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Relieved to hear I'm not the only who gets completely lost during some issues of this series.

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@keroga said:

Revealing that the badguy was the son of Monster Girl was a huge plot twist .Never saw that coming.

That was revealed during the actual invasion.

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@renchamp said:

That solves it. I have enough cash for one book this week and it was either this or Uncanny X-Force. I'll wait a week for the latter.

UXF was good - this was better.

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That said, while I enjoy buying my comics digitally, I still enjoy buying my comics in hard/paperback trades as well.

Though I prefer digital, I do love hardcover trades.

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By default, I go with digital. Just the fact that I can have 80-90% of my collection with me wherever I go is a huge plus. Additionally, I don't have to deal with long lines and storage. However, since I'm predominantly a Marvel reader and most of their paper versions include a bonus digital code (even trades), I'll buy the paper and redeem the code.

It also helps that I work a block away from Midtown Comics in NYC - so it's not a huge deal to hit the shop. Just stop in before work, pick up my copies and redeem the codes whenever I get a chance. If I had to go out of my way for paper versions, I probably wouldn't bother.

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@nappystr8 said:

I'm sure Bradley Cooper will be good, and I think his voice is a good fit as well. I just really don't get why they always hire big name actors for these types of roles when they could get terrific seasoned voice actors for a fraction of the cost.

B/c voice actors don't have box office power. The general public isn't going to head to the movies because Nolan North is voicing a character - Bradley Cooper and (unofficially) Vin Diesel? Yea, they will.

That's the gist of it. Marvel is a business. If they could cast "no-name" voice actors for these characters and expect the same box office performance that they could with Cooper and Diesel, they would.

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Not sure if it's included anywhere in those trades, but New X-Men: Academy X was AMAZING during Decimation. The arcs Childhood's End and Crusade were incredible.

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For the record, I couldn't stand Eyeboy at first, because as someone said - the concept seemed a bit ridiculous. It wasn't until the issue of WatXM which took place in the future that showed how awesome of a character he could be.

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@ctg said:
  • Dust

  • Surge
  • Hellion
  • Rockslide
  • Cuckoos
  • Eye-Boy
  • Armor
  • Blindfold

cool team.. is that who you voted for?


I gotta ask you guys though - what about Dust appeals to you? She's a pretty high vote getter and that surprises me.

I'm Muslim and anyone who lives in the US knows there's a strong anti-Muslim sentiment here, which is part of the reason I'm surprised she's so popular (at least according to this small poll).

When she was first introduced, I was skeptical b/c she had a fairly stereotypical power - I mean really, an Arab with the power of sand? However as I read more and more New X-Men, I feel like she was written extremely well. The writing made an interesting character, while sticking to the lifestyle of a young Muslim (ie her initial interactions with Surge, turning down Jay Guthrie when he asked her to the dance, etc). They even had some fun with it during the Purifiers attack on the school when Rockslide saw her w/o garb on. Now to any Muslim who hasn't read the book would be turned back by hearing about that sequence, but the way it was executed was extremely funny - especially considering the Purifier's attack on the school was a pretty brutal read.

So I ask, what appeals to you guys about Dust? I'm really interested in your thoughts.

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It's been stated that they have plans for him in Marvel NOW Wave 2. Hopefully it's NOT as Ronin though.

Gambit and Iron Fist are the two characters I'm really interested in for Wave 2.