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You live better than 10 years ago, because You have oil, problem is, that he didn't use it to invest or to make Russia able to live without money from oil and gas. THAT is the problem.

You would have problems without war with Ukraine, because Putin already knew that oil would go down, because USA started preparations to sell thier own oil rather than buy it. So Putin made an excuse, that cost You even more.
I don't know who Shushhiewicz is, but I don't blame sons, for their fathers sins. I don't support Right Sector, nor any other UPA's fans. Point in whole conflict between You and Ukraine is that there is more nationalism in current Russia, than Ukraine's, but even if it would be opposite, You broke agreement that was signed by our side with You about Ukraine. You denied taking Crimea, while Putin admitted it months after taking it. That is the point. Putin and his group are no longer trustworthy and current status of Donbas and possibly even Crimea won't be accpeted by our side untill You will come to agreement about it with Ukraine.

About plane - all is pointing on Russia. A specially chat between two Russian soldiers of high rank.
You're not libing in Europe, most of politics would want to clean Your card about plane, because they want to make buisness with You. Only USA push EU to conflict with Russia, no one else. Russia's problem is, that it doesn't understand that rules matters for EU and that because of these rules, we were pushed into USA arms even more than many would want, by what You did in Ukraine. That is the problem.

For example, I was always supporting point, that until something like that happens, we have to make as many buisness as we can, because it always benefits both sides. Right Wingers in Poland and Baltic countries are against that point and You just give them something with what they can play on political scene.

Your list is wrong when it comes to compare real power of countries, because it recalculated, which is irrelevant when it comes to war, because it doesn't matter how much it is worth in Your country, but how much it is worth in global market. And by pure numbers EU is far above China, as well USA is.

Mohammad is most used name for muslims, but British people simply have more names to give. Besides, point isn't in bigger minority, because I don't have problem with that, but with fact, that people from more powerfull country comes to Yours and can do, what You have done with Crimea. They can say, that society in Your lands is now more chained to China, than to You and by that, they claim that land for China, as You did Crimea for Yourself. You shooted own goal there.

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Chachacha... Your anger shows Your real feelings to us. Point is, that we were always cause of Your downfall and that is why You are looking at us from nationalist point of view (thus supporting Put-in). Most of us don't look at Your people in this way, rather belive that You were again deluded by populist who gives You social care rather than changing country, who goes into conflict with results that he can't take, while You pays for that.

Oh, and from what You're writing, You take me as some right-winger, right? :-D Then You're totally wrong in this. I am supporting those who are right in my own country and surely these are not either Russian or Ukraine haters. I am agaisnt Piłsudski because of what he has done with Poland as well as for what he did to Red Army's captives. As much as I am laughing at his supporters, because they in the same time attack Germans and Judes, while Piłsudski was very close to idea to come with Hitler, while Dmowski was more nationalist and more hated Judes than Piłsudski, but he was - oh irony! - more friendly to idea of big Slavian Empire with all slavic nations. Both ideas were horrible, but even worse was what You mention - attack on Zaolzie in 1938.

Point is, that I don't have a problem with mentioning black cards in Polish history, while You can't admitt that Your country just attacked Ukraine. You were in right to defend Osetia, You were in no right to shoot down Malaysian plane.

Your in denial in everything that puts Russia in bad position. Your economy goes down, even China actually puts You inbad position, because they won't pay You as much as we do. More: Thier people already takes Your cities in Your East. You choosed wrong. There were people who wanted You as a part of our common future in international organizations, yet You couldn't stand that You wouldn't be its main player and that is were You failed. Your GDP is already smaller than Italy. You are no match for us - EU.

That is why this debate is pointless. Country with 1/18 of their enemies GDP can't win such war. And China can't really participate in this conflict.

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Hahahaha... You would like to belive in it, but if You're paid to write in western part of internet, You know that Russian people called Poland as their 3rd biggest enemy. Still having too many bad memories from 1989 and 1921? That is why Russia went arm-to-arm with Hitler agaisnt us? Or You don't tell Your kids, that Russia were Hitler's ally in his attack over country that was already fallen because of Piłsudski's dumb politic? It seems that even while Poland was in similar madness, that Russia is right now, CCCP still needed Hitler's help to break Polish army back then.

About big thing - yes, Putin falling on his knees is a big thing. As much as fall of Yours last allies out of ex-CCCP - Assad. USA and their allies will wait until ISIS will put down Bashar and then they will rip them apart.

Point is, that I live better life than most Russians, because of madness in Putin's head, that putted You in situation that Your economy falls and USA will sell us cheapper gas and oil than You do, while You still will need are money, food and tech. I've said already: Russians already can feel what this economy struggle brings to them. You could have been great, yet You choosed breaking rules instead.

