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I'm a 30 something Male from Bristol, CT home of ESPN and Lake Compounce Theme Park and one of the oldest Carousel Museums.


Women,Pro Wrestling,Comics,Movies,Music,Video Games, I write Poetry and Comics, as well as occasional Comedy.


Stupid People, and Terrorists/AbusivePeople, whether you abuse our Country, the World or You Family Members, you will pay on Earth or in Damnation known as Hell.


If you wanna find me on the net:


Steam: curtman2k20

Origin: curtman2k7

Nintendo Id: curtman2k20

Nintendo 3ds Code: 0232-7801-6773

Xbox/PS3/Twitter/Facebook/Google+: @Curtman2k20

Blog Posts at: http://ccsn.wordpress.com

More info on my Facebook Pages:

CCSN: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CCSN/417252971702841

Dirty Dusty's Round Up: https://www.facebook.com/DirtyDustysRoundUp

Tumblr & Blogger coming soon plus a soon to be named PodCast(in video form and audio)

#PEACE, #Love and #GODSpeed




#Lover Of #Women #Nature #Peace #EqualityForAll and #FreedomforAll

Dusty Curtman the 3rd, but you can call me DC3 or DCThree!