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With the dawning of robotics, cybernetics and nanotechnology, AND if they don't follow these horrible films too closely, they could bring something kewl to the "franchise." I think the argument is more than what makes a man, it's what happens when man and machine can become one...

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I'm still not quite buying the whole "schism" thing...and not too sure how it is all going to pan out. As others have already mentioned, seems hypocritical of Wolverine to be leading X-Force a secret "wet ops" as well as X-men, and the division between Cyclops, and his own hypocritical stance, I.E. santioning X-Force and then not...And likewise, it puts Beast in a weird position...(fairly confident it's Earth 616 Beast) considering why he left X-men...and Toad? Really, I think that is more of Aaron's ego, taking a character no one likes, and trying to re-imagine him and make him popular...there are way too many under-used X-men (Whatever has happened to the recruits form the New X-men?) I don't mind growth from Wolverines character, from "mindless beast" to leader - the bigger issue I have with his characterizations is that in one comic book he want's to kill Scarlet Witch or Kid Omega, and in another he doesn't...I like the division, but feel like Marvel is pandering to Wolverines popularity. (I've been extremely disappointed that Professor X has all of disappeared from his X-men...)

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I have been enjoying the mash up of Avengers and X-men, (and I've always wanted the Scarlet Witch join the X-Family...especially with her coming back into the fold and being able to give mutants back their power...from a writing prospective I think there is a huge amount of untapped potential there) and while I know a lot of people out there have a hate on for Bendis, I think that House of M was one of The Best events - and I've always loved Cable...what I find interesting about all the comments, is that everyone assumed (since the X-Men did, that Cable was dead. (much in the same manner that everyone assumes Human Torch is dead...) I've always said unless you see the body, ripped in several pieces - don't believe anyone in the Marvel Universe is dead (and obviously sometimes that's not enough). When I saw Cable disappear into the time portal ripping out his arm - I instantly thought - that he could have survived that, he's survived a lot worse...Loeb has been hit or miss - I actually liked Ultimatum (don't mind killing characters in the Ultimate Universe...and actually think it gives it a little more validity than the Marvel one - with Heroes line of work, it's amazing that more aren't killed in action...How ever the Hulk was horrible, also wasn't a fan of McGuinness - but perhaps he's stepped up his game...I've posted this earlier, I think the 2012 event is going to be dealing with these Omega class mutants/Phoenix force...

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Gotta' give you props called it...:) Peace ~

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From what I read, the Big X-Men centric event will happen next summer...I am fairly confident it is in relation to either a) Scarlett Witch "please more mutants", or b) Pheonix Force wich could be a combination of Jean Grey/Hope/Rachel Summers/Nate Summers/Cable/Mutant Messiah and/or Omega Class Mutants in general.  They have been mentioning that the Punisher is connecting with the Marvel Universe at large, so perhaps it is him, taking out the Scarlet Witch after her coming back?  IDK - I, too, am sick of all the "events."  The major issue is that there are so many of them that the characters and the situations start loosing validity.  Reading the pre-schism X-Men series (that went on for four issues,) Scott (Cyclops) debated and worried about whether or not the X-Men should run or fight...and I kept thinking - what could be worse from the previous event of Sentinels from the future? (Of course, now with Schism, I'm still wandering exactly what that mini-series was about.)  The frustrating thing about the current trend in comics, is that they are all about these events, instead of character development...I actually like the way they  (the events) have bled into each other, and set each other up - but feel that they despretly need to place more time between these events, allow their characters to deal with the fall out before moving on to the next.  As someone said before - these heroes would be dropping dead from exhaustion!  On top of that - the other thing that I have issue with, is the way the normal people of the Marvel Universe keeps ignoring what is going on.  I.E. If there really was a Hulk that came to NYC (or a Magneto wanna-be), trashed it, then just a couple years later got a hammer and started destroying places again - can you imagine the response?  This is also in relation to alien invasions,  Asgardian cities, Spider Infestations, etc...I mean, as many normal people that should be killed in these events - wouldn't that demand some sort of normal human response (and yeah, I know this is somewhat dealt with in Civil War and the hatred of Mutants - Sword tried to deal with it in terms of trying to evict Aliens, but it is quickly sidelined for another event - and of course, in dealing with all of this, it would be indeed a dark day for heroes - but it would be an intelligent response...either that - or STOP HAVING SO MANY EVENTS OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!!)  Just kawin'
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I have always liked Franklin - my biggest gripe, however, is he doesn't did Valerie get to be so old, when Franklin didn't age in relation to her?  It seems like the writers/editorial staff can't seem to think of him outside of a five-year old box...he should be getting into his tweens by now...which also would bring all sorts of story potentials... 
@spikevalentine, he didn't have anything to do with the Days of Future Pass, but he was shown within it in the future (as an adult) with Rachel Gray, just fyi -
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Yeah, Kinda' saw this coming - which will be cool if they do it right - have to admit, I never cared for the Priest Nightcrawler, but had always loved the swashbuckling Nightcrawler...and I too, have been enjoying X-Force - one things that has bugged me from the beginning: The Black and White suits...these guys are blackops right?  WHITE REFLECTS!!!  Not good if you're trying to move around in have you ever tried to get blood out of white clothing?
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I've always loved the character of Scarlet Witch, and always wanted her to hook up with the X-Men...(Same with Franklin Richards) but I really dont' see any hints of it...the new X-Men storyline Schism, doesn't mention any mutants returning, and you know Marvel would capitalize on that, furthermore I think the X-Men storylines with Hope and the helping of the "lights" - is going to continue into the immediate future.  That said, I think the Omega power level of mutants need to be addressed and I think Scarlet Witch is an excellent one to investigate it.  As people have said, she's "clinically insane" - which somewhat absolves her of the guilt over the de-powering of mutants, but of course, like another poster commented, that's akin to genocide, so that is hard to "absolve."  I like the idea of her becoming a traveling witch (incredibly de-powered) but with the ability to return former de-powered mutants thier original abilities, under the right writer it could evoke some great storylines. 
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Here's my issue with this schism so far...If the issue is Wolverine still doing X-Force, it doesn't make sense because Cyclops did it first...Professor X and/or Storm would be more at odds with Cyclops, as they know that Wolverine is a "natural born killer" - and I see the odds being more from the Professor versus the way Cyclops has been handling things...the choices Cyclops have made, has made him too close to Magneto, and Wolverine has been going along with it...What, now, we're supposed to believe one of them has a change of heart?  I've actually liked the way they've handled Cyclops...I just think this Schism seems to be pandering to the "popularity" of Wolverine...Seems like Marvel just keeps trying to up it's ante' and the storylines seem to be getting more disconnected...