Top ALL WHITE costumes

These are my favorite or "favourite" (for all those who have the Queen on their money) characters who wear ALL WHITE or 85%-90% of their costume is ALL WHITE.

I have included 17 characters that I am fully aware of, but if I missed one, let me know so I can add him/her to the list.

Honorable Mention to FF Spider-Man. He can be placed anywhere you would like.

List items

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Nice list though what about Spidey when he was in the FF?

Posted by Cyclops4President

I was thinking about that costume, but compared to his original, and all black (non venom) costume, I think it was just gimmicky. Spiderman is so popular, so he gets more exposure with a new costume. Plus, that image is really hard to find for this list.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@cyclops4president: Yeah to be fair Spidey's had tons of different costumes, and that one was able to change into the normal one, and the black one due to the unstable molecules.

Edited by Cyclops4President

I agree. with the unstable molecules, it wasn't a "true" costume but it looked pretty cool nonetheless so I included it the only way I could.