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@thefirstlantern: All mine are digital, so they all organize themselves on my iPad.

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@fetts: Juggernaught all the way. Aquaman is nice and all in the New 52, but it took almost all the X-Men to beat Juggernaught with his Cyttorak power and Aquaman is powerful but not that powerful. He is destroyed, obliterated, and killed by Juggernaught. Aquaman becomes aquafishfood and Juggernaught eats him up with a bowl of rice and some wasabi sauce.

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Double scimitars!

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1. Ultimate Spider-Man

2. Beware the Batman.

I don't watch the others.

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@time: I simply ran out of time.

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Cyclops says Aquaman wins, and you know "Cyclops was right"!

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I like these lists but sometimes without parameters it becomes less interesting. I have place some parameters on my own list just for me to be able to really make my choices more fun. Each character in a respective point value must represent the best of their "hair color", meaning there won't be two red-heads in the 12 point bracket, or 2 blondes, etc.

12 Points

  • Jean Grey (Red Head)
  • Emma Frost (Blonde)
  • Wonder Woman (Black Hair)
  • Psylocke (Purple Hair)
  • Scarlett Witch (Brown Hair)
  • Gamora (Green hair)
  • Rogue (Auburn hair)
  • Pixie (Pink Hair)
  • Hepzibah (White Hair)
  • Tempus (Blue Hair)


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my personal preference is to want Batman to win, but in this case I voted too close to call.

The problem I see for Batman is with Taskmaster's ability to mimic any movement or fighting style that Batman throws at him. Batman is a HIGHLY experienced hand-to-hand fighter and will quickly realize beating Taskmaster in a 1-on-1 that way will expend too much energy and I believe he will revert to "other" tactics to win the fight. I don't believe Taskmaster is a "better" fighter than Batman, I just don't think he is going down with punches and kicks. So for that reason I call the hand-to-hand aspect of this fight a draw.

As far as weapons and armor goes, I think they are both suited well enough to defend themselves against any offensive weapons from the opponent. Batman has his typical suit that will deflect bullets to an extent, and it appears Taskmaster prefers to use swords and bow and arrow type weapons which is of real no threat to Batman. Taskmaster does not seem to be as adequately protected in terms of armor but he does has excellent "fast twitch" muscles and reflexes similar to that of Daredevil so Batman's batarangs and his grappling gun is not a real threat to Taskmaster. So even though I give a slight edge to Batman in terms of personal protection/body armor equipment, it is offset by Taskmasters ability to "duck and move"..."shuck and jive" out of any projectile offensive weapon Batman throws at him. Offensive weapons and personal body protection in this case is just too close to call so I have to call it a draw.

Physical fitness becomes a highly important factor in this fight. I believe Batman is bigger and stronger than Taskmaster, but I think Taskmaster is slightly faster than Batman. It is hard to say which would be superior in this instance though, the size and strength or the speed. Too close to call. The cardiovascular fitness is also too close to call as Batman is typically taking out weirdo psycho's or street thugs, but has shown he can withstand a long drawn out battle with an evenly matched foe. I believe Taskmaster is also highly able to "go the distance" in a long battle as he has evenly matched cardio tolerance, or maybe even a little better cardio availability than Batman as he is slightly smaller, slightly faster, and I believe his gear weighs less so he would exert less energy during the fight than Batman; however, Batman has a stronger will and would push himself harder so in this instance I still feel it is too close to call.

Now if Batman is still going to win, I believe he must use his "other" resources to his advantage. I believe he is an expert in field management, meaning being able to use his surroundings as an offensive or defensive weapon. I believe Batman's suit color being black is better equipped for him to "hide" in the shadows while Taskmaster is more "colorful" with a white cape and lighter colors making him more visible at night. This "suit color" difference gives Batman a slight tactical advantage during the fight to be able to give Batman a few seconds to catch a breather and collect his thoughts. The only way I can foresee Batman truly winning is if he calls in some sort of computer aid or Alfred aid to provide him a secondary offensive strategy. This could be an air-to-ground attack that destroys a part of a building causing it to crumble on Taskmaster. I think if they were fighting in Gotham, Batman would definitely have a tactical advantage as he knows those streets so well and could use his surroundings as a weapon as well as any of his well placed strategic weapons that he has around the city. This could be Batman's only real true advantage against Taskmaster but it is still a stretch and would be too close to call. Ultimately I think this fight goes on for 45-60 minutes and both participants realize they are in a stalemate. "What is in it for Taskmaster?" is what Taskmaster starts thinking. Unless he is getting seriously paid for this fight, I think he realizes it is just better to ditch the fight. Batman realizes this as well, allows Taskmaster to ditch and then goes home and starts putting together his scenario for when they fight again. The second fight Batman definitely wins as he is now prepared for the fight against Taskmaster.