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I really REALLY think that they could give her and Hawkeye a movie and still pull of the Bourne feel to it. I think it could be close to origins also where they are both on the 'other' side and get pulled into SHIELD.

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He does not know how to interact with anyone on equal levels or to those above him (unless they can best him). Teen Titans as well as the undercover mission (with Stephanie) shows how socially inept that he is. He may have the inteligence to run Wayne Tech, but that does not mean he is ready to deal with the social nicities that are required other than telling people what to do. I believe that he needs to attend some sort of school, just like the Robins before him did. Perhaps a military school or some rich prep school so that he can learn to interact with others. IF Chris Kent was in the reboot, I would say put them in school together. They could possibly learn from each other and form a similar bond that Clark & Bruce have for the future.

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So many characters... BUT Daredevil I think fits the bill best. Such an easy segway from Logan to Matt. Plus I would love to see the Man without fear receive treatment in Japan from Japan.

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looks interesting. cannot wait to see where they take this arc

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It appears that Congress (and the creators) wants to expand the JLA beyond the founders (current), but are not having much luck with this. I like how it has been mentioned in Storm Watch that Martian Manhunter was a JLA member and that it was brought back up in JLA #8. They are currently pushing Green Arrow to become a member of the 'Team' but I do not feel that they will selct him. Col Trevor has other ideas for Oliver and a different 'Team' for him to join. I wonder tho, who is it that is slated to join the JLA? I figure it will be someone from WildStorm's history. And being it was slipped that Trevor was a member of 'Team 7', I beleive it could be one of those people. Now Grifter and Deathblow are out being Cole has his own title and Michael is showing up in an upcoming run. This leads me to my obvious choice... Marc Slayton. Neither Jackson Dane nor John Lynch fit, because they are more soldier and spy/leader material than super hero. Those 2 will show up later in other titles to pull the history tighter together (Deathstroke, Batwoman or some such comic that has strong military or government agency threads in the stories). Backlash fits into the JLA (not well, but fits) because he is more along the power level of Aquaman and depending on how he is written he can be as useful as any of the other members. Of course this is total speculation from a WS fanboy. What do you all think? If not Backlash, who do you see possibly joining JLA? and WHY?

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I love that Scott is so calm in this interview compared to some of his past one. Someboyd slipped him a sedative.

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I think what Skaddix means is SW Prime. I would love to seen some of those characters show up and be used properly. Especially Jackson King (we have already seen that Fuji is part of NOWHERE)... but I would love to see Marc Slayton pop up in a Batman title or Batwoman not powered up but as Marc Slayton - member of DEO & secret Meta).

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I would bet on it being a flashback... some sort of memory that Talia has when coming face to face with Batman (some semblace that Bats has to Ra's - stance & fighting style). Cannot wait for the summer so we can have this and other summer blockbusters

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After reading Supeboy #7 we get a glimpse of another member of NOWERE. I was surprised and pleased to see another member of the old WSU... Fuji. Not sure who else we will get, but this was a shocker, but really well placed. Now, who is pulling the strings for NOWHERE?

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I agree that Majestic could be used as a polar to Superman. Not as a Villain but as a more militan Hero. Coming from a militant society (Khera) instead of a scientific one (Krypton) would make his views more harsh than Superman's. A way to introduce him would could be linked to the Pod that Grifter and Midnighter fight over. If the pod held someone like Hellspont, another could have held Majestic. But instead of being a prisoner pod, it was an escape pod and Majestic had control of his. He arrived on Earth long ago and has fought for humanity through out history returning to his pod for Hiber-Sleep afterwards. He is awakened while Superman is not available (by either Hero or Villian - on purpose or by accident) and springs into action and has his actions caught by the media (use the look in which he has helmet to hide his appearance). Upon Superman's return the two square off (fearful or distrustful of the other - use the racism mention?) until someone steps in to show that they are both on the 'right side' even if views on Justice do not match. Then the Action Comics could be used to tell stories of Majestic (on & off Earth that do not involve Superman). Perhaps have him even step in for Superman on occasion (for any reason writers like... Supes can only be at 1 location at a time).