Hank (Part 1)

This is part one of a one-shot story arc I had in mind which I just adapted it to the CV canon as best as I can remember it; and this has nothing to do with my character CE. This concept is something I've wanted to do since I'm on vacation right now. I'm still deciding if I should bring this character to the RP world. But like I said, this is just something I wrote for fun. Hope you enjoy! ^_^

This story begins about a week ago, but let me tell you about the real beginning.

I'll never forget this. I was about six, mom was grocery shopping and dad was at work. I remember that black smoke had filled the apartment. The fire was eating everything around me. I felt like I was in hell; I was scared. I remember grabbing onto my Superman and screaming at the top of my lungs. Parts of me expected that Superman would save me. I imagined my favorite hero breaking through the burning door and take me outside, away from the danger, faster than a speeding bullet.

That’s who I expected to save me. Not him.

Immediately I heard the door break down. I was already coughing up my lungs at that point. I looked up and through the smoke I saw a dark silhouette. It was big, brawny; for a moment I actually thought it was Superman. From that point on it was all just a blur. It wasn't until I woke up at the hospital that I found out it was Mr. Galloway.

Mean old Galloway, the guy was 56 at the time and still has a heart of stone. I remember one time he yelled at me one time for almost touching the fire alarm. He was always so cold, so distant from everyone. It still amazes me that of all the people who could have saved me; mom, Dad, Action Man, it was him who did it.

Nobody really cared for Mr. Galloway; hell I'd be lying if I said I did. But for some reason he just caught my eye ever since that day. I've never really spoken to him about the time he saved my life and he never really talked about it.

Now, ten years later and even though my family moved out, I still see old Galloway coming and going from the fixed building. Despite it being ten years, I still say there was something about this guy. And I was right, sort of. A week ago, I followed Mr. Galloway. The guy makes grass interesting. He went to the mall and just walked around. He walked to the pharmacy to pick up some meds and he went to the store to buy some milk. I thought I was wrong until he turned a corner and disappeared. It was insane, the guy just disappeared. Suddenly I felt something tapping my shoulder. I turned to who turned out to be Galloway. I stood cold as he glared at me until he finally said that if I wanted to come along, I should have at least helped. Someone then tried to pickpocket him of his wallet in that moment of distraction. Mr. Galloway broke his arm for just trying to reach into his pocket and knocked him out cold with one punch.

I was shocked. All Mr. Galloway did was look at me and walked away. I don't remember how long I stood there frozen, but all I remember is my mom asking me on how my day was.

The next morning I stood by Mr. Galloway's building, waiting for someone to open so I could sneak through. I finally did and went toward Mr. Galloway's apartment. I wanted to talk to him, and try to find out something about him.

I knocked on the door and no one answered. Before I left, I saw a small crack in the wall, it was more like an outline of a compartment hidden behind the wallpaper next to the door. I opened it up, even though I tore the thing off and found a key. I opened the door with it. I guess Mr. Galloway didn't trust his key to anyone. Big shock.

I was careful in getting inside, I didn't want to break anything. I walked around. The hallways had a couple of pictures of Mr. Galloway with a really pretty woman, it turned out to be his wife; I didn't even know he was married. There a bunch of photos, all black and white. They travelled everywhere. Norway, Canada, the Grand Canyon, Cancun. He was an adventurer.

I went to his bedroom. The room was dark and I immediately turned on the nearest light switch. my eyes widened at the sight. Yellow tinted newspaper clippings were all over the wall; they were uneven, unkempt. Some of the titles were covering another, some articles were even ripped in parts. Titles repeated from all sorts of different newspaper companies; none of them I even heard of.




A bunch of the same thing on one side of the wall. Looking closer, I realized they were talking about Mr. Galloway. I turned around and the same thing appears: untidy newspaper clippings that talk about Mr. Galloway. But there was only two newspapers that were neatly placed and framed. There directly across his bed.



I looked closer at the first headline. His wife was on the cover. Mr. Galloway turned out to be a fireman. The tragedy was the reason why he wanted to be alone. I got that.

