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Batman #19: Nowhere Man. Ghost Lights. 0

Spoilers Below, be warned!The GoodIt's lovely to see Greg Capullo back on the book, I appreciate he sticks to his schedule very strictly and makes sure he only takes breaks in between arcs. But the book feels a little less unique without his great art. But overall, the art is brilliant.It's also great to see a slightly less used character like Clayface in the main Batman book, and I've been wanting to see Scott Snyder take on this character for a while.The start of the issue was great, definite...

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Alpha: Big Time #3 0

There'll be a few spoilers in this review, so you've been warned!The GoodLet's just start of with Joshua Hale Fialkov's writing for the "good" section. He's managed to come up with a great story for a character that not many people wanted to see get a solo story, he's taken someone that was seen as a complete jerk and transformed him into a character that is exciting to read about. He's become a character you can sort of relate to, and has been given situations that make you feel for him.Second...

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Batman incorporated: Fallen Son 0

This Review is filled with Spoilers!The GoodYet again, Artist Chris Burnham has done a fantastic job with this story, his art is spectacularly good and throughout the entire series has maintained a very high standard. Another good point to this issue is just how Morrison manages to portray the characters, seeing Dick's reaction to Damian's sudden death was good but emotionally really struck at your heart, and it stayed true to the character.One of my favourite things about the Batman inc. serie...

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Age of Ultron: Book three 2

The GoodAge of Ultron is a book that started at a high standard and, by the third issue of the series, kept up that standard. It's a huge action packed event that, even though it's fast paced and exciting, manages to sneak in small emotional scenes that really get at you, a great example is this issue's Luke Cage/ Spider-Man scene. I won't spoil it but it is so sad, made me think this event is getting serious.Bryan Hitch's art is amazing. I think it's a shame that he's leaving halfway through t...

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Teen Titans: To Belle and Black 2

This Review will be filled with spoilers!The Good.This issue was a good issue overall. The scene at the beggining of the issue is a great one, it's Tim's final goodbye to the late Damian Wayne, former Robin. It seems rather different to the other Requiem stories across the line of Batman books, it feels that Tim is more involved with Damian. He talks to the deceased Boy Wonder ( even if he is a hallucination ) and makes points that seem right for Tim's character and seem true to what the charac...

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