An idea ?

 How's about a battle contest. But in three rounds. 
During the first round it is chosen who can fight who. Somebody picks a hero/villain and fights somebody else, in a tournement. All the fights are voted. And the places during the tournament are randomly chosen by the staff so you never know who has the advantage. At the end there will remain 4 battles, think of it as the quarter finals. 
During the second round the four battles get drawn by the artists of the vine. Again the outcomes are voted but also the drawings. 
During the third round the two best artists draw the semi-finals. We vote who wins. 
Finale: everybody gets to draw the finale. Only drawback is that the previous two artist get a head start. We vote for the best drawing, the winner. S/He who has the most point wins this tournament together with the remaining hero/villain.  

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Last buys

All TPB: 
The order: california dreaming
New x-men: here comes tomorrow
Spiderman: unintended consequences
Earth X
Spiderman: Died in your arms tonight
New mutants: Return of legion
 New mutants:Necrosha 
Ultimates: ultimate collection
X-men second coming
Bye bye social life!

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I officially live under a rock

And that rock is called Europe. 
Only now I've seen Kick-ass the movie. I completely love the movie. If you look behind the plot twists that was necessary to make this 'a true american movie' you feel the humor and vibe of the comic. All out violence and complete absurd situations, just adorable that little girl scaring 8 mob guys and getting away with it :)


Weird shit is happening

Sometimes life kicks you in the head, dumps a knee in your stomach and curbstomps your ass so hard that you won't be sitting for the next century.
But so happens, suddenly. A 27 year old boy that knows more then all the older guys at work. Satisfying? Yes. Worth the stress, pain, agony? No, but it does feel good though.

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When ...

When awakend at 4 o' clock the world stops revolving slow. It stops, fast forwards, stops, fast forwards,...  and at the the end it stops really fast.
Why me?

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