I left his bedroom and immediately saw another door, how I missed it I still can't say but I went toward it but was locked out. Just for fun I looked for the key. Nothing was in the apartment, I guessed that Mr. Galloway must've taken it. I tried using the key at hand and it worked to my surprise.

The room was dark inside, I looked for the nearest light switch and turned it on the moment I found it. I stood frozen at the sight. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was confused, shocked. The world news today always talks about them; they're all over the place; Spain, Venezuela, Japan. But what I saw?

I heard someone speak right behind me in a stern tone, it was Mr. Galloway. I saw his shadow climb up on the wall where the painting stood among all the pictures and magazines. Galloway said something about the police or something, but then he said something about his life and secrets. But I ignored him as my eyes stuck on the painting that was on the wall.

"What?" he said in a gruff tone, "You didn't think the heroes thing just happened now did you?"


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(Personal) Favorite RPs

These are a couple of RPs that I've participated over the few years I've been here. This is a list of favorites because of reasons I will list and also is a reference of mine so that I can re-read these RPs when I want to feel nostalgic. :P There is no particular order. This list will gradually increase.

Light Wars: The Hand of God

This RP is a favorite of mine because of the overall story and also because it was the reason I got into RPGing. I initially didn't know what this was or what "RPG" stood for, but after snooping around I got to figure out what the form and the topic was about. It was actually Eclipse and War Killer who introduced me to the concept of RPGing and who actually told me to go for it. This RP was also the first open RP I actually joined.

And with an ooc like this, who wouldn't want to join? :P

RP Here.

Fearful Symmetry

Although Hand of God was my first open RP, Fearful Symmetry was the first RP I ever wrote in, and was also the first team RP, with the CoP.

Just like Hand of God, my writing was garbage. lol


RP Here

Fate of the Dragons

What would happen if the biggest Hero team (in terms of membership) at the time were against the strongest villains of the time? That was this RP. The Champions of Peace vs Tenebrasque In over the control of the last dragon egg in existence. This was a personal favorite because of the story and the fact it was my first battle (and against Azrael :P). Again, terrible writing from my part as I was just starting out but the writing everyone from both teams shelled out was beyond amazing. Every post, I literally saw it as an animated film or a comic. :P

RPG Here

Tonight, We Die Like Heroes!

This has to be my favorite overall open RP. Having your evil twin come to your Earth to 'fuse' with you in order to ensure their survival is crazy. What's crazier is that whatever characteristics or abilities they had would have added or taken away your main characters abilities. This story provided the perfect opportunity to develop your character and it was here that I decided to give Eagle a change in personality. Aside from the characterization, it was the overall concept of having an evil alternate Earth take over CV Prime that made this memorable for me (props to Closure/Clara Mass/Legacy for having this idea). Just to participate in one of his great ideas was memorable enough. Trust me, it was an awesome story.



The Next Wave

What if the destruction of a city wasn't because of a supervillain but rather nature? This story was a definite favorite of mine because of the realism present in the setting. A massive wave destroys Champion City and the CoP has to work to help the citizens, keep the prisoners from roaming the streets, and keep the island from sinking into the ocean. Another hard day's work. :P But really, this RP showcased that even nature can be a challenge to heroes. Plus, I got to interact with Sha; that's just awesome.



Crimson Deception

Since Azrael and Eagle had a little past, I decided it would be fun to have a storyline revolved around the two working together instead of fighting each other. This RP was a favorite because it allowed Ryan to be pushed toward the edge with Azarel being a puppeteer pulling on Ryan's strings the entire time. Thanks to Azrael because this RP wouldn't have been as fun without her. lol


No Days Off: Trinity Limit #2

Just the overall concept of the RP format was genius and credit goes to Ziccarra/Sha. To have the opportunity to introduce Stryke as a member of Trinity was great. And the fact that I got to work with and be on the team some of my favorite writers was just icing on the cake.


Stryke #1: Fractured Minds

This was the first RP in which I had to develop a villain and story from Stryke and let that be a team RP. Big thanks to Mr. Mercury for helping me with solidifying the character and groundwork for this RP. To this day I still remember the in depth structure of a character because of him. And honestly, it was fun being a villain albeit short. :P

This was supposed to be part 2 of Act I of my idea with Stryke. I really wanted to ripple the CV forums with an event I had planned but funny enough someone else beat me to punch line in terms of purpose. If anyone is interested in the basic idea I had in regards to the character and story just PM me. (Tbh, I'm actually tempted to bring this idea back.)




