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Not too excited about this...actually not at all. Why all the hate for Charles Xavier? He has been completely forgotten in the X-titles for practically the last decade, (not-with-standing the whole Genesis Shi'ar War debacle) and now - they're saying that it wasn't even him who formed the "First X-men" it was Wolverine, Sabertooth and Magneto...yeah, because they are so much more sympathetic characters. I wonder why "anti-hero's" are such the rage, and Axel Alonso has such a hard on for them...Personally, I'm over Wolverine and Sabertooth's demented, convoluted (one is from a mutated homo-wolf species the other a mutated homo-cat one, yeah right) dead and brought back again - relationship and how they were in EVERYTHING Marvel 80 years ago...The next thing we're going to find out is that Peter Parker is actually one of their sons, (or perhaps he's from a mutated homo-spider species)? Schism didn't make any sense to me, and after AVX there's a good chance I'm done - finding it hard to care when they keep changing the past to fulfill some fan-boy editors idea of what the fan base wants...

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This is something that has been kinda' bothering me for years...especially when it concerns Wolverine. First let me say, that as a general rule, I think the "Heroes Don't Kill" rule, should be the "golden rule" of heroes, although I also think 1) accidents are going to happen and 2) sometimes you have to use lethal force...those not withstanding, what I find crazy, is the amount of people that Wolverine has killed. When I first got back into comics after a long hiatus, I entered the Wolverine titles when he was possessed by the Hand, and was killing anyone and everyone, then when X-Force came out, him and his team were killing people by the dozens (or was that hundreds?). The thing with Wolverine, is his kills are very obviously his - you don't need a specialist to see people cut in three's to connect the dots to long would the Fed's/Shield allow someone like that to continue to do the thing in which he's "the best at what he does?" (Let alone run a school, but that's another topic) I know, I know - we have to suspend disbelief, but it also has to make some kind of sense. I can't imagine the Avengers not knowing what he does (Captain America is still head of Shield right?) - but allowing him on the team anyways. We had a trail of Magneto in the early 90's - I think it's about time to put Wolverine on trial too and have someone say to him: "Look Bub, if you're going to kill everything in sight, don't you think you should sheath those claws and use other items that doesn't scream your name?"

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I can't believe you didn't mention Ultron. I think it would be a great way to introduce Hank and Janet Pym, along with have one Villain and the inclusion of three more characters - I like the idea of our need to create artificial life, yet the path that that life could, or would want to take...coupled with Visions need to become more human, a theme that mirrors Hulks, and even Thors...I agree, it shouldn't be another space villain and think it would be cool if they teased us more before introducing us to him...

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Somewhat agree with what the author said, and some of the posts - but I think there is still something missing. There are several heroe's and villians, that never change their costume...and/or always have something incredibly similar to their "classics" both male and female, so I'm not too sure if I agree with the "sexist" argument, nor the "they don't have enough of a character" argument either. Aquaman is one...yes a few small variations...but, always basically the same...look at Magneto - he's a"hero" now, yet still basically has the same costume from his creation - not to mention Scarlet Witch - her old red and pink costume is so outdated - yet it's "basically" the same...and then you have heroe's like Wasp who changed hers every couple of years - some scantily, others full bodied - but she was always sexy...I think the reason has more to do with a combination of "iconic-ism" and publishers too worried about loosing readerships. This makes me think of Storm when she went punk with a mohawk (obviously waaaayyyyy before her time) - and the outrage of readers, yet the publisher didn't force Claremont to change her back immediately. And lets face it - that "updated" look of Wonder Woman was horrendous, I have to think that if a decent one was created - the fans would be okay with it.

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NOT a fan of John JR's art either - haven't been since his 90's X-men - I too, wish they would have picked a better artist there is a lot of them out there: Mike Choi, Jim Cheung, Leinil, even Clay Mann from the Age of X (how cool would it be for Magneto to adopt some aspect of that Age of X costume: I mean seriously - he's worn the same colors for the last 60 years: time for a costume change and embrace the light!) would have been better - IDK - I think John JR - is too connected and that's why they use him...I think he's great at layout, but it feels like he needs someone else to come in and add the details...

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@Nova`Prime`: It's been years (okay I mean decades) since I've read the John Carter series - and I've been wrecking my brain trying to remember an advancing army that was going to destroy Mars and move on to Earth - and hell if I can remember that bit. I also remember that they had advanced technology, but not inter-planetary. I always remembered the struggles being between the different species of Mars and different the question: was there or wasn't there an advancing army?

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Just to throw another bone out there - what I would like to see and hear about, is cities being decimated by Nuclear Factories going - well nuclear and all the other issues that would come up from humans no longer taking care of the things that they built...haven't the producers watched the History2 series: "World Without Humans?"

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Fantastic Episode! This is the second review I read and it didn't mention the sick Hershel girl, as the plot devise that made Lori run into town. My theory is that she got the zombie virus from her mother, perhaps got scratched and recognizing it, Lori slightly freaked. Also as someone else mentioned, they did bury Hershel's step wife and son (hence he wore a suit). Sophia: I'm one to think that after running all night, she came to the farm from the direction of the barn, crawled in and was bitten - and was able to escape from being eaten completely but not from being turned while still inside. I find it funny about all these complaints that they are still on the farm...come on - everyone is suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome and it's only natural that they would stay at the first place that seemed normal. Also everyone has to keep in mind that this is a television series - it costs a huge amount of money change scenery/locations every few episodes. It's rather sad that some of the people only have the attention span to fill an hour and a half Zombie movie. That not-with-standing that this ISN'T a video game and once done with this level they get to go to another.

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All of Tom Rainey's are AMAZING! And it just goes to show you how much better an artists work is if he inks it himself! (Not to mention rushing to get a full issue completed) Of course, Noto's are fantastic as always!

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@VenomMelendez: Of course I'm not joking...Where was the reasoning with Wanda - when she exclaimed: "No More Mutants?" What I find funny, is the Phoenix Force ISN'T all about destruction, but REBIRTH as well. The editorial flaw I see here, is that there have been many different threats to the Earth, and the Avengers never were the "Kill now, ask questions later" approach - yet now suddenly they are, and to continue the editorial flaw is the assumption that "The Phoenix Force will kill everyone on earth." As I said in my initial posting - I think if its the Phoenix Force itself, I can see the "rationalization" of killing it, but once bonded to someone - that is akin to saying - lets' kill the Sentry because he could go mad and destroy the earth. There are a number of Omega level mutants (and probably super hero's as well) should the Avengers start killing them because they MIGHT go mad?