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I have so many mixed feelings about this - excited about the journey from House of M to now...although the one thing that keeps bothering me is continuity among teams/characters. As someone else mentioned, the Avengers wouldn't allow Scarlett Witch to be killed, but immediately they want to destroy the Phoenix Force. Now I suppose you could rationalize it saying that it's only a "force" and not a person, but what happens when it bonds with someone? Or to use another example - if Galactus came, would the Avengers immediately want to destroy him? It all feels like an editorial made-up fight, much like Schism - rather than a really well thought out action/reaction. In terms of Scott - yeah, I see him stepping fruther and further away from Prof X (and where in the h3ll is he btw?) and toward Magneto's idealogy. Human and mutants living together? Scott has ghettoized mutants, and wants humans to "fear them" in order to respect them. Sounds like a bully to me. But I honestly, don't have a problem with this me, he seems like he's got a chip on his shoulder, and he is wayyyyyy over-compensating - but that's a natural evolution of his character. Now in terms of who is going to be the recipient of the Phoenix Force, Hope has been primed for it from the beginning, but my thought on her is that when Scarlet Witch said "no more mutants" all of the energy that was taken away from mutants combined to create one mutant, Hope, and when she dies, she'll expand all that out, thus creating more and this may very well result in Jean Greys rebirth where she'll then join Wolverines School.

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The point is moot in my opinion. To expect a publisher to awknowledge who created what character is crazy, when you take into account work-for-hire. Can you imagine, in front of every comic - there would have to be claimers...The character isn't owned by the individual, it's owned by the publisher. If you want to retain rights to characters/stories - you have to do it yourself - like Image did at it's beginning. It is important to note however, that while Image was a huge success, a lot of them have been bought by a larger publisher, therefore - those creators would have (more than likely) lost the rights to them. And while Rob Liefield is sure to say: "I'm not homophobic, I have friends who are gay" (Okay - he doesn't exactly say that, but that is the intention)it still comes off as homophobic. "I'm not racist, I have friends who are colored." I knew a lot of gay men who had perfectly "straight" lives, until they accepted their homosexuality. Furthermore, it's been inferred that Shatterstar isn't so much gay as he is bi. Rob comes off sounding like a (homophoic) begruntled fan boy...sorry Robby, as someone else mentioned, Shatterstar has gotten so much more interesting since he left your shoulder pads and face gaurds.

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The phoenix force will try different hero's before it is going to be interesting to see if the editorial staff have worked themselves in a corner over this and how they are going to handle it. I.E. X-men pretty much wanted to neutralize the Scarlett Witch (read: kill) and the Avengers wasn't going for it, now are we going to have to believe it's the reverse, I.E. Avengers want to kill the Phoenix force welder and the X-men won't go for it? I like the whole concept of what is going on, the fact that it started way back in World of M - and they're completeing their cycle with this story telling, but we'll see if it ends up reading like Schism, a fairly unrealistic story due to prior characterizations...made by and for the fan boys...

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I think the author forgot about X-Men The End, while it had bleak parts (okay like the mansion being completely obliterated) but overall, if I remember correctly, they were fairly well accepted - and there was an inherit positive vibe (even through the conflict that drove the plot). But as others have said, if it was a utopic future, would anyone read it? Where would the conflict be? Ultimately, since X-men seems to be the epitome of social commentary, I think it mirror's our own distructive qualities, i.e. if we keep destorying the earth, there will be not be one in the future...this of course is a larger theme, look at Terra Nova, The Terminator, Matrix etc. The question is, knowing that the future is bleak - what do we do to try to change it? And that is what drives the stories...

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If the X writers/editors were as smart as Marvel lawyers - they'd bring this "real world" discussion into comics...and while they have to a limited degree - it would be interesting to see it used to it's full effectiveness...I also think this is true of their Island nation of Utopia - how would the "real world" ever handle a "Nation" being built on it's shores with hundreds of walking WMD's (The writers/editors in the infinite wisdom didn't even place it in International Waters). I've been ragged on before by: "It's just comics" - yeah that is true, but lets put some real world intelligence behind our suspension of disbelief - I'm just crowing...

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While I think "once upon a time" it would have been an interesting thing - I can't see it happening now, (except for a wanking editor who loves shock value: schism anyone?) but I also think as others have noted, that the team up between Storm and Black Pather was only "African centered" - yeah, they had a childhood romance - but there has been nothing (it seems to me) to infer that they actually have a - Ororo and Forge, now that was an incredible couple (thanks to Chris Claremont) and while Forge is INCREDIBLY UNDERUSED (shouldn't he be on the X-Scientist team, oh yeah, they chose to bring in Box rather than use him)I still think he has untapped potential (especially with bringing back Illyana). Just think if he rejoined the X and rekindled something with Storm...ahhhhh let the drama insue!