You didn't learn a thing from 89. CCCP fallen because of economy and the same already started with Russia, thanks to unprovoked attack over Ukraine. Your army by weapon too advanced for common rebel, shooted down plane with Holland's citizens. It is Your fault and Yours only. That is why Your soldiers have low morale - You can't take more than Donbas and You don't want to admitt that they die there. If they can't count that thier own goverment will take care over their families after their deaths and that won't even honour them, but put them into massive grave without names (o that they won't left too many evidence that they were there), like dogs, how they actually believe in this cause?

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You are disturbed by calling us one of Your biggest enemies right after USA and Ukraine. You can't take the fact that CCCP couldn't stand after our peacefull revolution in 1989 and that we wanted to be with USA in NATO, just like Ukraine right now. People in EU simply lives better lifes. If Putin would normally rule over Yours and not allow all mentioned corruption then, You wouldn't look like You does in this moment. You will break Ukraine, but for that, You will go on Your knees (country, not people - people will take out Putin very soon after that and Russia, like CCCP will split into new countries). It is sad that You don't know it yet.

Chcielibyście w Rosji, żeby Wasze przechwałki i mitomania miały podstawę w faktach - przegraliście jako ZSRR, teraz ekonomicznie też przegrywacie. Mogliście być normalnym, wolnym krajem z którym każdy normalny człowiek by współpracował, zostaliście bandyckim, który napadł na sąsiedni "braterski" kraj.

Either way, You can't successfully defend Russia in this debate. EU has more money, more soldiers, better tech, more financial tools, more supplies, better transport, more and greater allies and more ways to actually start revolutions in Russia then opposite (let alone small Latvia and Estonia). West used Islamic fundamentalists in Afganistan years ago and they are still out there in Your lands, much more armed than they are in ours. China vs EU is nonsense, because both sides know that they are unable to send their troops to opposite part of globe without making allies out there. And if such a thing would happen, we are closer to make allies there, than China here.

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Wow... I came to CV after a long time just to look what is going on here and then I looked on this thread...

Pyrogram is right of course.

People are talking about soldiers:

So Russia had more soldiers againt much, much weaker opponent without great tech, numbers or big land and they still lost (in numbers) about 1/3 of what Georgia's site did.

In last months, maybe year, I have seen maaaany people who supports Russia and tells us how big they and rightful they are. They are all over our internet with IPs from Russia and all other places in this world, but somehow not from our country and most of them still call themselves Pole. They're everywhere. Literally.

When it comes to numbers, our army have 100,000 soldiers ready to fight, with 20,000 reserves and over 70,000 NSRs. Russia is 2-3 leagues aobve us when it comes to tech, around similar level when it comes to experience (we where in Afganistan, Iraq and few smaller missions), but they won't be able to take and hold us without higher number of casulities than 1:3. Considering that Ukraine and Belarus are not a part of this war, Russia has to go through Baltic countries, they doens't have almost any support on Baltic Sea and from the moment of attack they would need to stand there against GB, Germany, Dennmark, Poland, Finland and highly underestimated here Netherlands and Sweden.

If both sides would have prep, then Russia can't transport any part of their army to Kaliningrad Oblast. What they have now and there is a lot of their army now, but there live less than 900,000 Russians, so they can't have more than 200,000 soldiers, including Sea forces. Something that can't actually threat combined forces of Slavic and German nations.

Black Sea is out of option as well, because it would mean that we include Turkey (!), Ukraine and Moldova, that would all stand against Russia.

China can't send their army here trough seas, because of Japan, USA and their allies (China and Russia almost doesn't have any allies there, even Vietnam is more and more coming to USA's side than supporting Russia, because their and Chinesse buisness is going into each other's way).

In that case, China is limitted to bring land forces to Russia and protecting their own seas until EU allies won't allow EU forces (it would be open for them) to come to attack China (which wouldn't happen probably).

So, we are in situation in which in first few days Russia stomps Baltic countries that would be boosted by USA's tanks that started to station in Poland, Romania and Baltic countries. This means that in case of war in which USA wouldn't be part of, they would simply buy it or take it by force to defend their own land, a specially since there are almost no USA soldiers there and it wouldn't be in USA's intrest to make these countries easier to be beaten by Russia anyway.

Yet, Russian army from Kaliningrad would have to invade Poland on themselves and defend themselves from gathred forces on Baltic Sea. How big would it be? With all resserves (in Kal.) - not bigger than 200,000. With all reserves, Poland (200), Romania (200), Bulgaria (355 - 300 reserves), Czech (45), Slovakia (45) and Hungary (75) have 910 thousands of soldiers. And all that, considering, that somehow, in these 3 months, other EU countries wouldn't send their armies to Baltic countries and Poland.

