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Hello, everyone! Just got a few questions to ask so here we go!

1. Tony, Have you seen the finale of this series of Doctor Who yet? What did you think of the cliffhanger?

2. Everyone, Do you think a Requiem issue for Batwing could've been a good idea? Considering David's past as a child soldier, I think they could've also built it into why he retired.

3. What was your favourite of DC's recent annuals? I absolutely loved Red Hood and the Outlaws but I was a bit disappointed by Earth 2 ( Sorry if you're there, James )

4. What do you think of Brett Booth leaving Nightwing already? I would've loved it if he'd stayed on for longer, since he's my favourite artist and he's a pretty good fit for the book.

5. Did anyone else spot David Finch hiding his twitter name on the cover to JLA 4?

6. (INJUSTICE SPOILERS) What did you think of Damian Wayne's role in the game? Would you like the Robin version of him playable for DLC?

7. Who is your least favourite villain in comics? Mine is probably Shaggy Man, as seen in JLA. ( Hint, Tony this is the perfect time to play any songs by Shaggy, the rapper who sounds like the lobster from futurama)

8. On a scale of 1 to Bro how excited are you for the Pizza Dog issue of Hawkguy?

Finally, can I have a shout-out for my comics blog, ?

Thanks, everyone!

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Hawkeye! I don't remember Green Arrow ever adopting a Pizza-loving dog.

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Can't be Grayson, James Robinson has said that they can't use any Earth 1 characters in Earth 2.

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Suggestions from !

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Sorry, Guys, Back again!

Question 1: Have you ever tried to get your friends into comics? My Best friend joked about me reading comics for years, I got him to read one in January and he's read through almost all of my collection and I find him in the store once a week!

Question 2: Should there be more Vegetraian superheroes? And actual ones, not Hippies. I'm a vegetarian and almost squealed when I saw the Damina vegetarian panel in Batman inc.

Thanks again!

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Hello, Podcast people!

I have a few questions here, so I'll start right now!

1. Not really a question, but I heard your chat on why Nova is a T+ series, and I thought I'd say that most times, comics get these ratings for language, like the two B words.

2. When you're in a comic store, do you ever overhear other people's comic book conversations? I was in my LCS and heard someone describe Earth 2 to their friend as ( do this in an agressive voice, Tony ) "URGH! BLOOD! DEATH!".

3. Do you ever buy too many comics? If I got to a store and they don't have any books I buy on the shelves, I still buy a few even if I'm not very interested in them.

4. What did you think about the twist at the end of Age of Ultron #3? Usually Marvel cliffhangers bore me, but this was really unexpected to me.

Thanks if you've answered the questions!