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I'm actually looking forward to this. I've always been a fan of Forge, and hope they stick to the mystical side of him, and perhaps get Storm and him to reconnect...Cable too, has been one of my favorites. This new X-Force team isn't about "kill first, ask questions later" - I think it's more of finding the threats that are already there...and become proactive with them...there's a slight different, not too sure what but...a slight one. Since Colossus is there, hopefully Magik will show up, especially considering Forge's connection to mysticism. I've always found it interesting that Marvel can't quite seem to deal with magic side of the Marvel Universe, and often times, complicated characters get all mixed up in their shuffles...

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Oh, and all the comments concerning the hair - you must have forgotten when Jean went dark or Phoenix-fied, it tended to get curly too...must be all that ambient energy, better than a perm. And look what it did to the five, costume changes and everything, even brought back Colossus's hair...(the eight ball do was horrible).

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I'm amazed how many people are suggesting it's Jean, Jean is coming back in the All New X-Men, and marvel says: they're the same ones as in 616, just plucked from time. So Jean is coming back...but I doubt it's her. The body looks young, so I'm guessing Hope will finally emerge as the Phoenix, whether she stays or not, gets killed and perhaps in doing so, restarts the mutant gene, they're all possibilities. One thing that would be very cool, is that Hope has always been Jean, and therefore becomes an anchor to their younger selves. I hope they clarify the connection with the Scarlet Witch, I keep thinking that Hope is really her baby, pulled from another timeline (Could be Scarlet Witches and Nightcrawlers from Days of Future Past). I'm hoping for something unexpected....but as others have stated, Marvel doesn't seem to be too inspired by surprises. I do think however, a Hope/Phoenix, could create some interesting dynamics between herself, Jean and Rachel, (as long as Rachel isn't thrown to the side like she is a lot of times).

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I'm actually looking forward to this if there is as much interaction between these younger ones and present day as it looks like...hopefully, they won't go off on their own - because I think the potential for drama is fantastic. While Marvel is saying that these are the same very almost seems like their delving into alternative pasts/futures thing - which we've seen before so I'm not sure why everyone is so concerned about having two of each character...In the last decade we have those evil ones...(which last I knew were still around so technically there should be three of each character) not to mention Extreme X-Men/Exiles. The art looks great, and I'm actually a fan of Bendis. His writing can get sloppy, being filled with two many snarky comments that isn't in character to everyone, but it's tight with overall script and, if he tones down the snarky comments...

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My opinion is to bring on Ultron, introduce Hank Pym and Wasp - it could be grounded a little bit more considering our own foray into robotics, bent of course toward the comic book world, it could also tie nicely into the technological aspect of Iron Man 3. I think they need to build up The Thanos thing, and let him simmer and cook for a while before bringing on another Alien'esque earth against them attack...With the introduction of those three, they could also bring in The Vision (wasn't he created right before Ultron - or perhaps Ultron made him...not too sure about continuity context with those two). So we have potentially, three more characters added - perhaps a quick introduction of T'Challa (maybe going to Wakanda for help against Ultron). That's where I'd take it.

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Seems to me like they're "dumbing down" from Jonathan's run...which isn't a good thing...I'm hoping that they don't do that with the X-men (still unclear where their titles are going to be at the end of AVX). And Miss Thing? A random supermodel in a thing costume? Really? Fraction came up with that idea? I can't believe with the plethora of Marvel characters, they're going to do that...(yeah because Red Hulk, Red She-Hulk, female wolverine - were all such good idea's) Okay, being a little cynical with those last ones....but come'on Miss Thing? A normal woman in a Things outfit? Why? She-Hulk already has the strength...just doesn't make sense...

