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Congratulations! And thanks for those words. Many ignorant people say "you're shoving it down our throats." No, that's not true (and you don't see gay people say that when two straight characters kiss). It's not shoving it down your throats. It's wanting to be validated, shown it's okay, and wanting to see other people like you.

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I like Hawkeye, but I like Green Arrow even more.

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Usually I can make a choice. This time, though, I can't. I love both shows.

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I have a lot of these in tpb's. But the only ones I have as a regular issue is ASM #1 and ASM #129 (which is a re-print when the Punisher movie was coming out).

I've never seen 261 before. But that cover looks amazing. Just looks so cool. Probably my favorite on the list.

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Now I have 2 reasons to catch up on Arrow. I'm still on season 1. This looks so cool, and a lot better than the series from the 90's. But I am wondering, if DC does decide to make a Justice League movie, do these two series affect that? Are they able to use Green Arrow and the Flash or is it something like with Marvel where different companies own the rights to different characters? If DC can use them and coordinate the movie with the tv shows, this could be amazing for the company.

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Sadly, I haven't seen Amazing Spider-Man 2 yet. Hopefully, soon.

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@oreoassassin: You didn't just ask. But that's besides the point. I have read the comics, and I've seen him lose control. And while Jack O' Lantern is good, I don't consider him on the same level as Osborn. I didn't mean he has no experience. I meant compared to Osborn. You and I may have a differing opinion on this one. I just don't think Flash could defeat the Green Goblin. He would put up a good fight and Osborn would definitely be hurting, but I still think Flash would lose.

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@oreoassassin: 1. I didn't realize I was on trial. 2. Have you read the comics? He's always letting emotions get the better of him. That's how Venom takes over. And while he may be experienced compared to you and me, he's not when compared to the vast majority of characters. Definitely not when compared to Osborn.

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As much as I've enjoyed Flash as Venom, I have to give it to Norman, though I think it would be a close fight. Flash is just too emotional, too inexperienced.