I entered the tournament as Stryke and it was a personal test to see if I had improved. And to be honest I felt like I did; I made it to the finals (and won). Going up against ShadowSwordMaster, Street Samurai, and Ziccara Liafador (aka Sha) just made this RP really special and on top of that I had to incorporate the settings in my attacks which made me think outside the box (thank you Icarusflies). Every one of them brought their best writing and imagination to the game and inspired me to write even better So all I can say is thank you guys. :)

Since it was a series of battles I will try to find them but in the meantime, here is the ooc.



Round 1: ShadowSwordmaster vs Stryke

Round 2: Street Samurai vs Stryke

Round 3: Ziccarra Liafador vs Stryke

Another Gothic City Tale

To talk with Nova is fun in of itself, so RPing with her is just amazing. I introduced CE to nU as a completely different person. So to have his history intertwine with Honor Girl made the story really interesting and plus, there's a Dark Vengeance "cameo" in the RP. I couldn't be happier than that.



Champions of Peace: Rise of the Neo-Mutants

I'll admit, I may be a little bias here considering it was my basic idea that grew into this amazing storyline. Having old and new friends on the team is always fun, but having them pitch their own little twist to the idea made this story memorable. And to back it up with amazing writing and fun twists and creativity; this was hands down one of my favorites.

This RP also allowed me to write CE out of the picture for a time. And I hope anyone who read this RP could guess what will happen to him because of the final two paragraphs. Also, I think this marks the first time in a long time where Eclipse and War Killer worked together in CoP; and that is always an excellent read.




I Need Your Opinions Please

Hey Everybody,

I decided to come back and I want to begin getting back into RPing again. But I can't really decide on what character to choose. So I want your honest opinion and try to sway me to one or the other.

Here are the options:

1) Bring Eagle over to nU. Have a brand new background and basically reboot him.

2) Continue with Ardor. This nU character is basically an unstable mutant who can't speak English and wants to help people as he finds a "cure."

3) Continue with Raiyo. This nU character is a former lucha libre style wrestler who was disgraced from his country and now seeks redemption.

4) Do something with Stryke. Should I bring him to nU?

5) Start from scratch and do something you would like to see me write regarding a brand new character. (Please tell me what you would like to see me write character-wise. Villain? Hero? Innocent Bystander #34?)

Your help and opinion is much appreciated and thanks for taking the time to respond. If there are in depth ideas I could do with these characters or regarding other ideas you have please feel free to PM me. Thanks! ^_^


Dangerous Bloodlines

Dangerous Bloodlines

 Ryan is at his apartment in Champion City. He was looking at the great view from his window. The view showed the illuminating waters surrounding the building. He was inactive with V.I.N.E. since the mission in Russia 3 months earlier, after the loss of his girlifriend. Ryan closed his eyes and had sudden flashbacks of the mission. He remembers the great mountain base of Necros and the explosion that consumed his girlfriend. Ryan soon opened his eyes at the sound of something beeping. Ryan turned towards the closet and placed his hand on the scanner located at the back of the closet. The wall next to the closet swished open, and his suit's insignia beeped. Ryan pressed against it and heard Colonel Wright say, "Ryan, get to New York... It's Urgent." 