Since Russia would have much worse casulties proportion than in war with Georgia (actually, Kalliningrad would be Georgia in this...), we can easily say that giving Russia 1:1,5 is giving Russia benefit of the doubt, means that EU forces would need just 300,000 soldiers, while they just by mentioned "new EU" countries have over 900,000 (1M including Croatia, Slovenia, Lithuana, Latvia and Estonia).

This is pretty simple question for me, but still: Who would be more effective in transport - China to Russia:,88.1199457/Siebie%C5%BC,+Obw%C3%B3d+pskowski,+Rosja/@43.6801516,89.4153278,6z/data=!4m24!4m23!1m15!3m4!1m2!1d87.8501262!2d47.7378097!3s0x42b037e12b266ba1:0x3df006005f6811ca!3m4!1m2!1d86.1069392!2d50.7426057!3s0x42c6f98110e9c123:0x13b8e015a013f5cc!3m4!1m2!1d82.4815492!2d54.9870393!3s0x42e0120f9447468f:0xba4226b375d82bec!1m5!1m1!1s0x46c3c2f40defa91b:0xc8ccbdc198e23522!2m2!1d28.4679391!2d56.288925!3e0

(almost 6000 km),119.9597766/Siebie%C5%BC,+Obw%C3%B3d+pskowski,+Rosja/@52.7332673,70.0024863,4z/data=!4m24!4m23!1m15!3m4!1m2!1d87.8501262!2d47.7378097!3s0x42b037e12b266ba1:0x3df006005f6811ca!3m4!1m2!1d86.1069392!2d50.7426057!3s0x42c6f98110e9c123:0x13b8e015a013f5cc!3m4!1m2!1d82.4815492!2d54.9870393!3s0x42e0120f9447468f:0xba4226b375d82bec!1m5!1m1!1s0x46c3c2f40defa91b:0xc8ccbdc198e23522!2m2!1d28.4679391!2d56.288925!3e0

(over 10,000 km)

or even Portugal to Latvia:,+Portugalia/@55.8425925,27.3889071,8z/data=!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x46c215f13701f00f:0x1a18abfcf514f929!2m2!1d27.3331357!2d56.5099223!1m5!1m1!1s0xd19331a61e4f33b:0x400ebbde49036d0!2m2!1d-9.1393366!2d38.7222524

(below 5000 km), considering how much better is EU integrity and how much more ways have EU to transport their people than Russia and China without Kazach. or Mongolia's access to their land during prep. Even with their help, it is still coming from 5,000 to 10,000 km.

While Pyrogram exaplained how much better EU is going by all other ways, I will stand with just numbers in this.

Wars are mostly actually won by economy. Russia is in terrible moment, China already have seen what happened with Japan in last few years because of demographics.

EU actually is the most rich being in the world, we have almost 2 times bigger GDP than these two.

Which looks even worse when it comes to GDP per capita:

New EU as I said have about 1,1M soldiers (we add now Cyprus and small Malta), "Old 15" (Italy, Germany, GB, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Finland - 3,1 M) which gives us over 4,2 M soldiers with all currentreserves while Russia has 3 M on larger area.

Guess who can pay more to make it bigger in short time? Guess how many countries would sell their weapon to Team 1 and how many to Team 2?

Besides, how Russia will be able to gather supplies for thier armies, since they buy most of thier food from Europe? We can deal without their gas, thanks to GB's, Norway's and North Africa's oil and gas, go into Polish carbon or restart German's nuclear plants.

What Russia would do, if GB would block all thier bank accounts? What they would do if Belgium would kick them out from SWIFT? What they would do if EU will threat Switzerland with all type of sanctions if they will not block Russia?

My uncle is working in Moscow right now (yes, they need EU companies to do more complicated work for them even when it comes to building markets :-) ) and he told me how much Russia changed in last year just because of sanctions on selling food from Europe. They still takes it from us, but now they have to pay Belarus and Kazakhstan to rename it, so that they would officially attack us with counter-sanctions and not lose their face :-D

Russia couldn't put down their own republic (Chechenya) without big conflict or put down broken country's army (Ukraine) even while they put a lot of their forces to Donbas. They are paper tiger. War in Russia would include coruption, low morale (thanks to deaths in Ukraine, where Russian Goverment don't want to admitt that their soldiers died in action, so their famillies are often left for themselves) and NO experience in sending their troops further than 200 km from their own borders, while for France or GB it is something usual. Even we have more experience in this.

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1.It isn't because he never do it. Call that he is too hot-headed during the battle or something like that - doesn't matter, it shows different attitude before fight and in it. That is why it works against him - shows that Hal can't calm himself there. And it is also well known fact about him.

2.No, it doesn't. It shows that Hal HAD shield up when he met Hammond, not when or how it was putted on. My scans proved, that GLs doesn't have auto-tp-shields. BTW, in which comic it happened?

b)Yes, he needs. If it isn't auto-power (and it isn't going by my scans), then he doesn't have it from the start.

