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Origins of The Immortal Man! 0

The X-men fight against the “Immortal Man” in the strange, foreign world of Tabula Rasa. The origin of their adversary is revealed and the X-Men struggle to keep up against his attacks and the wild life of this foreign land.GoodThe overall star of this issue is the action. The threat and power of the villain is well demonstrated and the continuing fight between him and the X-men is escalated well. Magneto has a specific moment showing off his veteran status and mutant powers that serves as a rep...

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Saving the Day, The Spider-Man Way 0

Spider-Man rushes around New York City in an attempt to stop a devastating explosion that was foresaw in an experimental “Door to Tomorrow”. The Bizarre complications of time travel are demonstrated as well Spider-Man’s trade mark humour in a dire situation.GoodThis is a great issue. Dan Slott manages to up the tension with every page while keeping a fun atmosphere with Spider-Man’s humour mixed with the characters surrounding him. The cliffhanger left in issue 678 is solved in an amusing way, a...

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Cap and Hawkeye hit the town 0

Captain America and Hawkeye head to the “Red Light Nation” on a covert operation, what Hawkeye doesn’t know is there’s more going on than a simple mission. Rick Remender signals a new era of the Secret Avengers with a introductory Point One issue.GoodThe theme and overall story of this issue is great. Having Captain America team up with Hawkeye to test his Covert Ops Abilities makes for a cool story. The back and forth dialogue between Cap and Hawkeye has a great pace and natural feel to it. The...

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Mob Rule Can't Stop the Speed Force 0

Barry Allen has to deal with both the escalating situation of a powerless Gem Cities and finding Manuel and the Mob Rule gang before it’s too late, all this while trying to adapt and adjust to his new limits of power.GoodI really like how this story progressed. The escalation of danger and action is well paced, upping the tension as the pages go by. Manapul and Buccellato bring more interesting ideas to the Speed Force and Allen’s use of it.The opening shot of the barges riding The Flash’s slips...

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A Great Issue For New Readers 0

Peter Parker expected a normal day at Horizon Labs, what he didn’t expect was a colleague’s invention of a literal door to tomorrow. Only disaster can follow with an invention like that right? Right! And Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man has to fix what he has broken on an very tight time limit.GoodAs someone who hasn’t read ASM for quite a long time, this was a great issue to jump on the series. This is a great story that deals with the always complicated nature of time travel. It manages ...

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Adventures in Tabula Rasa 0

Psylocke joins Cyclops’ Extinction team so she can clean up the mess that’s falling out the pages of Uncanny X-Force. An area of Montana has been turned into an new exotic habitat, that has been the victim of accelerated evolution. The results are deadly creatures, and a new civilisation that has has been given a lasting impression from the X-Force.GoodThis is a great issue, and a great first part of a story. The tension is built consistently, showing each pair of X-men find their own story or d...

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A delight from start to finish 0

After surviving the attack by the new Hellfire Club, things calm down to some level of normality at the Jean Grey School for Gifted Mutants. Wolverine introduces some new students that make quite the impact and a special guest gives some insight into some potential future events.GoodThe more I read this book the more I enjoy it. The overall fun tone mixed with a background hum of dread makes for a great combination. Wolverine makes for a interesting leader because the decisions he’s making are a...

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After a long wait, Bendis brings the goods 0

Brilliant returns with Issue two after a 6 month+ gap and it is definitely worth the wait. After his friends show returning student Albert what they have discovered, Amadeus urges him to help them out after testing his powers in a casino, with mixed results.GoodBrilliant is a (excuse the pun) Brilliant spin on the “Superpowers in real life” theme that has been occurring quite a lot recently. Bendis displays his flair for snappy dialogue and character interaction while slowly feeding you the stor...

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The One Lonely Phalanx 0

A one off issue centred around the Phalanx, the race of techno-organic hybrids. A weirdly sympathetic story of the last of a virus strain trying to find more of his own after being captured and experimented on by Mr. Sinister. The X-men battle with the last Phalanx makes an attempt to contact his kind.GoodThis is a well told story of the Phalanx’s journey from Mr Sinister’s gurney to fighting the X-men as a 60ft village destroying villain. It is oddly sympathetic to the Phalanx’s plight, disrega...

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I will not stand for Villain on Villain Violence 0

The rival crews continue to fight as The Purple Man’s plans continue to be disrupted. He continues to throw money at the problem by trying to recruit members of the rival crew while Misty Knight appears to be losing a grip on her morality.GoodThis is a solid issue. Abnett and Lanning continue the ongoing battle between rival crews as more an more villains are introduced into the fray. There’s great action scenes with good introductions and great characterisation of the villains. The Purple Man’s...

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Carnage's War Begins With an Explosive Start 0

Carnage begins his conquest of the United States starting with Doverton, Colerado. Spider-Man and a team of Avengers are called to action as torments and tortures the citizens of Doverton. Can Spider-Man stop Carnage and a village full of Symbiotes? Meanwhile the Emergency Response Center have a back up plan.GoodAs first issues go, this is a pretty fantastic first impression. Carnage is set up a horrible, horrible villain who’s insanity has been characterised so well he is a believable character...

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Cable Returns, and I'm Disappointed 0

Cable’s back from the dead, proving that Superhero’s can barely stay dead for more than two years. Nathan Askani’son has his sights set on Avengers and his first target is Captain America.How Cable survived his apparent death in Second Coming is revealed as well as his reason for fighting the Avengers.This really is a dire comic book. The dialogue has no character or emotion to it, giving off a very cold feel, there isn’t a lot of character aside from standard tropes such as Spider-Man cracking ...

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Prepare to Fight the Impossible 0

The Hulk recruits Dr Strange and a rag tag team of heroes to destory Nul the Breaker of Worlds, in the aftermath of Fear Itself. The team Includes Namor, Iron Fist and She-Hulk. Very quickly events take a turn for the worse. With a surprise appearance opposing them.GoodThe setup for this book is great, having them hunt down the Breaker of Worlds is a good setup for a team led by Dr Strange. Each member has their own introduction and is a good setup for their personality and their current circums...

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Villains Take The Spotlight 0

A great opening issue for this mini series. Zebediah Killgrave (The Purple Man) has setup new “villains for hire” organisation to take back control of the east coast. Things go from bad to worse on the team’s first mission as they are intercepted by a rival team with the same Intel. Only for it’s leader to be a familiar face.GoodI love the snappy, flowing dialogue in this book. It has a really nice edge to it that gives a lot of characterisation and atmosphere to the situation. I always love boo...

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