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I always saw the flood as scary as the Borg but there are some diferences.

I wonder how will Star Fleet and its alies face the Flood?

Maybe even the Romulans would join Star fleet to stop this threat.


Bonus:Borg vs Flood.

Favorites aide and put your thinking caps.

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To be honest I never really liked making kryptorian's lifestyle to similar to humans.

I mean whats next,Supergirl's kryptorian cat?

You get where I am trying to come from,right?

I usually like Superman to be the only living kryptorian being on Earth, it makes it much better in character development and the only thing left of his legacy being memories about the past.

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Its not about negativity,its about how much the man can take and how solid his mental foundation is.

Its not about how much he can bench press or another topic about some superhero vs Superman,I find his views on the world and more very intriguing.

Thats what I like about him.

I am in fact an optimist person but it doesn't mean I am not fascinated by the grotesque of the human mind.

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Its a choice trap where Superman has to choose to save his best friend in the whole world or saving a stranger.

The rules are:

He can only save one person despite all his powers and if he doesn't decide they both die.

Also to make things interesting,no time travelling,no reversing time to undo the event,no parallel universe travel to effect the current universe,no helping from anyone.

He is alone to make the decision

So how will he act?

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Could some please close this topic since a lot of people are going far from the subject.

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How can not he buy it?

He is in front of him with half of his body and his guts are hanging out and bleeding fast.

Death is imminent

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I do not think it would be considered murder since he is dying anyway within a minute at least his last moments on earth shouldn't be in horror,grief and pain.

I dont think in his condition is considered as murder case.

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For example Superman arriving just after a bomb went off and some guy was too close and blown up.

With only half of body left and a minute or 2 before death,if the guy was screaming at Superman to end his pain would he do it?

Superman can't save him by flying or superspeed because his guts would spill out,ice breath cant save him either.

So can he do it considering there is no chance for this guy,at least to end his agony.

This is just an example there could be more under the same theme.

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@Wolfrazer: Well logically he should be the smartest,the super abilities wouldn't just stop with his strength,speed and range attacks but his body is also changed.

I assume his neurons are running at an amazing speed compared to humans so logially it would take him much less to resolve a situation.

The issue is that in most of Dc's adaption he is never written to be that smart but he really should since his powers work from the inside out not the other way.

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This superhero has been around the world for about 70 years or so,he's been an idol even outside the comics and has influenced living people,heck you can go around the world and ask litteraly everybody even old folks who superman is,even if they never saw a comic in their life.

Many complain about Superman being too good and too powerfull but he is not suppose to be related to us so why do we try to relate to him?

We were not suppose to understand him anyway since he sees the world different than us and of couse he is suppose to be that powerfull since he is representing the endless potential imaginable.

Over the years Superman has done it all,by having different incarnations and stories,he has been good and bad also he's changed from invincible to a superhero with weakness to apeal the fans.

Really I do not understand what is with people,.first they complain that Superman is too powerfull and then that he is a weakling who can't do anything and useless.

Some people will never be pleased no matter how much you change the character

However this character is the greatest one since no one character can leave a legacy like he did even outside the comics.

It doesn't matter how many changes he will go throught,the spirit of Superman will always be the same.