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Well, I guess I'm in the minority, because I'm not too sure I feel like it deserved 3 out of 5 stars...I'd go as high as 2.5 (maybe). I understand the "want" or the "need" for Fox to "make it their own," but honestly, they F it up too much. Yukrio (sp?) got sidelined into a whole different character, Viper: if you're going to have her in it, then bring out Hydra, and she has never (in my memory) been a mutant, maybe a whole different character, named the same? Maybe. The whole Jean/love story, seemed contrite to me, forced to create a narrative - that was somewhat meaningless, because it's not like they had a whole torred love affair throughout the movies. From the very beginning it was corny. From, Logan the Caveman with the friendly Grizzly, to the Silver Samuri, daddy issues Mariko was having. And yeah, I'm sure happy I didn't pay for it in 3D. What a waste!

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I was a little unhappy with the fact that they're using so many characters already being used (i.e. Storm, Wolverine, Beast) when there are so many others (forgotton) that could be focused on, then I read that this book is basically a companion book to Wolverine and the X-men, that these are the teachers from the school, doing their superheroics so it somewhat made sense to me, Jason said that the cast will be somewhat rotating, but all within the dynames of the Jean Grey School. So, I'm excited about it. Jason's writing is kinda' hit or miss, but usually more hit than not. In reference to Nightcrawler, characters dying and coming back doesn't bother me so much as the story itself, i.e. is it a good journey, or not? Jason said that this storyline is going to answer what is up with the bamfs, I'm hoping they weren't "real" but a manifestation of Kurt's plea for help from the other side, but that, I have to accept his origin, which I hated. I was extremely bothered by (Mike Careys?) origin of NIghtcrawler and his father "Azazel," that took more away from the character than him dying and coming back. The reason Kurt was such a powerful character is that he looked like a demon but wasn't, then Mike (?) said, well, he's half a demon. Doesn't that then negate him being a mutant? What is his mutant ability, if his father is a demon and has the same powers? I hated that! Sill do and wish someone would retcon that origin more than any others.

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Well I will have to pat myself on the back because I predicted, Ultron would be the next biggie, and the set up of Thanos was for the third. If you are a fan of Joss, you know he likes to build expectation of a it made sense to me that Thanos wouldn't be the next one. Now on the Hank thing, like many others, I wish he'd stick to him being the creator and think that they could introduce him without the Pym particles, and without much digging into Hank's history. I realize that Marvel's cinematic universe is different than 616, but I have also noticed that they try to blend the two. So I'm a little confused at using the same name as the mini-series as well. While I didn't hate it like others did, I do think it could have been handled a lot differently. Joss does like to play with "alternative" dimensions however, so perhaps we will see a world in which Ultron takes control. I believe he also stated that he wasn't done with the script, so there is a chance that he's keeping an eye on the responses of not including Hank, and will make accomodations with the script based on it. On a side note, I've also said, from the moment that Avengers merged with the X-Men, that there was a bigger plan in place, allowing Marvel to get ahold of X characters away from Fox's rights - it would all depend on the language used in the contracts of those rights.

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One of the biggest thing that annoys me while reading these responses, is all the whining about "it will all be changed back" especially in light of events and deaths, "Oh, what does it matter because it's not going to stick!" Let me spell it out to you boys (and girls): It's called: Story-telling. Comics, like all other entertainment mediums is about that very thing: entertainment. Are you entertained throughout the journey? After returning to comics from a hiatus, I have been impressed with the way Marvel has shifted ever so slightly after each "event" and while yes, I agree there should be more time for the changes to sink in, and become "cannon" before rushing to the next one, ultimately, they've been incredibly thought-out, moving from House of M to AvX, and everything in between. Whining about it not staying the same, is like whining that you can't have pizza for every dinner. I mean come on, wouldn't you eventually get tired of pizza? ENJOY THE RIDE! Enjoy the story telling...all things change, evolve and cycle back, THAT'S the way life works.

