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Why hasn't anybody brought up the Teen Titans cartoon? >.>

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Barry Allen

That sounds like a good idea. But if they really did make it I'm pretty sure that they would make Batman survive.

Wraith- son of Batman and Black Canary
Oceana- daughter of Aquaman and Mera
Tank- son of Cyborg and Natasha Irons or the Engineer

These sound like good ideas.

Fortune- son of Green Arrow and Ravager

Uhh... It is an alternate timeline I guess...



I was actually thinking about someone like Braniac or Metallo.

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Me and Marty Mcfly were chasing a baby that kept getting run over by a train.

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In Marvel's animated film "The Next Avengers:Heroes of Tomorrow" the children of the fallen avengers must defeat Ultron after he takes over the world.

Here are a few trailers:

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I liked the concept behind it and wonder how a Justice League Version of this would be like.

What I'd like to know is

  1. Which Justice League member would be with whom?
  2. How would their kids look like and what would their powers be?
  3. What Justice league members would live through the encounter( Like Hulk, Vision, and Iron Man)
  4. Who would the main villain be( the one who kills their parents)?
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I wonder if that same problem happens over at AnimeVine.

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Now I want Sandy Hawkins to be in the game.

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Deathstroke- It could generate more success if he started out in a suicide squad movie.

Swamp thing- There already was one but a reboot with today's special effects could improve.

Red hood- Would be difficult to explain the back story.

Nightwing- Same as Red Hood but more likely to be made

Hawkman- Already announced, It could be similar to Legion

Green arrow- If it's based off Year One then it has a bigger chance.

Captain marvel_ With Black Adam It can not.

Lobo- They already talked about making one and and said that it might have a Pg-13 rating so if they decide to keep that then it will probably fail.

Martian manhunter- It would be difficult to adapt but it could work.

Flash- I'm not sure but the Film will appeal to a lot of people.

Wonder woman- Same as Flash.

Aquaman- Will be met with confusion at first but it can work with the right Vision.

Booster gold- I don't think he has enough material for his own movie.

Blue beetle- It should stay with a Live-action show.

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I don't hate these games as much as everyone else did but I think Superman 64 might be a little more intolerable.

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@mewmdude77 said:

Do you mean in a mini series like Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe?

No, he said 616-Universe.