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Couple things here: First the whole Spidey/MJ thing...yeah, I hated the way they retconned it all, not to mention him taking of his mask to the world...seems funny that they don't want Spidey to be married because it ruins his image/characterization yet they're going to bring on a side-kick: Alpha. I think it would have been better for MJ to have been killed and Peter Parker seemingly killed (to the public) and have him return with different name and costume...but...Storm and BP - can't say how happy their marriage is annulled. They were thrown together, because they were both black - while they had back story (retconned with the newest version) there was absolutely no momentum to their relationship...Storm of Forge was an AWESOME couple...but of course, it ran it's emotional content due to Chris Claremont being in the height of his career, Forge was a great character, its too bad the current X-editors/writers didn't know what to do with him. Sue and Reed - I guess they're the stable end of things...but they've had their ups and downs. Ultimately look at marriage statistics and then add in what the hero's go through, and it stands to reason many don't last...

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I'm not going to belabor the points, and go back piece by piece, as it sounds to me like you've already received the blanket information that conservative television is selling. My major argument was that I don't see media and comics, making homosexuality great. Are there positive role models in each? Yeah, but so what? Homosexuals have been demonized for centuries - I think they're due a little positive reinforcement. Obviously, you're missing the point of "It Gets Better" campaign. The other points I'll take up with you are 1st) this whole "definition of marriage" - Throughout history, marriage has had several different meanings, usually, however - it was used in the exchange of property. At one point it was okay (still is in some cultures) to marry children, that has obviously changed (for the most part). Marriage, has been, redefined constantly dependent on the current social structures. If you go back far enough, homosexuality, while not termed that, existed and yes, even same sex couples were allowed to be married. 2) Homosexuals DO NOT have the same "rights" as heterosexuals. Do you really think of it as a right to marry someone you did not love, nor were attracted to? I'm not speaking of the right to miserable, I'm speaking of the inalienable rights to pursue happiness (which you often get close to attaining when you're sharing it with the person you love). But really, the rights I'm primarily speaking of, is hospital visitations, economics, contracts, taxes and yes, even property. Marriage takes care of all of this for heterosexuals, why keep it from homosexuals? 3) The simplistic view that everyone is bullied at some point so it's okay - is nonsense. Everyone has different ways of dealing with things, just as everyone has different levels of being bullied. I'm glad all of the people you knew were able to get "over it" some of the people that I knew were not. And yes, there are dicks everywhere, of all sexes, sexual orientations, races, and beliefs. The issue as I see it, is this country is based on many different beliefs, and the trick is to allow EVERYONE the same rights, whether it fits into your "belief" system or not.

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@PsychoKnights: "There are a lot of nice, good people with different viewpoints, yet we only ever get the homosexuality is great message from comics and most media."

Just Curious: Is it when a young gay teenager kills themselves that you hear from the media that "homosexuality is great" or is it when homosexuals get blamed for any and all natural disasters? Or what about when one is ostracized from family and friends due to their coming out, is that when homosexuality is so "great."? Is it these "nice, good people with different viewpoints" that bully homosexual's to the point of suicide and/or making sure they don't have the same rights as heterosexuals that you don't get to see?

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Just wanted to respond to some of the comments: 1st, while I agree it hints at exploitation, especially in regards to the Presidents coming out in support - there's a catch - these stories and pictures have been on the board for a while now...(Probably before, if not since the Archie Comic Gay Marriage) so it precedes President Obama's statement by many months. Is it somewhat exploitative - sure, but in the same line as anything else in comics. 2nd) Since so many of Marvels comics work out of NYC - it seems naturally to me that since their legalization of gay marriage, they would have one. Specifically at @IronAngelX, but 3rd) all the same - Just because we haven't been "involved" in the characters development (i.e. Kyles) doesn't mean that they shouldn't use him, Northstar (who came out in 92) and him have had a relationship for at least three years within comics (not too sure when Kyle first appeared) - so to all you nay-sayers, who says romance and love can't happen rapidly - I'd start asking around to people who are married as to how long they've known each other. I am seeing a lot of comparisons between Ororo and T'Challa as well as Jean and Scott, yet part of the way they were written was always: "will they or won't they" and it was a part of their characters developments. 4th) for all those that are saying they're going to drop the X-Titles - what did you think the X-men stood for? I always thought it was to fight against hatred and bigotry - the allusion towards sexuality is practically inherit in their mission statement - makes me wonder if you really understood those comics you were reading.