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I have said this before, and forgive me if others have said it in this thread, but one of the reasons I think they are uniting X-Men and Avengers is to blur the movie rights...I'm just sayin'

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I haven't read this issue yet, but one of the things that keeps percolating in my head, is that the main defense for his actions is: "He was right" meaning that he brought back mutants. Okay, that's great if you're a pretty mutant, or have an ability that you really like and enjoy, but what about those like Eye-boy or Shark-Girl, or worse yet: Glob, yeah, their mutations may end up being pretty cool, but wasn't Scott playing a little God at the Russian Roulette (who know's if they're going to be "pretty" or not) when it came to people's lives. Think of it this way, first you're a mutant, then you're not, you get your life half-way together, and then BAM - you are a mutant again. Now, they haven't reconciled whether or not that the mutants that have been brought back were the ones that were unmutated in the first place, and if that isn't the case, can you imagine having your whole life planned and then BAM - it changes. Who is Scott to say, that they now, have a better life (for being a mutant) than they did before, as a human? And then to realize it was because of this one man, that decided upon the fates of others...I have a hard time being on Team Scott with this perspective.

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Throughout the X stories, there have been several "Ages:" Age of Apocalypse, Age of X and even House of M, (which I'm surprised they didn't name it Age of M) and I think this one is going to follow the same format. Not necessarily an alternative universe, but the Marvel 616 one that has been greatly affected and will have a need to be "put right." Yes, it's a story that has been told, but it's all a matter of how it is done...Age of X was great, as was House of M (although I realize some might disagree), personally I'm looking forward to this one as it's not going to be an all encompassing cross-over event that affects everything, but should be an enjoyable journey. Things will be "put back right" but with some consequences. It is always amusing to me how fans say they hate that stuff, but what do you want to read: a serial comic that nothing ever changes the status quo? How boring would that be!

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While I like Hugh Jackson, and he has qualities that work for a Wolverine type of character....honestly, he is just too damn tall and lean...the very basic idea of Wolverine, is that he's small and fierce, like a....wolverine...IDK, I suppose I can handle Hugh until there's a reboot - because lord knows that's probably not too far off...

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This team seems crazy to someone else mentioned, with Psylock's past history with Spiral, it just doesn't make any sense...(although I did always like the character of Spiral), the addition of Storm attached to a "killer" moniker just doesn't sit right with me. First, she's a leader...i.e. Astonishing X-Men, (Is that one ending?), Second, she's just not a "killer" - I'm tired of characters going off deep ends because it seems "more interesting" - sticking to their core beliefs (naturally, while evolving) is way more interesting to me. So the first three female characters seem to be out of character...Puck - crazy addition. Because of it being heavy in females - the next 2 out of 3 have to be males...with everyone from Utopia moving back (post AVX) seems like it could be anyone...But right now, it doesn't seem like this team meshes...I'll try it naturally and hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised but...

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I agree, this whole "miss thing" thang is ridiculous - there are so many other established characters that could be used...and if you're going to generate a new "super hero" why in the heck would you pick one of Johnny's flings and throw her into a Thing-Suit? I mean come one, how may times do we need to have it thrown in our face that Johnny is a "player," not to mention how it just somehow comes across as male chauvinistic...Is he trying to pay homage to Frankie Ray? If so: EPIC FAIL! It's just plain stupid...if you wanted an "everyman" or "regular person" seems like there could be a more plausible way of introducing that character. Example: Say there has been a receptionist and/or student that has worked at the Baxter Tower and has gone through all of the Secret Invasion, Fear itself and has a good knowledge of who and what the FF are, their trials and tribulations, she's invited into the family for one reason or another, and finds some kind of protective exoskeleton that she has to put on to protect the kids - voila! I'm tired of all the hero-knock offs...and you all know of all of them that I'm talking about...Get friggin' original Marvel!