Things that kan kill you...

Being a firefighter in Russia.
Believing in democracy in China.
Having a cigarette in Belgium.
Drunk driving.
High flying. 
Sleep less then you have to.
Having a girlfriend.
Not having a girlfriend.
Being to empathic.
Trying to save a life.
Living in Iraq. 
Being president of the United States.
Inherit the power of the Phoenix.
Using really bad pick-up lines.
Ushering a new age when the world isn't ready for it yet.
Being a smartass.
Cheat on your partner.
Being an elephant in Africa.
Living in Africa.
Hang out with guys who did time.
Pretending that you can fly airplanes.
Playing Diablo II.
Not listening to your parents.
Listening to your friends.
Not listening to your friends.

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