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I have the nightwing emblem as a wrap-around on my left ring finger, but it's in UV ink so it only shows when it's under a blacklight. I like it cause I know it's there and i can show other people when i choose to but otherwise it can be my secret. plus i love nightwing

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As a gay man and an avid comics fan I have mixed feelings about both the introduction of this character and some of the reactions I've been seeing in the comments. While I do agree that it would be much better to create a multi-faceted character with a complex and human personality independent of the fact that they're attracted to the same sex, characters need to start somewhere. In reality there are many types of gay people, I'm probably more on the average side of things, I like comic books and fast cars and guns, but I also have more stereotypically "gay" attributes too. But in the gay community there definitely are flamboyant people, and to see them represented within comic books is okay. I mean DC also publishes Midnighter and Apollo, who are both gay but neither are flamboyant. The gay community has many different facets, as do the people in it, and while I may not be a flamer (I use the term lovingly) I think it's perfectly okay for there to be a flamboyant character in continuity. And while he may right now be defined as the gay character, like I said characters need time to develop, let him grow and evolve as a character before you write him off as some cheap ploy by the writers for attention.

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please don't feed the troll.

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 i think that if the comic industry truly wants to combat piracy they need to find another solution than revamping and cranking out big crossover events constantly, i think they need to get a tighter lock on how the pirated material is distributed. Thankfully for many of the creators the age of BitTorrent is barreling towards it's end, I used to download movies off of The Pirate Bay until a tracker sent my IP address to my ISP and I had my service shut off. This is happening more and more and while it is not true that whenever you download a copyrighted file using a torrent you will get caught but the ordeal was enough to deter me from ever doing it again. I also heard that some record labels had entire IT firms that track down illegal copies of their songs on the internet and either force the host to take it down by threatening legal action or reporting the IP adresses to internet service providers. Either way the comic book industry is going to have to buckle down and ready itself for battle if it wants to face the menace that is piracy.

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Sooooo good. I agree that the Age of X: Universe issues should be skipped, they're distracting and needless. I loved the characterizations of everyone in the books and hope that the effects are felt in 616, I especially loved Frenzy and Cyclops and I hope the tension between them is explored. I also like that there are lasting effects to what happened in the universe (i.e. Chamber, Hellion, Rachel, etc). On a side note, am i the only one who absolutely loved all of the costumes, Rogue's especially, followed by Gambit and Cyclops'. I wish more of them would follow Frenzy's idea of switching to her AoX look. But I digress, it may have been slightly overhyped, but it's a solid, interesting story, the art in my opinion was great, character design and writing was excellent and it sets up the return of Rachel, Alex, and Lorna from space (FINALLY) so in my book the writers pitched a no-hitter on this one, I highly recommend it. 

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@joshmightbe said:
The real reason comic sales and movie ticket sales and every other kind of sales that aren't food are down the economy sucks right now and people don't have the money to spend on things that are luxuries hell they can barely afford the gas to go to the comic store why are all these entertainment companies and web sites not seeing that aspect 
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I agree that she should return but i think they need to take the character in a completely different direction then what she's used to. With jean I always felt like the writers treated her as a set of powers rather then a person and every time she was included or a storyline was about her it was about how powerful she was. She's a wonderful character with so many options for deep storytelling that get ignored. I think she should come back de-powered, stay single, also her meeting Wolverine's current girlfriend Melita would be a really interesting story. Also I think there are a lot of possibilities for interesting storytelling with her and Hope, I think Hope should become the new avatar for the Phoenix and then there can be a story about Jean having her role usurped, eventually I think she should get some form of powers back, my vote would be just to get pyrokinesis so she could still be formidable but it would close the door to writers making her more and more powerful until they have nothing left to do with her but kill her off. 

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I think it should be a squad co-lead by Rogue and Gambit being sent from utopia to do missions pertinent to the mutant community and for the big bad it can be Candra or Nathaniel Essex/ Mister Sinister. It can play off of the unresolved sexual tension between rogue and gambit (i.e Castle or Bones) but instead of police they're superheroes. I think it should be set in as close to Marvel Universe continuity that can be accomplished on television. For the squad i would have:  
Gambit: As the big gun of the group
Rogue: As gambit's love interest/ co-leader of the group
Trance: As somewhat of an apprentice to rogue 
Cypher or Danger: As mission control 
And Karima Shapandar a.k.a. Omega Sentinel: as a governmental liaison and to keep the group in check

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Jean was what got me into comics in the first place, I was like 8 and saw the fox x-men series and then later the second x-men movie and i was amazed by her but then i started reading the comics and it seemed like they were just telling the same story about her over and over again, and it wasn't even truly about her, it was about the phoenix. I think jean needs to be severed from the phoenix force (justifiably of course, i say being depowered by M-Day) and sort of let to figure out who she is without it. I think a great sort of anecdotal storyline would be inside jean's head about dealing with going from being a space godess to normalcy. I don't think people give wanda a pass and hate on jean. Wanda just has kinda a freudian excuse for her actions, her powers make what she wants real but then she mistrusts reality as a figment of her imagination. I think people hate on how jean is written, she goes through a cycle of completely weak, to moderately powerful, to a powerhouse, to a giant flaming space bird (?), and then dead. Jean and the phoenix force need to wave goodbye to each other and jean needs to spread her (non-flaming) wings and prove that she is a powerful character in her own right. 

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I would have her be resurrected and be rendered powerless by M-Day and her connection with the phoenix force is permanently severed. Hope can have the phoenix force i don't care about her character and let's admit it, the phoenix force ruins characters. I would either have jean become kind of a bad ass powerless character (i.e. storm during her mohawk era or rictor and dani moonstar right now) or i would have her come into contact with hope who would kickstart a secondary mutation in jean giving her the power of pyrokinesis. And on the jean vs. emma copy discussion, I personally think they are two sides of the same coin meant to be foils to each other's attributes. Emma's less than idyllic family life and unfettered access to the dark corners of the human psyche has made her somewhat of a cynic while jean's childhood tragedy (coming with the onset of her telepathy) and then ascension to godhood has made her maintain somewhat of a goodie goodie personality fearing what she would become if she were to let go of her inhibitions. I think it would be an interesting dynamic to see jean come back stripped of her godhood and sort of finally begin to let down her guard and interact with emma who would now be the powerhouse in comparison, jean should be a character stripped down to the basics not some flaming space godess. Also i wanna see her give Cyke a swift knee to the crotch but thats just me. 

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