3.Oh, but he would drain/depower him, because he normally controls the energy. That is how dealt with his enemies in the past. For example, he depowered Cable when Nate had full control over his powers and Cable isn't even energy-type enemy. From top of my head, he drained Hulk and Uni-Lord. He used energy manipulation on other sources of energy to raise his chances against Proemial Gods and Drax to boost his offensive capabilities and ring is the only energy source to be manipulated here. And these are just ones of his most known fights.

4.Cosmic Awareness works. Period. Seriously if no, then here we have Norrin Radd, not SS, because there is no proof that Power cosmic exist in that universe. This is silly that we even talk about.

And Hal isn't close to Surfer when it comes to energy manipulation.

5.But it doesn't matter, as much as Surfer's creating black hole.

6.It is shown that he flies somewhere and it there is comment about his speed. Speed. Speed, so that he could come there that fast. It isn't reaction, it is no using power against someone, it is not defending himself nor anything like that.

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1.Point is exaclty that it is not in character, since someone else could do it in first action and he never shown it (while heroes had multiple occasions to do it). It works more against him, than for him.

You also still didn't tell me how any of it would actually give win to him over SS.


a)It is not. And it was never the point I made. I said that his telepathy, when used, won't be countered. Hal won't put such a shield, because he don't know about this Surfer's powers. Which means that in any moment of the fight, if Surfer would use it, it ends the game.

b)Because this human was planning to defeat a telepath. Hal doesn't have prep here.

3.No. This is prep. Any plan You make before battle is a prep. Anything You do, even convincing yourself that You have to push yourself to your limits is a prep.

4.Which means that they still have all their powers and it is how battle forums works. There is no question about that. BTW, there is also energy manipulation I mentioned and it will also still works, unless You want to say that Surfer doesn't have Power Cosmic, because it doesn't exist in this neutral universe, lol ;-D

5.This scan doesn't show that he boosts speed of someone similar to him, rather certain allien organism made out of many organisms.

6.Doesn't matter - it is comment about him making certain distance in certain time. Thor and Sentry (in two different situations) were able to fly 30,000,000 times FTL.

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1.It doen't matter whos power it is. Hal never used it like that against them. And it also wouldn't give him a win against Surfer anyway.If it is in character for him, then please show me him doing it it JLA. And without prep of course.

2.But these weren't my main points. And Hal didn't block that telepathy, he say that he could do it and I have already seen scans in whicih Hal had to first turned it on. Also, from Your scans, it is obvious that he needs to create helemts for that and for that, he needs to:

a)know that his enemy has telepathy


b)he had to do it before Martian would use TP.

Two huge disadvantages against unknown threat.

3.Of course it is prep. He made a tactic, he was thinking what he has to do first, he exploited weaknesses of his enemies, he used knowledge about them and their powers. Very clear prep ;-)

4.He can, because he has Cosmic Awareness and - what is IMO more important - energy manipulators understands and feels energy. You can look below on some of his powers.

@jmarshmallow said:

@legacy6364 said:

No one should say Hal.

Except that everyone should, because anything Sufer can do Hal can do better.

Molecular Manipulation? Check.

Nanosecond reaction speed? Check.

Using Energy as a weapon? Check.


Exactly opposite. Surfer >>> Hal. Surfer will drain Hal of energy and show me when Hal did something like this:

or that:

or that:

or that:

or that:

or that:


Nanosecond reaction speed feats for Hal? I would like to see that.

Lol at Surfer soloing the JLA

It only shows how biased You are and how much You overrate DC characters.

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Except it actually did happen. Tom kalmaku had become the physical embodiment if Hal's ring and he executed Hal's plan. Which is why you see it actually happening with Tom and Martin on each panel lol

Hmmm... Ok, I now I understand Your point.


1.It is not Hal. He didn't try to do it, he lacked character in similar situations.

2.It only shows that with certain tactic, JLA can be pretty easily dealt with. A specially point with Flash proves how low speed matters. BTW, this just proves how easily Silver Surfer can solo JLA. Since it is what actually happened, I will save the scans, since it also shows that heroes don't fight like people claim they do. Thanks. :-)

3.This guy had prep. If Hal would have prep, he also could try that. Doesn't mean it would always work, here are Lanterns that failed against it (right to left):

and I wouldn't put my all money on statement that Hal more often was immune to telepathy, than that he actually was controlled by it. Yet, in first place I called for telepathy as one of ways, nto main one (or even two). I even mentioned, that Surfer rarely uses telepathy.

4.Hal know them, but he doesn't know Surfer. And yet, he didn't actually manage to do this.

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1.Yes, Thor can do the same to Hulk if he won't hold back.

2.Minotaur doesn't have strength feats nor solo wins, so he loses this fight by default.