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True, most of them are just charity workers but Phoenix Jones legitimately has fought crime.

He once protected the federal building in his city from vandalism during a riot.

He worked with the police to retrieve marijuana from a sewer were a drug dealer threw them in.

He also prevented an act of prostitution from taking place.

Seriously this guy is the real deal. Go to 1:48

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Assuming you want to be like Batman, you should operate during the night to be more elusive and get the drop on the bad guys. You should wear something practical like this outfit:

Although keep in mind, Black doesn't actually make you blend into the dark as well as you think it does. It actually makes you into a silhouette against the background which makes you stand out at night. Dark Blue and Grey are better choices and actually makes you blend into the dark.

And keep in mind that training in multiple martial arts won't necessarily make you a better fighter. Sparring and applying what you learn will. I suggest something along the lines of Close-quarters combat.

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My parents were friends with someone who would later go on to perform on America's Got Talent. Not famous himself, but he met Howard Stern. So I met him, he met Howard Stern, using ABC logic, that means I met Howard Stern.

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@racob7 said:

@i_like_swords: Satele is actually one of the few Jedi I like.

Satele actually showed some pretty impressive abilities in one of the Old Republic trailers where she blocked a lightsaber using the force. I don't even think Yoda can do that. She seems like an ideal mentor.

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How do you stick to the wall with gloves on?

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He just has a lot of self-control.

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Not sure, I think the strategy behind the game is to learn their movement patterns and observe which animatronics are more active during the five nights through trial and error but thankfully the internet has done that for us.

If this were a real life situation, you can't afford to get captured once or else it will be over. I'd probably get ambushed really quickly due to ignorance. For example, If you check Pirates cove too little or too much foxy will run up to your door very quickly and get you or if you have both doors closed for a certain amount of time Freddy will teleport in. How exactly would I know that and avoid making that mistake even though it doesn't seem like it would put you in any danger? Those are very specific things that could get you killed during your first time playing. Assuming the animatronics act exactly as how they do in the game, I'd be lucky if I got to night 3.

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@maccyd said:

How much of Bond's early days is based on Sidney Reilly (Bond's real life inspiration)? Since he wasn't exactly heroic in his early days...

He had other real-life inspirations as well.

I think they a had series of books that focused on Bond during his early years.

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Clone Wars was suppose to go up to Season 8 I believe. Shame, I was really excited about the episode where Captain Rex and R2-D2 go on an adventure together.

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@i_dont_like_comics said:
dat awareness, son.


More children die in an african town of not having access to clean water than the whole ALS population there is...

Not being disrespectful to ALS, but there are other problems that needs attention. And you don't raise awareness if you decrease awareness by wasting water in the first place...

I like Buckley's commentary on this issue.

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