. His greatest aspiration in life, and his greatest achievement in life, would have been his ability to manipulate molecular bonds and successfully infuse human cells with liquid mercury without damage to the cells. In essence he was the first to create metallic cells but this should not be confused with the recent invention of inorganic metal cells. Dr. Blaire's metal cells were organic.

Organic Metal Cell

To do this, the doctor created a clone of HeLa and had her develop from within a bioengineered womb. After her birth he named the clone girl HeLa II, and with her blood, he was able to produce a unique line of plasma imbued with her immortal cells and impregnated with liquid mercury. It was a miraculous achievement never done before but the US government had caught on to his independent work during the last phase. Agents were sent to procure his research data, at first with money propositions, but the doctor was stubborn and refused. He didn't trust the government regardless of the prices they offered. Eventually they began using force and were almost able to seize his valuable research so Blaire improvised and saved a complete copy into a microchip. He knew he would not be able to protect his data or the clone girl so he assembled a droid from his newly created organic metal and hid the chip inside of its head then programmed it with the primary function of protecting HeLa II. Unfortunately he was unable to complete the droid before he was killed so the government made off with his research and the clone girl. Minutes after his death the droid came online and discovered the mutilated remains of the doctor. Though it had just come into the world it was aware of the fact that its own creator lay lifeless and in pieces before it. Now, the droid being made of organic metal, was an organism. The first of its kind, it was unique. It had a brain and therefore was conscious, and able to think, to feel emotions; but the sight of its creator's death was the worse way to come into the world. It had deeply scarred the droid. The first emotion it felt was sorrow. This was quickly replaced by anger and the droid vowed to its murdered creator these first words ...

" D3STR0Y 411 WH1CH H4S D3STR0Y3D Y0U ... "

(Hologram Display)

Henrietta Lacks, a small-time tobacco farmer in the early to mid 20th century, was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 30 and died a year later. Samples of her dna were taken to be studied in a lab where the long awaited discovery of immortal human cells was made. Her cells, unlike other human cells, could continue to live after her death. Usually human cells would die with time after the human is dead. Henrietta Lacks' immortal cells have been in circulation since the year 1951 when the US government started to grow, clone, and study her unique cells for various nefarious nefarious intentions.

HeLa II & The Prototype

Prototype D3STRUC710N

A doctor by the name of Hubert Blaire had collected a batch of HeLa cells to conduct his own significantly less nefarious research, and with a single HeLa cell, Dr. Blaire grew a live and complete copy of Henrietta Lacks with no showings of impairment either physically or mentally. He used her blood to create a new type of plasma he called "immortal plasma" which was capable of carrying liquid mercury without damage. Dr. Blaire imbued the immortal plasma with HeLa II's immortal blood cells and added liquid mercury, creating an organic metal. The doctor then created cells from this organic metal and grew them into prototype: D3STRUC710N.

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