 Ryan arrived at V.I.N.E. headquarters secretly through a telephone booth in a back alley. Colonel Wright was there along with his
The New Suit
assistant, and two V.I.N.E. scientists. "Ryan" Colonel Wright said, "You are here because we need you on another mission." Ryan looked at Wright and said, "What now? Super-villain? Let the Champions deal with it." Colonel Wright looked at Ryan with a glare and said, "We let you join your team on certain terms Ryan, don't forget it. And no, it's not a supervillain. Necros is back and they have rebuilt their organization since your last encounter." With a worried look on his face, Ryan responded, "I thought you said that it would take a long time for them to regroup." "It was supposed to, but we were wrong, apparently they have a new leader and he was not in the blast. His name is Lord Zero, and he is a threat to the world." Ryan looked down on the floor and said, "What's my mission?" "Your mission is to infiltrate Necros Island, which is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean." "You want me to infiltrate? For what?" Wright walked around in circles as he talked, "You need to infiltrate the island because it is rumored that they have nuclear weapons stored. We need to know." Ryan then began to walk towards the door and said, "Alright, I suit up and go." "WAIT!" said Wright impatiently, "You are going to need a new suit for this mission." He turned to the scientists and the scientists brought out a an all black suit with a red emblem of a eagle on it, the belt was grey and the material seemed durable. "This is the 'Alpha Suit' it is specially designed to blend into the night and it withstands bullets and air/sea pressure. The suit also has an invisibility cloak which can turn you invisible for about 15 seconds. It has a homing beacon in the belt as well as the materials you usually have. It also has gliders on it to help you fly since the suit is heavy. You are also equipped with 'eagle-rangs' to throw at your opponents. It has a built in ear piece so that we may contact you." Ryan looked at the beautiful suit and said one thing, "Do I keep it afterwards?" Wright nodded and then Ryan left with his new suit. The assistant soon said, "Colonel? You're not going to tell him about Bloodshot?" Wright looked towards the doorway and said, "No... he doesn't need to know." 
The Crimson Eagle arrived at the island. The night was silent and the moon was the only light visible. "Where is the base" Eagle asked on his com link. "North-West
 of your position." Colonel Wright said. The Crimson Eagle snuck through the thick forest that surrounded the island, swimming to the island was the best way to get through undetected. "You've arrived at the destination, slam the ground, the entrance is under ground. "said Colonel Wright. The Eagle clenched his hand into a fist and slammed the ground, the ground cracked open like an earthquake and an entrance appeared.  The Crimson Eagle dived in and landed on the floor. 4 corridors appeared, and Eagle went towards the one on the left, he ran through and asked, "Colonel? Where is the nuclear arms located?" There was no answer, just static. The Crimson Eagle was on his own, he ran through the corrider and soon saw a big room ahead. He activated the invisibility feature on
his suit and ran inside. The room had soldiers all around and one person talking, Crimson believed it to be Lord Zero. The large room also contained large missles. The hero knew that those were the nuclear arms, but soon realized that the invisibility would time out. He ran towards a different corridor before the cloak timed out. As the Crimson Eagle hid, he soon felt a hard object against his head and fell. His attacker stood behind him wearing a red helmet and had two guns on him, he said, "We finally get to catch up." 
 Ryan wakes up with an unbearable pain in the back of his head, he looks around and notices that he is in a jailcell. His arms were chained together behind his back and his feet also chained together. In front of him, the same man who knocked him out. The man bent down, patted Ryan on the head and said, "Sorry I had to rough you up, but trespassers don't get a warning." His red helmet muffled his voice, but the way he talked and the patting, it was all too familiar to Ryan. "Crimson Eagle..." The man said, "Nice to finally meet you, the name is Bloodshot." Ryan tried to break out of the chains, but his strength failed him. Noticing the struggle, Bloodshot said, "Don't bother with the chains, I've done some research and found out you were vulnerable to electricity. So I designed a cuff that gives you a dose of electricity every now and then." Feeling the cuff on his wrist, Ryan knew he was weak. Ryan soon said, "Where am I?" Soon a different voice was heard, "You are 30,000 feet in the air. Forgive me, I need to introduce myself. I am Lord Zero, leader of Necros. I see you've been aquainted with my assasin for hire, Bloodshot.... It's amazing, Bloodshot convinced me to not unmask you. He said it would have ruined all of the fun." Zero turned to the door and stopped, he then said, "He was right of course, we wouldn't want you to miss the bombing of New York." 
"New York? NO!" screamed Ryan as he struggled through the chains. "Yes, It'll be armageddon for the city that never sleeps." said Zero. Ryan looked towards Bloodshot, but could not identify the emotion due to the helmet. But Ryan deducted several facts about the assasin. One, he was a New Yorker due to the way he talked, two, the guy did his research about Ryan's weakness, and three; there was something about him that was all too familiar to Ryan. But what? Lord Zero allowed two agents enter the room and carried Ryan out of the room to the hangar of the flying machine. Seeing everything, Ryan knew they were on water and the nightime New York  skyline was visible from the distance. "You know what?" said Zero, "I prefer to have things dealt with before it becomes problematic. Bloodshot! Shoot the hero in the head." Bloodshot turned his head and looked at Zero as the terrorist exited, then at Ryan. The man had two pistols on his belt and took both out. He looked at Ryan and pointed one of them at the teen. A shot was heard. A scream soon followed. 
