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Rage is not without reason 0

The good:   This issue is a great example of how amazingly Bernes, Milligan, and Hunter really outdid themselves setting up a great exposition for DC's Red Lanterns, and laying the foundation of what seems like a wonderful character development for Atrocitus. Taking on the task of bringing depth to characters who were only known for their rage isn't an easy task, and considering this is only the second issue I must say, so far the whole team behind Red Laterns are doing a good job.  This issue i...

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It's probing time! 0

The good        There is nothing better than one-shots that aren't tie-in but rather give new readers an overview of what Hellboy is all about. Story begins with the mysterious vanishing of cattle, and the locals accusing some kids who are part of a cult. It turns out that aliens were the ones who abducted the cattle, but HellBoy finds this out too late for he is too abducted. Aboard the alien ship Hellboy meets a human/cow hybrid and together they must escape the alien ship by battling the litt...

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In brightest day, in blackest night,  None shall escape my lazer targeted sight. I'll kill anything if the price is right,  Beware my awesomeness, CHIMICHANGA!!!  The Good Are you someone who likes to be serious all the time, and enjoys listening to Andrea Bocelli while reading "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka, drinking 1996 Romane Conti, and thinking about the overall meaning of life? If your answer is yes, then you most definitely have a stick up your ass and should see a doctor as soon a...

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