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Lobo will finish inside him.

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How is Azathoth not omniscient ? whole existence is his dream. Meaning that if he does not know something it does not exist and if he thinks about something it exists.

There is nothing, NOTHING that exists and is not part of his dream/mind.

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Clears. He will get hurt only by Colossus, but that wont KO him just hurt.

With that said, he stops at 10. He's pretty much tanked everything on the list up until 10. Thor already blew a hole in his chest when he was amped as Angrir. Thor should be capable of doing it again under his normal form.

Thor one shots Thing

Yes Thor oneshots him, did not notice that he was on the list.

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I have no Idea about 5,6,7, but he Curbstomps the rest including Thoritta.

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Clears. He will get hurt only by Colossus, but that wont KO him just hurt.

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@haoalchemist: Adamantuim has cut through things that a nuke can't damage. It's not always about raw power you know. If you mean his shedding as I recall he didn't having his shedding ready during the vacation assassination.

You make good points but that bubble is made out of energy. Has wolverine any feats cutting through energy fields ? Also would he be reckless enough to allow them cut his tentacles with Logan around ?

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@d3athstroke: First, Kenpachi was completely outclassed by the Quincy leader (this was actually a clone of the real guy. Yama beat the fake, then lost to the real one who was stronger than the fake by leaps and bounds). Second, I call your comparison of Kenpachi beating three quincies useless b/c you are not stating how byakuya could not do this with his powers (just for the record byakuya also easily decimated three quincies with just shikai after returning from his healing/training in the soul king palace). Kenpachi can beat any number of non byakuya opponents, but unless you explain how Kenpachi would beat an opponent like byakuya, your comparison will always be useless and irrelevant. To date, he has never fought anyone fast, and based on manga, I see no way for him to defend against senbonzakura ( I lay this out in more detail in an earlier post). Byakuya can dodge his attacks via flash step or the after image technique he used against espada 7, then attack with bankai. Repeat as necessary. Third, I'm not impressed by people in manga merely saying that Kenpachi is strong. I already accept that with Aizen incapacitated and Yama and most of zero division dead, Kenpachi may have the highest reiatsu of any captain. So what? Kenpachi has always been stronger than those he fights, but he is not immune to damage. Battles are not won with just spirit pressure. If they were, Kenpachi could show up, flex his spirit pressure, and his opponents would give up and go home. However, this is not the case. You are essentially saying Kenpachi spirit pressure is greater than byakuya's, therefore he wins, but you do not address how he counters senbonzakura. Kenpachi's a great swordsman, with a lot of physical strength, but a million+ blades, what can he do?

You don't know who was Kenpatchi fighting. He almost reatsucrushed Hashwald and attacked Juha. Fight was offpanel all we saw was fake Juha holding Zaraki when Yama arrived. Yama never beat full powered Juha. That was after training, after training Zaraki almost reached DBZ power levels (cutting meteors, swimming in lava, cutting through space). Honestly why would you even think that Senbonzakura can cut Zaraki is beyond me.

Zaraki reatsucrushed Byakuya.

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1)Use only High end regeneration feats from Edo Tensei.
2)Every Character is alive (No other Edo Tensei versions)
3)No Kaguya and Rikudou (same goes to the power up Rikudou gave them)
4)No Juubi mode characters.

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If an Orc with enchanted wooden Axe can cut Sargeras then Thor will smite him.