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I would LOVE to see Marc show up in the DCnU but it would have to be in a way that would expand the existing stories and not just as a filler. I was sort of hoping to see him in the Aquaman comics along with the Others. I beleive if done correctly he could have been a part of that team and then drawn back into the manin verse. They could have even used the character the Operative.

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I have to agree with most of what was listed. And consider that IF you create Green Lantern you get a free villian version (you mentioned Senestro but other could be subsituted possibly) the same goes for Green Arrow (Merlyn) and Aquaman (Ocean Master). I would love to see Poison Ivy, and Batgirl as DLC (BG could be a Console Specific Exclusive even- with the other versions being DLC for her).

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Wow. Where are Flash & Green Lanter? Cover looks good, but I will miss Jim.

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I was wondering if you saw the Preview for Issue 0 and Project Majestic? I wonder where this will take us? I hope that we get something new and interesting on Team 7 that will make this title last.

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I am not sure who the the guy is that you marked as John Lynch is, but its not Lynch. The guy you marked as Fairchild is actually Lynch. I am thinking that your mystery character could be the one that recruited Waller to the Sucicide Squad. As for the others, they look right. Also remember that Max Cole was mentioned to be a member of Team 7 as well. So dont think that 7 is the key number to how many members they have. I have a feeling that the team will have a LOT of fluidity and will change according to the story arc. I really should go and try to pick this up.

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I was thinking that the new guy, H'el looks like Match meets Doomsday. I seriously cannot wait to see how they handle this villian.

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I think that they missed the chance to have Majestic be part of the New 52 without having him front and centered. This Arc of Action Comics is dealing with the 'first Superman'. That COULD have been a great chance to throw Majestic into the current Continuity without making him someone that Superman has to deal with daily. I think that it would be simple to have him 'elsewhere' when others on his power level show up... either on earth (hybernating or hiding) or off planet looking into the fate of Khera and its people.

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I dont think that using the Thanos Imperative works. First off, no Silver Surfer (Sony has that with the FF franchise). To push this movie, I think that the film will be HEAVY in the CGI (Avatar level at some points). I would not push it so much as a 'superhero' film but more of SciFi film. That pulls other groups to see it, and those into comics still go and see it.

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I am interested in the sightings from before Superman came on the scene. Those open lots of doors. I wonder what Morrison plans to do with those possibilities.

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LOVE these Q&A; sessions... One simple question for you. What do you think of Steve Trevor and others being part of Team 7, and how do you think it will effect the different comics (Birds of Prey, Wonder Woman, Justice League & Grifter)?