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Current one dies from her aura, he won't even get oneshotted.

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Strongest version of Spider-Man oneshots whole planet of HXH

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T2 should stomp honestly.

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@axle124 said:


I thought the living tribunal presides over the multiverse so therefore he resides outside of it..... or at least that is how I view him... Did living tribunal show up to judge against Chaos??

Nope, abstracts where all originally part of CHAOS so they could not do anything about him and got absorbed.

@skyroid said:

@d3athstroke: I can't even take you seriously...LT is above multiverse. I gotta go pick up my friend will debate in an hour. Do you have proof that he absorbed LT beside the logic that he must have been inside that multiverse so therefore was absorbed?

His only Job is to guard multiverse. MULTIVERSE GOT FUCKING DESTROYED. There is a realm of abstracts within Multiverse where LT lives and that fucking multiverse got eaten with HIM INSIDE IT.

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@skyroid said:

@d3athstroke: Let me ask you this you trolling? If this is a joke it seems like a serious one. Do you know who LT is? CK is an aspect of oblivion like literally a finger... And LT is way above Oblivion. But if you really were joking you should reword what you wrote.

CK is not aspect of oblivion, he is the chaos literally. I know the scan you are referring to and its bullshit done by different writer.
And all i wrote in that post is true not a joke. POST Herc multiverse is not restored multiverse its NEW Multiverse created by Hercules, Which INCLUDES LT as he exists in that multiverse, he did not just jump from old to new, he was created in it and always was inside it meaning that HE TOO WAS CREATED by Hercules.

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Not only was Hama absolute best waterbender from southern water tribe, she also had decides to train and improve farther.

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@skyroid said:

@d3athstroke: Well wasn't that a nice way to deceive me..... LT way above multiversal I take all I said back on the assumption of what you said. Spectre wins because what are herc's other feat? Beside recreating multiverse and how is that going to help him in a fight

1)LT was created to protect Multiverse (Which is basically his only purpose of existing)

2)He lives within it

3)Multiverse was destroyed

4)Hercules created Multiverse from nothing meaning every single second of infinite time from beginning to end is made by him in every single universe within the Multiverse.

5)Old Multiverse was created out of Mikabashi

Meaning, LT was created out of Mikabashi, Mikabashi took multiverse back which includes LT, Hercules recreated Multiverse, which includes LT.

Also, current Multiverse and PRE Hercules multiverse exist in different dimensions as old one was placed inside artifical universe created by Greek Gods.

LT exists in completely separated, brand new Multiverse and his job is to protect it. How did he get there and why is he Defending it if he was created to defend different Multiverse ?

Chaos King Hercules was the TOAA at the time. He was THE God not just a God.

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@skyroid said:

@d3athstroke: Sorry to be rude but I find it hard to believe that LT was defeated by CK and recreated by Herc can you provide proof?

The Chaos (Mikaboshi) is what multiverse was born from and he was taking it back, absorbing everything and in the end only thing was left was earth and Hercules protecting it meaning that at some point he absorbed LT too.

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Please stop this One Piece vs street leveler bullshit threads.

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@skyroid said:

@d3athstroke: So ck absorbed LT and herc recreated him? If that's what you are saying then sure herc win.