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LOL. Thanks for posting my image on to the site. For that I have a special gift for you at WonderCon. Find the guy dressed as Red Hood looking for a girl dressed as X-23.

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Red Hood.

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Hey everyone! So this is my first post here. (If you dont count my posts for the podcast questions.) I was going to post these questions on the podcast but due to the proximity to WonderCon, I dont think I will have time to get my questions answered. So I have been to a few conventions, but they were Anime cons. Now that I transited into the Comic and headed to my first Comic Convention, I need some help.

I want to get my stuff signed by Jim Lee and Dan Slott but I cant find anything on the site that says they will have any signings on the schedule or the autographs page. Am I missing something or are they not going to do any signings?

And is it easy to find Tony G-Man at WonderCon? I want to meet him too.

For those of you that are going to be there, I will be in Cosplay. Find me!

PS. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

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Nananananananananananananananana BatFam!

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Hey Tony, Sara, Corey, and sometimes James! Here I am again with my 3rd round of questions.

1.) So I am enjoying inking pencil works and sketches that artists post on their websites and deviantArts. Sir Greg Capullo, for example, posts Batman pages in pencil on his deviantArt. Do you think artists are cool with people doing that and seeing people online posting their inked stuff (giving them credit, of course)?

2.)You guys probably get asked this alot but here I go anyway. I am making image edits (and a possible future YouTube video) casting the BatFamily and possibly the villains. I now have a lock on the BatKids. But I am having problems casting Bruce. Who do you think should play Bruce? One thing to note is my actor for Dick is 34 years old so he has to be, or at least look, older.

3.) Sara this question is for you, since you are a BIG Cassie fan. Okay, let say she come back. Would she get her own book? Or will she be in a team book? I feel like she would be in a team book. I know there is that Talon in Birds of Prey but I dont think it is her because of the April solicit saying someone is a traitor. I actually want her to join Jason on the Outlaws. I feel like that would be cool. And she could be Jason's new love interest. What do you think of my idea?

4.) Speaking of missing characters, what about Wally? I think, since both the Flash and Kid Flash monikers are taken, he should be "Green Flash". Green Flashes are optical phenomena that shortly occur before sunset and after sunrise when a green spot is visible on the sun, that lasts for a second or two. As for the friendship with Dick, they could say they were classmates or childhood friends.

5.) Tony, I know you want Dr. Guerrero comic so I made you this:

6.)Are you guys going to WonderCon? If so, I hope to see you guys there. I will be in my Red Hood Cosplay.

7.)Speaking of WonderCon, Jim Lee is gonna be there. So is it cool to get him sign more than one comic? I have the Batman #2 Jim Lee Variant and Justice League #12 regular cover that I want him to sign.

8.) Finally, I keep a spreadsheet of my comics. I love Spreadsheets!! But when I get trades what should I do? Count it as one or count it by the issues in the trade?

Thanks for taking the time to read my stuff. Sorry I load you guys with alot of questions every time.

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Kamen Rider Birth! lol JK

I have a feeling it is another X-book. Maybe the first Mutant born after the events of AvX?

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Hey ComicVine! Here I am with another set of questions for all of you.

First of all, Tony, you were right. That 2-page spread in All New X-Men #5 was gorgeous.

And last time I think you mispronounced my username as Cris-Red Hood or Cris is Red Hood. It is Crisis-Red Hood. Its okay. I forgive you.

1.) While on the topic of All New X-Men, when do you think the present Angel will make an appearance and how do you think past Angel will react?

2.) I love Greg Capullo's work on Batman. But if not him, who would you want on Batman with Scott Snyder? Personally, I think Brett Booth can do the job. I loved his Batman sketch that you posted on Awesome Art Picks (Jan. 5).

3.) I found a little blurb in ASM #700. "Is [Tim] Tebow a Mutant?" That made me laugh a bit. Tim is one of my heroes. That would be interesting. So, if you can give any super star athlete super powers, who would it be and what would his/her powers be? I would give UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones (not Martian Manhunter) Bone Claws, of course, it would be upgraded to Adamantium.

4.) Who do you think will happen next in Nightwing and Red Hood & the Outlaws?

5.) It seems like you talk about the identity of Lady Shiva every week in relation to Cassie. You guys suggest the Lady Shiva we saw a few issues ago is Cassie's older sister. But what if the Lady Shiva in Nightwing #13 and #14 is Cassie and she is brainwashed or mind-controlled to do those things?

6.) What do you think of this casting:

-James Franco as Dick Grayson/Nightwing

-Jenson Ackles as Jason Todd/Red Hood

(I dont have a casting for the other two Robins)

-Karen Gillen as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl/Oracle

-Ham Eun Jung as Cassandra Cain/Batgirl/BlackBat

I probably lost you on this one. EunJung is a Korean singer/actress and Tae Kown Do Blackbelt. I think she can manage acting as Cassie.


7.) How would Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo do on a Doctor Who comic? I think it would be insane.

8.) Last time I posted, I said I was working on a Red Hood costume. What do you think? Here it is:

9.) Corey, what is the name of your Comic Book Store? I might visit if I am in the area.

Thanks for you time, everyone! I will be asking more questions in the future.

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Hey, Tony, Sara, Cory, and Invisible Man James! I have just been into comics full force since August, but I have studied on the characters I like for a while now (as in reading articles here and in Wikis). Thanks for the list of Asian characters. I appreciate it. I actually didnt know there were that much. So here are my questions:

1.) Have you noticed that Francis Manapul does alot of 2 page spreads in the Flash comic? I like it. I think in one issue it was 3 2-page spreads in a row. And I laughed when I saw G-Man in Flash 1.

2.) I dont really like Superman (Im a Batman guy) but I think Snyder and Lee's Man of Steel (if it is going to be called that) may change my mind. You got an amazing writer and a fantastic artist, what could go wrong? What do you think? Will my thoughts on Superman change?

3.) Sara, why dont you like Superman? I want to compare notes.

4.) In your opinion, is Joseph Gordon Levitt's John Blake a real Robin? His name isnt Dick, Jason, Tim, Stephanie (lol), or Damian. I dont think so. Nor does one of my best friends (the Babs to my Nightwing).

5.)On to Marvel, why dont people like Avengers Arena? I am interested, especially if X-23 is the focus, since she is my favorite Marvel girl (as long as she doesnt die). And why do people automatically call it a Hunger Games rip-off? The first cover is obviously an homage to Battle Royale (a more superior movie/book) and it sounds more like Battle Royale.

6.)Who do you each think who Superior Spider-Man is? I hope it is Ben Riley.

7.) What about AvX or Civil War for Avengers 3? Which one would work better?

Ya, 7 questions for my first post. Sorry if it is too long. Oh, I am making a Red Hood cosplay and getting together a Bat-Family. I got a (female) Nightwing on the team. 2 more Robins and all 4 Batgirls plus Bats himself, to go. Thanks for your time. I look forward to hearing your responses.

PS: I forgot who said it but: Why dont you like Deadpool???????


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Thank You!

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