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So, I was wondering! I'm not able to get 'Emerald Twilight | New Dawn' in a comic shop anymore, am I? Not easy, anyway. Now, I saw there are these 'Green Lantern Archives' and 'Chronicles', that collect older issues and story arcs. Is there something like this that collects Emerald Twilight and New Dawn too? I really want to read these, since I started at Rebirth, and it's quite a big event. So, is it collected? Are they going to collect or rewrite this? If any one could help me out here, I'd really appreciate it!

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Ah, like that! Thank you! I was able to pick up Ultimatw Spider-Man volume 1 to 4 very cheap a couple of days ago and I want to read those comics too, so I'm going to read all of the arcs!

Yes, you made everything perfectly clear, thanks a lot, pulseangel666! ^^

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This is probably an amazingly dumb question, but yeah. I've tried looking it up on the site and forum, but couldn't find it. 
To put it simple:
Is Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (the one with Miles) a follow-up for Ultimate Spider-Man? I tried looking it up on the site, but found out the new series, with Miles follows up right after Ultimate Fallout. Is this a follow up for Ultimate Spider-Man? Or for Amazing Spider-Man or whatever other comics of him are out there (There are so many of them I don't know which one it should be)? If it's for another than Ultimate, can I read it after it without problems (I'm talking about Fallout)? Or do I not need to read it? 
Since I like Ultimate Spider-Man, but am also very interested in Miles, I like to do it the right way. I thought Peter died in both comics (Ultimate and Amazing Spider-Man), but I can be wrong (probably am xD), and that confuses me. So I thought, why not ask it!
Not sure if I'm making any sense, but we'll see! I hope any of you can help me out!

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I looked around the internet for a bit and it seems that, if he still is going to write it, he probably will wait till there is a second Green Lantern movie. 

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Ah, like that! Thank you! I feel so dumb >_<! But he's still writing the series, isn't he? Maybe he will make a Secret Origin 2 in the future. I hope he does, anyway! I liked Secret Origin, but always wanted to read about Hal's training : (

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Ah, thanks a lot! : ) I hope I'm able to get this! 
A stupid question, maybe, but what do you mean with 'I don't think it;s canon anymore' ? I'm not english, and I'm not that well known with (just to give them some sort of name..xD!) ''comic book terms'', if you get what I mean. 
Again, thanks for helping! ^^ 

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So, I was wondering.  I want to read the story of Sinestro getting the yellow Power Ring, becoming the fallen lantern and all, but I don't really know where this happens. Could somebody tell me this? Is there a collected edition of this event? Or do they have a proper flashback to this that really re-lives it? If some one could tell me this, that would be great : )!

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I was wondering the same thing a few weeks ago. Or a month or so, but whatever! I'd say Rebirth. It's all about the return of Hal Jordan, has amazing art, a great story... You get a lot of information in the beginning and it will be a bit hard to understand, but after a while you will get some flashbacks that makes a lot of it understandable. If you like it and want to read more (which you want to, for sure!), this link might come in handy:

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Whoah, how could I not see this topic? Anyway, hello, I'm Coen, and I'm from The Netherlands, the most boring land in the world. I'm very new to comics, so this website is a great help. I don't read that much, but I've come to really like Batman, Green Lantern, Deadpool and Ultimate Spiderman. I like all kinds of metal (this is about music xD!) and I like to read and draw and stuff : p. That's about it, I guess!

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Philip Tan's work looks symply amazing! Deadpool in particular, just wow.