 Ryan closed his eyes as the shot was heard, and soon opened them. The assassin looked at the young hero and said, "Get Up! Security will be coming for us soon." Ryan noticed that Bloodshot shot one of the guards and with the other pistol, he shot the chains binding his feet. Ryan got up and began to knock out the guards with a series of kicks. Bloodshot also showed off his fighting skills by attacking the guards with kung-fu techniques. "Those moves..." Ryan thought, "They're Jeong's moves. Could it be him?" Bloodshot turned to Eagle, and shot a bullet at him. The bullet broke the chains wrapped around his arms. "Thanks," said Ryan, "Now take the cuff off." The Red Assassin walked towards Ryan, threw the hero's utility belt at him and said, "If I do that, then I won't be able to spar with you and to see how you've grown... Now let's go and deactivate the bombs." Bloodshot walked to the doorway and Ryan looked on thinking, "This guy is Jeong, no doubt about it. He's probably mimicking the way a New Yorker talks." Ryan put on his belt and looked through the compartments. Everything was accounted for, now Ryan must follow the assassin to deactivate the bombs that threatened New York. 
 The Eagle and the Assassin made their way to the weapons room to deactivate the bomb. As they went inside, Lord Zero was near by and drew two swords of the sharpest quality. Bloodshot drew his pistols and shot the Necros leader, but Lord Zero knocked the bullets away with the swiftness of his swords. The assassin realizing the error, puts away his guns and breaks a thin pipe nearby. The trio stood together in a firm position. Soon, Lord Zero attacked Ryan by thrusing his sword at him, Ryan quickly drew his staff and blocked the attack. Bloodshot soon came into the picture by attacking Zero. "Traitor!" shouted Zero, "I'm paying you to protect me!" The Red assasin looked at the leader of Necros and said,"I know, but I only look out for myself." Ryan soon listened to his words in disgust and hit Zero in the head. Lord Zero fell to the ground, and saw the red button that releases the bombs. Zero reached for the button and said, "Bombs away," before he pressed it; a shot was heard. Zero's hand was blown off, Ryan turned to see that Bloodshot was holding a gun with smoe going out of it. Lord Zero screamed in pain and was rolling on the floor. Eagle turned to the assassin and said, "What's the matter with you! You don't just shoot your enemy's hand off!" Bloodshot looked at him and said, "In life, you learn not to do stuff the hard way." Bloodshot then shot Ryan's cuff off and said, "Think fast." Bloodshot drew a grenade and aimed it at the bomb; he then shot at a nearby window and jumped out. With only 3 seconds to react, Ryan picked Zero up and jumpede out the window. The aircraft exploded behind Ryan, as he activated the built in glider and landed on a rooftop. 
 "Eagle to V.I.N.E." Ryan said, "I have Zero, and Jeong got away." Ryan put down Lord Zero and heard a voice behind him, "You think I'm
Bloodshot Revealed.
Jeong?" Bloodshot stood behind Ryan and said, "Wow, you really need to brush up on your dtective work." Ryan tried to punch the assassin, but Bloodshot evaded the move and jabbed something in Ryan's arm. "What is this?" Ryan started to ask as he believed poison was injected into him. "Don't worry," said Bloodshot, "It's your tube of anesthesia." Ryan looked down at his belt and saw that one pocket was open. "I'd say you have about 5 minutes before you pass out." said the assassin, "So let me make this reunion quick." Ryan began to feel strange. "I have been traveling around the world to perfect the teachings we learned around the world Ryan, I learned from the best and worked for the worst. From what I expieienced, hate is the soul factor in power. So embrace it Ryan." Eagle now began to feel the numbness around his body, "How do you know who I am? Who are you?" Bloodshot soon walked towards Ryan and patted him on the head, then he walked towards his motorcycle. As he got on, Bloodshot took off his helmet and said, "It's amazing that you don't remember you brother Ryan." Ryan looked shocked and said, "Luke!?" The assassin smiled, put on his helmet and said, "You need to grow up little brother." The assassin then rode his motorcycle into the night and Ryan fell unconcious. 
 Ryan woke up at his apartment in Champion City and Colonel Wright was standing in front of him. "You knew that Bloodshot was my brother didn't you?" Ryan said in an angry tone, "Why didn't you tell me?" Wright looked at Ryan and said, "It's because we knew that the person you admired the most was also an assassin. We wanted to protect you." Ryan then got up from his bed and yelled. "I KNOW MY BROTHER'S LIFE WAS HELL!!!! BUT YOU HAVE TO TELL ME WHERE HE IS!!!!!" Wright looked at Ryan with a 'death stare' and said, "We don't know where he is but-" "But what?" Ryan interupted, "But what? He ran away and I hated him for that! He put my life through hell for knowing what he's become. Jeong
Family in China. Ryan on left. Luke on right.
twisted his life around and he started killing people." Wright began to yell, "YOUR BROTHER IS AN ASSASSIN, A MURDERER!!! DEAL WITH IT!!! WHO ELSE DO YOU THINK GAVE THE VIRUS TO SEVERE SO THAT YOUR PARENTS COULD DIE!!!" Ryan was speechless, "He... gave the virus.... to Severe? To use... on my mom and dad?" Wright looked at him and nodded. "Get out Colonel, please... get out." Tears rolled down Ryan's eyes as he said this. Wright exited the apartment and the door shut, Ryan went to his drawer and picked up a photo of his mother, father, himself, and Luke... his brother. Ryan looked at the picture and said, "I'm going to stop you Luke, once and for all... and I'm going to help you..."
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Looking to the Past

