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Im going to blame the american society for this one. I mean a pair of naked breasts, WHO CARES. Maybe its just the way I was raised but to me its no big deal. Dont get me wrong I love boobs as much as the next guy, but seeing them isn't that big a deal, especially when its a f*cking drawing. So "normal" americans and their over reactive ways are to blame for this one. 

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I think Green Arrow did a good thing, I always love seeing this character going to the edge of chaos and starting to go renegade. Its the way it should be. Especially after what happened to Roy. 

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honestly I just can't wait to see this show, The Walking Dead is by far my favorite non-superhero comic book. 

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Dick can't go back to being Nightwing cause now Chris Kent is Nightwing in Action Comics. 

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So on Wen, I went to pick up my comics and got to talking to the comic book guy that works there. We came upon the subject of Bruce Wayne's return and what that would do to the Batman Universe. He told me that the computer guy for his shop was talking to someone who works at DC, and was told that Bruce would be Batman again (no shocker there), and that one of the middle Robins would die (this being either Jason Todd, or TIm Drake). He also was told that Damien would no longer be Robin, and would instead take up the mantle of Red Robin. (This makes me think Tim is going to die). The final thing he told me that upset me the most was that there has been talk of making DICK GRAYSON ROBIN AGIAN. This to be sounds like A BIG FUCKING MISTAKE! I just wanted to hear peoples thoughts about this. Keep in mind this is all third hand and according to the Shop manager is all just thoughts DC is thinking of doing. 

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Here is the thing, it is impossible to rationalize Smallville into the DCU unless you make shit up. For one, Cyborg and Impulse are supposed to be young when Clark is a adult. Also both seem to be a part of the Justice League, when Impulse never was and Cyborg was for like 2 issues this year. SO in all its best to just watch and not think about it because it will make your head hurt. 

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heck yes! love young justice 

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well if its Dick Grayson, I might have to say Wolverine, just because alone I dont think DIck could fight him cause Wolverine has more power, and heals. Dick is agile but if Wolverine gets in a couple good slashes it's all over. Now if this was the second time they fought I would have to go with Dick because he is smart, would have learned Wolverines moves and been able to counter them. Plus then he would have the tech to stop him. 

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I cannot wait for these covers, Superboy is my favorite and I got every issue of the regulars and the variant covers! Thanks for the sneak peek 

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