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Project Cruz

Cruz is  a simian clone of Hit-Monkey in an attempt to create a more powerful version of the original for the Dark Utopia. The simian was incredibly fast. However, it had a weakness and that was a straight approach into combat of which Band Lone took advantage of and puncture it’s brain with an arrow.

The simian had within him a precious power Band Lone was desperate for: The ability to heal all wounds at an accelerated rate.  
 The monkey was named Cruz after the cross of calvary as in: he would be the cross of his enemies.
Cruz's main purpose is to be a spy for his master and a leverage.

Powers and abilities:
Accelerated healing factor/ regeneration- Cruz was created to be the ultimate weapon and an unstoppable force. He was given a healing factor in order for him to survive the greatest trauma even decapitation in order to contain information. The healing factor can even regenerate a lost limb in matter of hours and even regenerate a full body.
Intellect: Although it is still a monkey Cruz is able to understand English and is even able to hack computers and understand security systems. Basically the monkey is a genius.
Martial arts and weapon master: Just like Hit-Monkey Cruz is able to use high caliber weapons and even has a great level of swordsmanship. He also has knowledge in martial arts Monkey Kung fu basically.
Agility, reflexes, gymnastics, senses: As a simian these are naturally above human.
Mannerism:  Maybe be tempted by bananas and fresh fruits. He also likes women and uses his "looks" to charm them and cooping a feel.
Weakness: Be creative is just a monkey with guns and a healing factor.