Looking To The Past


t was already a month since Colonel Wright offered Ryan the position to V.I.N.E. Ever since then, Ryan was just cleaning up bad guys in New York. As the days pass by, Ryan was missing his parents. He then looks into a photo album he had of the events in his life. The first picture he sees is the photo of him in China, Ryan remembers his training with Master Jeong. Master Jeong would always push Ryan to his limits, he trained him in the art of kung-fu and the use of a bow staff. Then Ryan looks at another photo. This photo was a picture of him and student he befriended in Japan. The student's name was Riku. Riku was a few years Ryan's senior and taught Ryan "the way of the sword" or kenjutsu and tactical strategy. As Ryan flipped to more pictures, he sees a photo of him and Tenzin in Tibet. Tenzin was Ryan's archery
Ryan and Michelle Trick or Treating
teacher. He taught him the many ways an arrow can hit his target. When Ryan flips to the last page, he sees the picture of his friend-now-girlfriend, Michelle. The photo shows both of them in their costumes for halloween. Ryan and Michelle being superheroes. Ryan smiles at the photo and then starts to remember that Michelle died in a car crash when she was on vacation in Spain. As Ryan flips back to the previous photos, he notices that Master Jeong,  Riku, and Tenzin were all wearing the same crest and Ryan was sure that he never mentioned his teachers to each other. Ryan just thought it was a coincidence and left.  

