Oh Justice League #1, what can I say about you. Well the art was amazing let's just get that out of the way. Now let's get to the writing, oh boy this is gonna be hard. Well I knew by the time I saw Hal Jordan save batman from bullets with his force field and say "They are wasting their time, this force field can stand up to well, ANYTHING." that this issue ( and probably issues to come) will do lots of "explaining" for new readers since this is "relaunch" and all. That's good thing, the more the merrier. DC really did a good job making sure the new readers who didn't know anything about justice league feel welcomed, and that they understood what was going on. DC also didn't really neglect the old readers, well I don't know about others but I really enjoyed this issue. Here is the thing though, the fact that DC was "explaining" things will definitely make most Super Geeks pissed off, they might feel like DC is insulting their intelligence or something, you know how they are. Here is worst part, most of my friends are Super Geeks, and I know I will be hearing them rant 24/7 about this issue, hell they have been b*tching since they heard there will be relaunch. It's hard not to judge my friends, but they can really be bunch of crybabies some times. 

Posted by Billy Batson have friends? Oh no! 


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@Billy Batson: Sadly yes. 
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Everyone is saying that Justice League # 1 was a let down... I guess I will have to see for myself. 
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I've been hearing a lot of mixed reactions for this issue. I haven't read it myself, but I would much rather read it and make up my own mind about it than base it off of what others are saying.  I kind of expected there to be some things to be explained again in this issue, since the point was to get new readers.

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Did he really say "They are wasting their time"? Using "They are" in writing instead of "They're" just bugs the hell out of me. No one says "They are".  
Or maybe I'm totally wrong. 

Posted by Jake Fury
You are wasting your time. :P
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@Jake Fury: I see what you did there. 10 internetz to you, sir. :P
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@InnerVenom123: He's making sure EVERYONE can understand it. Someone might get confuse by they're :P
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I don't really care for the explaining. In fact, I prefer things to be explained or re-explained every now and then. I don't see why it would upset anyone...DC said they're doing this to bring in new readers. :\ 

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I think he was actually watching Commander Data explain dilithium crystals on TNT. No one speaks that way.

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Haven't picked this issue up and I wasn't really planning on it since I'm trying to limit myself to 7 of the new 5 but  after the mixed reviews I've read I want to see what all the hype is about so I might give it a shot.

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You might also consider that just because someone doesn't like this first issue... it doesn't necessarily mean they are super geeks that dislike it for the reasons you stated.

They could very well dislike it for their very own, very different reasons.

Just saying.

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@B'Town: Fair enough. 
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@cyberninja: honestly i saw this whole thing coming 
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Hey at least it leaves room for improvement...and the 2nd will be better..or the 3rd....or 4th.....or

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@InnerVenom123 said:
@Jake Fury: I see what you did there. 10 internetz to you, sir. :P
Yoda says they are
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I didn't really judge it that harshly since it's only the first issue...first issues are usually pretty got to give a book at least an arc to get it's momentum

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Finally got my hands on a copy. Hal is ratcheting up the douche level. Other than that though I liked it, I've only been reading DC for 3 years or so I don't consider myself a super geek in the DC universe nor did I feel as my intelligence was being insulted really for some over explanation here and there. I also like the idea of Cyborg being a member for a while i think he will eventually be back on teen titans though. In relation to the last page, I kinda feel like they might be doing this for sales and simply to get it out of the way for new readers that I'm sure what to see it. I feel like I can't judge the title yet since we don't even have the whole team together.

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@DoomDoomDoom: Well said my friend.