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A question popped in my head what makes the perfect Team? Better yet let's say every universe of every known form of media from Tv, Movie, Comics, Cartoons, Novels, Video games, where to merge as one universe. And you had full rain to create the perfect. Who would make up your perfect team, how many members would be in it, What would the team Name be called and who would be fit to lead your team?

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Avengers Hands Down..... Sorry guys I was just not a fan of TDKR...... BRING ON THE HATE AND TROLLS. There was so much wrong in that movie it was ridiculous.  Form Crap fight choreography to shit acting from good actors. 
1. I don't care what world you live in Alfred would never abandoned batman/Bruce in his time of need.
2. Actors when not speaking would just randomly just have there mouth open, like they are trying to catch fly's or something.
3. Miss Spellings on the front page of the new paper instead of Heist it say's Hiest
4. Alfred pretty much tells you how the movie will end  with in the 1st 17 mins of the movie.
5. Blake/Robin knows where to go to find Gordan and knows who batman is by a look.... REALLY!
6. Bruce Doesn't Ues the batman voice in the hospital even though he is wearing a mask, and then when he is alone he uses his batman voice ... REALLY!
7. What kind of batman gets pickpocketed 
8. Alfred randomly knew every thing about Bane and before Bruce??? REALLY!  
9. Where in the Hell did bane  get the motorcycles from when he was in the Gotham stock exchange, and when the are on them they go in to a tunnel it was day time  they come out in was night time ...WTH????REALLY!
10.Illeal stock market trades made during a armed takeover are allowed to stand Com on now we can find some thing better then that? 
I could keep going but I just had to vent.  TDKR was dumb... I know most movies are not perfect hell not even avengers was perfect, but if every one is going to say how great and a amazing it is and stack it against actually good movies then it should not have half of this this silly stuff in it.

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Sounds awesome wonder is I could have the rights to Apocalypse, Blade, or Wolverien?

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Captain America 4TW

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Gambit vs. Hellboy In a dark abandon wheelhouse filled with boxes of all sizes Who takes it?

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What are your 3 favorite Video games?

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WOW I WAS JUST THINKING OF THIS FIGHT! UM I am so torn here...... UM i feel they are pretty close in skill level but usagi is faster so I have to give the edge to Usagi Yojimbo.

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Good fight no great fight. For Kratos to win this he has to go all out right off the bat, and end it quick. The longer this fight goes on the more Hulk has the edge.

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