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It has been actually confirmed that this guy is New 52 Elongated Man?

Because Elongated Man's name was Ralph DIBNY, not DIBNEY. Maybe it's not him.

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What about Kate Bishop? Ganke? And Miles' dad? What will happen to them?

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Why don't they just call him scarlet spider instead of making 2 spider-men?

Did Kaine die or something? If not, then there would be 2 Scarlet-Spiders

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[SPOILERS for Ant-Man 01 to 05]

I'm reading the new Ant-Man comic, and I didn't get what happened to Cassie Lang.

Nobody ever mentioned the fact that she was Stature and died, not even her mom. She was easily kidnapped by Crossfire and didn't show any powers until now. It appears that all her Young Avengers stuff was retconned out. BUT, I got the impression that Scott himself remembers something, because he is obsessive at keeping her safe (Implying he knows she died once).

I didn't read her return in Axis, maybe that's why I'm confused - Also, sorry for grammar errors, english isn't my first language.

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I'd say X-23 looks ridiculous, but this is comics so that's kind of a good thing.

I hope this means we may be getting a Hyperion book.

Wolverine looks ridiculous in the costume as well, the diference is that we're already used to him looking like that (Actually, the costume IS ridiculous),

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@inferiorego said:
@the_stegman said:

This issue was crazy! I loved every minute of it! I hope we see God Doom vs Phoenix Cyclops.

This and Darkseid War have me so excited.

Same here. Great week for comics

A lot of intrigue and myth\universe building. I love it.

Also this just kind of confirms what Doom, Nathaniel Richards and the Panther God all said. All Victor wanted was peace on earth and in every universe he looked at only one managed to achieve that and it was the one ruled by him. All Hope Lies In Doom.

I still think Dr. Strange made a HUGE mistake allowing Doom to have all the power. I also think Phoenix Cyclops is not there just for coolness factor, but I believe he will be very important to defeat Doom.

Victor killed his own brother-in-law, he didn't change that much

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i didnt like how only reed was upset about losing his family.

All them lost their loved ones. Peter of all people should have shown some form of sorrow

Reed literally saw his family fade away from existence, tried to stop it and failed.

All the others barely had the time to think about what was going on, and are still very confused about what happened. When they actually realize everything, I'm sure all of them will try to revert the situation.

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@thor_parker82 said:
@the_stegman said:

@thor_parker82: Only survivors in the Life Rafts (and Strange) remember how the world used to be.

So for example, 616 Thor, Storm, Captain America, Hulk, they don´t remember they used be heroes on earth and that kind of stuff ?

From what I read above, I am guessing Peter Parker does remember how the world used to be, right ?

I think none of the characters from tie-ins are the original 616 versions, so they don't remember. They look like them, but they are not them.

There are two Peter Parkers. The Peter Parker from Ultimate End and Renew your Vows was created by Doom based on the original 616 Peter Parker, and the Peter Parker you saw in Secret Wars #3 IS the original 616 Peter Parker.

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@saucygiraffe said:

That Punisher scene....

The best part of the book for me

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@crimz said:

I refuse to believe Sue and Ben are dead, especially with Franklin there.

I also don't believe they are totally dead either unless Marvel is really going to commit to that as well as Tony, Steve, and Thor all dying in the last few issues of Avengers and NA. Just so much can happen with the timeline still with the Beyonders and Doom.

Guys, everybody died in Age of Ultron (I'm talking about the comic, not the Avengers movie), and they all came back later with time travel, so just relax and enjoy the ride