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Depends on the type of book.

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Khan as I recall...didn't really do much of anything with Blaze's power. Sure he beat up Raiden, but wasn't Raiden depowered anyway? I can't really think of anything big Khan did combat wise using Blaze's power.

If you're talking about the latest mortal kombat game with the time alteration stuff. He doesn't do anything with it on screen. At one point he'S blazing with fire and then Raiden figures out how to beat him and basically lets him "win" to trick shao into breaking the rules of the elder gods and get destroyed which really made no sense when you think about it.

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@crom_cruach: Go on....because I still don't see it. Images are like that and worse are all around the net, so what's so shocking about this one?

There's nothing special about this picture and there doesn't need to be for a raucous to be raised. Because no matter how minor or typical something might be. Once you put it on the internet and spread it around enough, it will catch the eye of someone who will be offended and start his own private campaign over it. That's how the internet works.

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Cheetah first, then Circe, then Ares. Have Ares be in the background manipulating events from the start. Make the plot be about his ascension from simply god of war to God of Conflict. In fact have him essentially win in the last movie then keep him for a future JLA movie.

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Why is this a big deal at all exactly? Not like there haven't been other characters in positions like that. So....what? Also I really hardly see anything sexual about that image.

because this is the internet.

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The smarter play should have been not to even hire the guy in the first place.

This, thought in all fairness Manara really isn't to blame. He's open about what he draws and how and he sexualizes everything. He's drawn just about every aspect of sexual spectrum. Seriously, anyone want a taste of what Manara is about should look at the series "Borgia". Makes this spider-women drawing look puritan by comparison.

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Bugs Bunny from the original toons is the most powerful. He can even write his own cartoon.

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I wouldn't say they are the most hypocritical of all time. But if the discussion also encompasses video game characters then the assassin in assassin's creed are big offenders of hypocrisy.

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@bruxae said:

Sure, all the time. I know they are only in my head though.

Joke or not, this comment has earned you a lot of respect from me.

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a lot of people believe they have seen one. Nobody has ever brought up credible evidence to back up these claims.