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Reeeeaaally looking forward to this! From the moment I saw the interview about this series, seeing that cover, this cover, the preview... Everything looks like something I'm just gonna love to bits! This is going to be awesome. And damn, the wytch in the preview looks creepy! And them making that guy betraying his aister is even worse!

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Well, guys and gals!

I am reading The Saga Of The Swamp Thing now, should get the third book in a week. I also read the first trade of the New 52 Swamp Thing. I saw it has a cross over with Animal Man, which made me interested in this character. So after doing some research, I found out it also has a few horror themes and stuff, which I find very interesting. I love horror. Also, it's written by Lemire, a writer who I really like (Green Arrow, a bit of Constantine, Sweet Tooth and so on). And the cover of the second New 52 Annual. My god, I love it!

So I was wondering. Should I expect something like Swamp Thing, but... the other side around? Swamp Thing is the avatar of the green, Animal is the avatar of the red. They both fight The Rot. Does Animal Man also have these nasty, horror-ish villains like Arcane? I saw a picture of 'The Hunters Three' or something like that and it looked amazing!

Also, I really like the Saga of Swamp Thing and I'm going to read the whole series and then continue with the new 52, reading the first volume again. Is there something like this for AM too? Something that's, continuity-wise a prequel to the new 52 story?

I hope my questions are clear and not dumb or something! Thanks!

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This makes my day! Yeah! I just love those gamaes! Really looking forward to this : D

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I love Star Wars! So many characters I'd like to see a stand alone movie about, I don't know where to start. I really hope this won't be overdone by making too many movies. Pshyched about this, though!

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I don't want him to keep meeting other superheroes :(

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Feels like I should be crying in a dark corner of my room, comparing my 'collection' to yours, but still! I want to be a bit more active on the forums, so I decided to show my stuff too. Keep in mind, this is not all of it. I have to pick up some trades I orderd at the comic store.

Here's what I have at the moment. I used to read a lot of manga in the past, but lost interest in them, big time, I only kept Rurouni Kenshin and Vagabond, because those two are great.

Some sort of close-up. I keep forgetting to get more bags.

What I'm reading at the moment.

I've only got two issues, which are Aquaman #0 and Swamp Thing #0, New 52.

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Villains I'd like to see in a new Batman movie would be Scarecrow (not like in Batman Begins. I'd love to see him confront Batman with the death of his parents, like in Arkham Asylum), Freeze, Mad Hatter... Also, Grundy would be quite interesting. Not really sure how the duo's should be, but if they would be able to do something with those, I'd be happy!

What also would be cool: If they would be able to make The Long Halloween and Dark Victory into a movie.

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The Deadpool part. Brilliant  xD! Gotta get me some new Deadpool. I miss it : (

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Let me guess, everything with Hal as a villain is hard to get? Ah, man :( But I'll surely look for it! Thanks for the help! Bothof you! And I think I can't really call myself a fan of John's, since I only read his work on Green Lantern, but hell, I really like them! I've been looking around on the internet for Aquaman and surely am going to get the New 52 of it!

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Thanks for the tip! Didnt think of that, for some reason. I looked it up, and found only one, for €70, which is pretty expensive, though : (! But I will try once in a while! Surely there will be some time when some one will sell it! But there is no collection that also has these stories in it? : ( Something like the Archives of Chronicles?