Check, check and check!

Officially finished all of my Christmas shopping tonight.  The last bit was the painting I made for my dad.  Done, and done!  Wootz!
Little bro: The Zombie Survival Guide.
Mom: a sterling silver and Moonstone pendant with a silver wale tail.
Dad: the painting.

The Islander
And my friend whose name I drew for my GPW secret Santa: Magic Booster packs.

Wootz!  I am done!

How about you guys?  How's your Christmas shopping coming along?


Castle Crashers vs. The Legend of Zelda

This footage was taken at my college on the sound stage at our Halloween Costume Contest.  Damon (Orange Castle Crasher) and Tim (Link) were tied for the Best Over All Costume prize ($50 Future Shop gift card).  Winner got the card, loser got nothing.  It was a rather amusing battle.  XD


There were a lot of awesome costumes that day.  It was great.  XD


Happy Mediums?

This year I am attending my second year of a 21 month post secondary program
 (3D Modeling for Animation and Games).  Being a private art school, it isn't cheap.  Tuition alone (before books, supplies, living expenses and rent) is $40,000.00CDN.  My student loans are just enough to cover my tuition, and I have a couple scholarships and bursaries as well as some savings, But I still have to have a part-time job to live comfortably (emergency and rainy day savings).  And as if money wasn't enough to stress about... well... I think this is better to explain.

I have 5 classes a week.  Each of which is 4 hours long (20 hours a week total).  Each class gives 4-12 hours of homework per week on average.  I currently have a part-time job at a local Home Depot.  There I work approximently 18-24 hours per week. 

Recently, I have been having issues with my new department manager at work.  My older manager, who was switched over to another department, was absolutely wonderful.  She was very understanding of my circumstances and was very flexible with my hours (as a manager should be).  The new manager is pretty well her opposite.  He is very inconsiderate of my being a student and has straight up told me that your source of income is what should come first.  Perhaps this may be true when you are single with a career, but not when you are only at a job to help get by in school, and school is my number one priority.
Now, with how my school works, my schedule changes once every 3 months.  Up until this manager moved into my department it was never an issue.  I could trade off shifts and what not with coworkers.  But this manager now has put in rules that don't follow store policy stating that: 1. We are not allowed to change our availability anymore.  (This is possibly the most unreasonable rule he has made up) 2. All requested days off must be run by him and no other in-store manager (Store Policy states that any store/department manager can sign off a request) 3.  If we call in because we are ill or something comes up, we HAVE to present a doctors note.  This is not a store policy.  Just something he thinks should be.  (He also told me that I am no longer allowed to call in when when a class is extended or switched to another day, that I am expected to come to work anyways) 4. Associates must be available any day they have written on their permanent availability, no matter how short the notice (Extremely unreasonable, as I need time to get all of my homework done...and sleep).

I think that he is power tripping on us, and have been so stressed out about work that it has been affecting the rest of my life, as if I have to leave this job, it will be difficult to find another and I only have so much money to get by without one.  Taking a step forward, rather then looking elsewhere for a job, I have requested to switch to another department in the store.  I can only hope that the request goes through.

So with the massive amounts of school work as well as stress from my job I have be extremely stressed out.  I realize I need to find an outlet for all of this, but I have no time to spare, unless I stop sleeping all together.

While I do realize that there are others who have it worse than me, it is still very difficult.  I just need help finding a happy medium.


Yeah, I'm a dork. Who cares.

Today I went to pick up my pre-purchased copy of the Tinkerbell movie.  Sure, most of my friends are laughing at me.  But honestly.... I love Tinkerbell.  It's even a nickname my parents gave me when I was younger.  I'll be watching it right after the artist meeting for my GPW today.


Happy Birthday to Me!

Sunday was my 19th birthday.  Had a blast. Got some pictures.
Basically everyone just came to my place, we hung out, played Rock Band, Castle Crashers, Mexican Train, and watched Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny... which ended up turning into a musical. It was awesome.  XD

And note that in British Columbia, 19 is the legal drinking age...  so yes, there is alcohol in these images.

Kelly singing
Kelly and Damon playing drums.
Damon and Kelly
Roderick on his laptop... working... he's such a keener.
Kelly and Roderick
A birthday present from Regner. He's such a sweetie.
Tim on guitar
It's a me!... oh dear God... I'm singing...
Me drinking... God dammit Regner! Put the camera down!
...Regner had the camera... grr...
Kelly and Tim

Look! Look! Kelly's a unicorn!

Roderick on guitar
Tim looking creepy.


End of Quarter 4, 3 More to Go!

Today is my last class for the summer quarter at Ai.  It happens to be my portfolio class and we will be pitching idea's for our production workshop course in quarter 5. 

Over all I think this semester went fairly well, the exception, of course, being rigging.  I am very concerned with the outcome of that class as the instructor was very misleading with critiquing and feedback.  I have an appointment on Wednesday after the grades are submitted with my Academic Director to sort out what's going to happen if I failed that class.  I feel that I did decently in that class and should recieve a passing grade, though this instructor is one that seems to take prime in how many students he can hold back and has failed many students who, before handing their work in, he had told everything looked good and they should receive a good mark.  So this leaves me concerned to say the least... he is one of those instructor who will make you feel stupid if you ask a question or fall a little behind...

On the other side of things, my best class by far was Storyboarding.  It was a ton of fun and I think that being able to enjoy a class that much how shown in my work.  Here's an animatic I created for my boards for my demo reel.  It was really super easy and lots of fun to play with. 


Rigging... The Bane To My Existance...

So, it is currently 2AM.  I have just now finished a rigging assignment that has set me back 2 weeks in my already heavy workload.  The Assignment is rigging.

Q: What is Rigging?
A: Rigging is the bones, tendons and muscles that make an animated character move and act.

I have done the legs, spine and arms thus far... and it is driving me mad!  Especially considering that this is a skill I will NEVER use!  I am a 3D modeler.  That means I just make the characters in a T pose.  Texture?  Sure.  Weight?  A little here and there.  But a full out rig, I will never in my life use!  I'm working to be a flipping storyboard artist anyways!  If I had a choice in the matter, I wouldn't even touch a 3D program except maybe for the odd character model to play with.

And, on top of it all... I happen to have the instructor who is the hardest person to get along with and apparently has no empathy for any other human.  It is brutal!

Anyhow...  That's my rant for the night before I go crash.  I will leave you with some playblasts of my skinned rigs (the leg rig doesn't want to playblast tonight and I'm too tired to fiddle with the settings).



What a night

Went out for a friends birthday the other night.  Went to Boston Pizza and had a blast.  Got lots of pictures.

(left to right) Damon, Rob, Alan
Rob can never take a descent picture... lol
Kelly and Rodrick, aww! So cute.
Kelly: "Whadda... what's going on?"
Regner and myself.
Ricky (birthday boy) and Mark
Kelly and Rodrick again
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Dumba$$ on the Phone

A friend sent me this video that one of the school instructors played in class.  This just made me laugh.  This jerk has such a big ego it's shocking that anyone would fit in a room with him.