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really cool. i've enjoyed pretty much everything WB/DC animated Shows(since Batman TAS) and movies since Batman:Sub Zero. i think DC and WB do an awesome job with these movies. Animated is definitely way better than the hit or misses of the live action movies/series. Can't wait actually about to watch Superman: Unbound and play some Injustice. peace and god speed.

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Considering Disney owns ABC, there might be more Continuity then you might think. As long as it's ABC studios doing the show, then it's in house at Marvel/Disney and unlike X-Men and Spider-Man etc. they're is more of a chance of stuff happening between the movies and tv.

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thanks Sara! Loving the comic book shelve set behind you! can't wait til tomorrow, where it'll be back in the 70s here in CT. so far one of the coldest Memorial Day weekends in recent memory for Bristol, CT. Take care, now off to listen to ComicVine Podcast! peace

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I agree with ...i don't where makeup, but know tons of girls who i'm single sadly again, but at least there are plenty of fish out there in my city and around the world. Love the Video Reviews and hope to see more!

P.S. How goes the new life of being back on the EST? I live in CT, and planning on going to Comi-Conn, the local Comic Fan Fest, be my first time to a Comic Fan Fest, been to Music and Wrestling ones in the past, looking really forward to it, hope all is well...East Coast

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OH HELL NO....look how many kids he's already messed up, including his own son, because he never got over the murder of his parents, he becomes a bitter old man not trusting anyone but himself...IMO Jason Todd should just Kill Batman before he ruins another kid...just IMO

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i want it to tie in with the 60s batman movie and show(s) or be based off of Justice League Unlimited or Batman: TAS or the Lego Batman Games, especially 2 as it has the justice league and Lex and Joker team up, i think that could be pretty awesome, using the script to make a Live Action version, sounds awesome IMO, whether that could happen or not who knows....

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I like the new suit better, but the first movie's suit was more original, i wonder if Rhino or Electro will destroy the suit from the first movie causing Peter to make a new one, or if it will never be explained in cannon of the movies. Still wish we got a Scarlett Spider or Spider-Man 2099 movie or even a Venom Trilogy, as vanilla Spider-Man is just not that exciting anymore, what Christopher Nolan did for the Batman franchise is what i would've wanted for a Spider-Man reboot, instead we get somewhat of a retread with better special effects, the second movie has to be a lot better to even come close to being better than Sam Raimi's trilogy minus the rush job that became SM3. Bring something new to the table or don't even try, i mean come on f'n Hollywood!

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she might be April or maybe Shedder's Daughter Kari(sp..?) either way fans won't be happy, except the gorgeous view they'll get...

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