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Why is it that this story is sounding like Swamp Thing's origins? Scientist get caught by terrorists and ends up huge and ugly... I guess that I am in the minority in liking the younger Arrow. Having grown up on the original (back in the Green Lantern & Green Arrow Days) I got real tired of the older Ollie. I like the younger one... i can see him as more of a playboy but still able to pull of the athletics.

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Having both sets of the Fantastic Four / Future Foundation, i have to say the Foundation set looks much better. I may change my mind if/when the variant pack with the phasing Sue is release (at least i hope its released). For simple repurposed molds, this is a decent package.

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When I first saw the name 'Talon' I instantly went and thought of the Sidekick Talon. Then with the Court of Owls I was thinking he could be Thomas Wayne Jr... now, I have to go and pick up this issue and find out more. I wish they had made it appear that the Court was trying to do good, and like Batman they were misunderstood...

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@fodigg I would love to read adventures of that team. It really would be a SPEC OPs team of characters that could handle more than your normal military issues.

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I am liking the idea of Flash going up against Steve. I think that Venom should go rogue and be used as a Secret Avenger. He could possibly even team up with John Walker and take some pointer for being a bad**s even without legs

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I have to agree with Vance. A villain can reform, but it depends on the reasons that he was a Villain in the first place. Take Sinestro as an example... His reasons to take the Yellow Ring were not evil as much as doing bad for a good reason (peace and justice). Did he fall from grace? Yes, but it does not mean he is irredeemable. The same can be said for Venom/Anti-Venom Eddie Brock. He was not perfect but not evil either, it was his jealousy that led him to slide into crime. Now others cannot reform because at the core they are evil... Dark Seid is the prime example of this. At the end of any story that has a villain reforming, readers will be asking if its for real or what the angle is. IF its truly reformation of the person then it starts slowly (mental changes, small behaviors in attitude or actions). As they re-evaluate what they do and who they are, they would begin to make changes... but that does not mean they would be able to totally leave that behind them (example Catwoman... she is still a thief no matter how much she cares for Batman).

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@Botiste It has come up several times with friends. Wildstorm had a super secret, Super Max facility designed for powered beings, and that is where I start with my idea. As for Joker, I do agree that a special facility is needed for him. But putting him in the same facility as powered beings is something I am not sure needs doing. I would have a facility for those type of criminals (Joker, Penguin and Luthor) that limits contact, influence and such but does not waste funds by using a room that could house a powered being.

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IF you wanted to create a prison to hold Super Villians you would have to determine what constitutes a Super Villian and what constitutes a Villian or Criminal. Would you house someone like Penquin in a prison for super villians? What about his henchmen (women)? One thing that would have to be considered is the abilities of the villians. Facilites would have to be created that catered to aspects or powers. IF you had Kryptonians for example, you would have to have a cell that was flooded with Red Sunlight and have the walls reinforced with Green Krytonite. Someone like Electro would have to be in a room made totally from Wood & Rubber (and other not conductive items). If you have telepaths, you have them monitored by other Telepaths and handled by Robots (no brain to manipulate). But the major key would be location, Location, LOCATION. Antartica and Death Valley are by and far the most logical options. Lack of human population allows for limited contact from the outside. It also allows for control of weather manipulators (as well as heat/fire & water/ice users). But at the end of the day, someone like Penquin and Joker do not qualify for Superpowered Max as they are extrodinary Humans with devious minds but no powers. To house these, would take minds much greater (like the Heroes that fight them or smarter).

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I hope that they keep up the flavor all season long. Love this show.

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I understand that everyone is saying she is not Kryptonian any longer, but I have to ask... Was this expressly stated by DC or is this just speculation? I only ask because she could be keeping a low profile due to the perceived mistrust of 'capes' in the DCnU. Another posibility is that she will become Power Girl later. Adds more to her by her having an established 'hook' in the DCnU to allow her to develop powers or have them bestowed on her (possible partial mind & body merger with Karra?). Who knows when you have the group we currently have writting the new DCnU.