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    @god_spawn said: Classic Colossus was alot weaker than he is now. He was knocked out by Dracula, a class 70, and an early annual of Characters strength levels placed him on the same level as Luke Cage...

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    Apple iPhone 6 Release Date, Price and Features Rumors: iPhone Comes 24 Karat Gold?

    Although the iPhone 6 has not yet been officially announced, luxury company is already taking preorders for iPhone 24K gold.The luxury accessories company is taking preorders for Brikk 14 different...

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    @ms-lola said: Well, I've been a long time (relatively) fan of Thor and I'm a woman. If this makes new readers pick up a comic book, great. Just make sure it's a good story because that's what keeps t...

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    Do you mind not editing issues I'm already working on?
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    Please don't edit issues I'm already working on.
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