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I haven't picked up this issue yet, but agree in principle to what others are saying...too villianious of a cast - the name: Extinction Team? Won't people wonder about who is going to be extinct when the team finds them? Stupid. Magneto, still in his old costume. Stupid. It's important to be feared? Really? Are the Fantastic Four feared? The Avengers? Shouldn't have Magneto interjected by saying: "Scott, I've tried the fear route, and where did it take me?" I wish one of the editors would get his/her head out of his/her @$$ about this...

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I haven't picked up the Regenisis issue yet, but still had some thoughts to say: I'm still p'od at the treatment of Charles Xavier - and wonder why the editors haven't done something to him - I kinda' feel they should have killed him instead of Nightcrawler in "Second Coming" - I think that would have been a lot more powerful and symbolic and this "schism" would make a little more sense as someone "needed" to pick up his ideologies. I've wrote before about not understanding Wolverines characterization in all this, and I will have to admit and give props to Aarson - Wolverine's solo series that he writes - is incredibly well done and it makes it believable that Wolverine has this stance and is going in this direction. (Although I think the editors should go one step further in his character and have him back out of the Avengers, stating he doesn't have time to run around with them and run a school.) In terms of the Magneto/Rogue relationship - I've been reading X-Men since Claremonts run, and their relationship is not a new thing, and I always liked what was built when they were caught in the Savage Land together. Magneto was one of the first adult men, as an adult herself, that Rogue could touch - so of course there would be some kind of lasting bonds. Now Schism itself, I still feel was ridiculous. I can't quite understand this threat being more than San Francisco sealed off by a giant spherical force field and being attacked by dozens (hundreds? - potentially thousands?) of Sentinels from the future. During it, EVERYONE got into the fight, but with a singular giant Sentinel attacks only the Four Lights and New X-Men are there to protect Utopia? (Not-with-standing the two "leaders" beating the sh!t out of each other as it approaches.) Sure, X-men squads were all over the place, but what about the other Utopian residents? Something else that has been bothering me that doesn't seem to be mentioned: What the hell was up with Wolverine's bomb-to-destroy Utopia that was locked in a safe in his room? WTF? Really? The Prelude to Schism, also was so COMPLETLY overplayed, overwritten, and simply stupid - it didn't fall into the story line at all. (Or did I miss a place where all the X-men were together waiting for the Sentinel to come and trying to decide to flee or fight?) Basically, I think a lot of the issues with this, has been two-fold, Marvel's greed, and the editorial staff that has dropped the balls too many times, making the emphasis of their stories seem illogical and irrational.

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Well, I'm going to be a whiner, (as I've whined about this before) and say that Professor X was right, but where is he? I've read he's a "guest" at the end of W&X-men;, but that is all...I cannot believe, he would condone the killing that Cyclops has orchestrated - and also believe that he would fear that, as other posters mentioned, he (Cyclops) is beginning to sound a lot like Magneto. (And I really don't think Storm would stay with him as well, but we'll see on that front.) There is a lot of concern that Wolverine isn't actually committed or has enough free time to run the it would seem natural to put Prof X - back in place as "headmaster" - yet the current x-scribes prefer to ignore him. In terms of Utopia, I have one word for SCott: Genosha. Isn't one target an easier one then two? How many times has it been attacked now? If it's destroyed with them on it - then there goes the species. In reference to the attacks on the previous school...I always thought they were too easily done but the writers as a plot device...and it wasn't very realistic...anyway - still not sold on this schism...because it was between the wrong two people.

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I'm going to play devils advocate here, because honestly, I don't think it's sexism to see a woman in a bikini, nor one who is openly sexual - to me, that seems to be a powerful woman. The word sexism, get's thrown around a lot - you can't say anything about Sarah Palin (yeah, I went there) without being called a sexist...the issue is the over glorification of the human body that happens in comics...yeah, Power Girls costume may draw "attention to her ridiculously enormous tits" - but doesn't all costumes do that? What about males bodies - all the costumes are designed to show washboard abs, and large biceps and pecs - and in regards to a bikini - what about Namor - he's ran around in a speedo for decades...Comic book characters should be as different as people...some like their own body, have no issues about sex, other people don't for a various amount of reasons. I think the concern over Starfire is that it's a reinterpretation of her (although I remember her being pretty sexual) and since Teen Titans has become a cartoon on TV - does that mean all adult content should be edited out because of that? That would make a lot of our hero's rather....uh, rated G'ish...and boring to most readers. Food for thought.