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Queen Bee <3

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Ledger's Joker is like a Gaggy to me. Or maybe a terrorist who put on a clown face. He is too absorbed in describing the grand ideology behind his actions and isn't really funny in any way. The Joker is actually funny sometimes and not just in the evil clown kind of way. The real Joker doesn't explain anything and if there's an ideology he seems to follow, he'll throw that away when you least expect it. Ledge-Joker is too focused on trying to be scary, instead of being scary while being funny too.

Which is better? I don't like answering that, because both Nicholson's and Ledger's performance are so far away from the Joker I know they could do in a movie. But if I absolutely had to, I would have to say Nicholson. Yes, he was fat and middleaged. But at least he was someone who fell into a vat of chemicals and who did crime for fun, not someone who smears his face with paste and explains himself.

But I've become adjusted to getting over worshipping Hamill too. His performance goes way too often in the Cesar Romero territory these days. It's fitting they passed Tim Curry over for Hamill; Curry's performance was deemed too scary for kids. We'd be praising Curry's performance now if they hadn't made that decision. Hamill did an amazing job for years, but I'll do just fine when he retires.

I think the best Joker actor has not yet shown himself.

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@Smart_Dork_Dude said:

If I had to give a medical term for his mentality, I'd say sociopath. He already clearly displays 2 traits of it.

  1. Callous unconcern for the feelings of others. It's been shown that his mission is his life and that anything else must take a back seat, including people and their feelings
  2. Incapacity to maintain enduring relationships, though having no difficulty in establishing them: Catwoman, Talia, Zatanna, Wonder Woman, the list goes on

1. He constantly risks his life and well-being to protect and save strangers. And if putting your work before anything else is a sign of sociopathy, the world is full of them.

2. He would like to have a lasting relationship and does his best to have one. It's not like he just bangs those women and never meets them again.

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I'd really like for there to be more of these. Damn, why are these things so addictive..?

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Condiment King and Music Meister should team up as the main villains in the next Arkham game.

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He's bratty, but has potential. Not the best Robin, but an interesting character nonetheless. I still think it makes little sense that Bruce made him a Robin, though. I get that it's a way to steer him in a non-homicidal direction, but giving him the chance to pummel people who might deserve more, depending on one's ethics, might not be the best idea. Don't like the way the little bastard talks to Alfred and Tim.

On a side note, I quit smoking so no one has to throw me fags anymore. Cheers, mates.

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@Joygirl said:


Nope... nothing there.

So..what did Ivy respond to that? :)

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When I bother to keep and read a dream journal and do reality tests, it happens. But for whatever reason it takes many days. I used to try it really hard, but got bored. I'd say I've had about 20 completely lucid dreams in my lifetime over 9 years. That's not a lot.

#9 Posted by Croaker (296 posts) - - Show Bio rivalry may have been the wrong word. I meant that doesn't Jason pretty much hate Dick? When Blüdhaven blew up, he taunted Bruce about it. He also seemed to resent that Batman wanted Jason to be like Dick as Robin (made him dye his hair black etc.).

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Supes thinks so, at least (2:46):

But yeah, I think it's fitting to call them brothers. You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your brothers. They're too different to have a casual buddy relationship, but they trust and respect each other more than any other and know that they balance out each other both in good and bad.