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love these added tidbits... love the concept of the helicarrier, but its so NOT practical (wife got onto me for being over critical.. 'its fiction!') CANNOT wait to see this movie. already planning a day off!

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I say that his upcoming battle with Midnighter and then Helspont (my guess due to the type of ship/cage and Cole's sense of danger) are really going to turn things on an ear for Grifter. Either way, I would love to see more of the Grifter that I love, gun toting, lady's man willing to go out shooting... and winning even when over matched.

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@crackerjack82- I am not sure that we will see any characters that were Kheran without major rewrites. Majestic & Zealot come to mind as not happening. I think that the High could be used, as a misguided Human that was experimented on by Luthor & Lane as a contingent for Superman. Winter is a possiblity, as long as they leave out the part about him being Z's son with Yon Khol (Spartan). Most of the Stormwatch, Team 7(and other Gen Factor Characters) & IO characters are feasible for upcoming comics. As either recurring characters, foils or possible sidekicks/add ons for titles. Ravengers is an example of this, a combo of WildStorm, DC and new characters for a new title... Grunge & Warblade showing up in issues of Superboy.

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Actually Prince is split... Half Bats Half Joker. I love the list. No mention for Save Me (Smallville)? :(

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I am hoping that this storyarc and it's tie in with Blue Beetle will really shine. I love the idea that the various Lantern Corps are not infallible.

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One of the better arcs for Vampirella. Love the look.

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I see complaints about Red Robin & Batwoman but nobody cares that Red Hood is missing! :) Jokes aside, I would think that if his enemy had any brains the last place for him to jaunt to would be Gotham City.

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Ravengers? Why does the description of this team sound SO much like Gen 13? I wonder if this is another attempt to bring WildStorm into the DCnU. If so, I am interesed how they play this off. More interested if it shows existing characters with new twists or new characters not in cookie cutter fashion.

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As much as I love the idea of adding more to the DCnU, I am not a fan of them cancelling the titles to add more. I hope that these add a true new depth and feel to the DC lineup.

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I could have bought the Q-Core being made up of the former sidekicks. In that case Q-Core could have been a secondary team to function for Ollie and he still could have been the 'only' Green Arrow. This younger version has some pull but I understand your desire to not loose the old one. (Reminds me of the 90s when Superman died and came back with the long hair and younger demeanor.) I think the issue they had was timeline based. They only alotted themselves 5 years to build a background upon (not nearly enough time for Roy, Connor or any of the other sidekicks to have developed... let alone have issues and/or be replaced - Bat Family). I would have loved the starting point to be 15 yrs back. That would have allowed for secondary titles recreating the history along with the new changes.