The Symbol
Ryan suited up a left to patrol New York. On one of his attempts to catch a petty crook, he is shot in the back with an arrow nearly hitting a vital organ. As Ryan takes out the arrow, he looks up and sees the silouhettes of 4 different people. Soon 3 of the four sillouhettes leave, but before Ryan can chase them, he is shot again by an arrow. This time, the arrow went through the back of his right shoulder blade. Screaming in pain he yanks the arrow out and then falls unconscious.  
 Ryan wakes up and sees that he is at the hospital wing at V.I.N.E. headquarters. Colonel Wright was standiing right next to him. Wright tells Ryan that the arrow that shot him was laced with an anesthetic which also acts as a poison. Colonel Wright says that someone is trying to kill Ryan and knows of his capabilities. Ryan now understanding that the other 3 were just backup, if needed, to support whoever shot him. Now Ryan had many questions in his mind. The Colonel said that the anesthetic/poison mixture is a technique only learned in Taiwan, it was created by a herbologist  and former V.I.N.E. member named Ken. Wright explains that Ken died in a car accident when driving home. Ryan, not mentioning about the 4, suits up and flies to Taiwan to get some answers.  
Ryan, as Crimson Eagle, flies to Taiwan and searches for Ken. Soon, Ryan finds out the warehouse where Ken works. He finds that the lab was trashed and the place where all of the herbs were, were taken. Ryan looks around and sees that the soil where the herbs were growing, were solid and dry. Ryan easily deduced that whoever did this, did this a long time ago. Ryan searched and searched for clues, none came up, so with low options, he leaves. As he leaves the front door, Ryan spots something carved around the door. He sees the same triangular symbol that his teachers had. Ryan, starts wondering if this symbol meant that Ken, Riku, Tenzin, and Master Jeong were in a cult or a tribe. With this question in mind, he leaves for New York.                                                                   
" You're on my list."

2 weeks went by and Ryan was still wondering what that symbol meant. As Ryan was walking home, he hears a break in at Walker Industries, the place where science is too advanced for the future. When Ryan, as the Crimson Eagle, arrives at the crime scene, an arrow is fired, but just misses Ryan by an inch. Ryan then hears, "Crimson Eagle... I thought I killed you. Oh, well. This time, I won't miss." Ryan looks at his opponent and asks for his name and purpose. The attacker replies, "The name's Headshot, and my objective is to kill and you're on my list."  Headshot took 2 arrows and swiftly shot both. Eagle flew to the side wondering why Headshot would make a careless move. Suddenly, an explosion was heard and Ryan was hit by the debris. Headshot had a caused a distraction for Eagle. Then Headshot took an electric arrow and shot it directly at Eagle. Ryan screamed in pain, and his enemy chuckled explaining that he knows of Crimson Eagle's weakness. Just as he is about to shoot
The Final Kick
the killing arrow, a voice was heard. "Don't shoot that arrow, I will take it from here. Let's see how much of a fighter he is." Headshot recluctantly stood aside and the man grew closer to attacking him. Crimson Eagle looked up and saw the impossible, Master Jeong. Before Ryan stood up to ask a question, Jeong kicked him. "You're weak, you need to push your limits, come Eagle. FIGHT ME!" Ryan did not want to fight, but did so anyway, the electric arrow had weakened him so much. Jeong blocked all of his attacks, as did Eagle to him. "That's the fire I was looking for, but this is
Falling to his doom.
over." said Jeong. Jeong cracked 3 of Eagle's ribs with a single blow and began to beat the snot out of him. Crimson Eagle was bloodied up and beaten. Jeong gave the Crimson Eagle the final kick. Eagle went through the glass and out of the building, falling.  
Ryan woke up at the V.I.N.E. hospital wing 5 days later. Ryan suffered 4 broken ribs and a concussion. Colonel Wright appeared and said, "Coming here twice in a month is not good news, especially if V.I.N.E. has to cover up all of the evidence of your identity since your fight with Jeong." Ryan looked at Wright with disgust, "You knew?! You knew that my former martial arts teacher was a crook in some cult?" Wright looked out the window for a few minutes and finally said, "Yes, V.I.N.E. knew that Jeong had dirty hands; he's in a terrorist organization called 'Necros.' Necros looks for the best candidates to do their dirty work and Jeong was considered one of the best martial artists in the world. They also specialize in assasination and I believe you met with an agent of theirs, Headshot." Ryan remembers the encounter with Headshot and wonders if Tenzin was involved. Wright says," You're probably wondering if your other masters were involved... they are, both Riku and Tenzin are involved and in fact, Tenzin's codename is Headshot. Riku is under the codename Warrior and Jeong leads the team. There is one more member to the team, but the agent remains unknown. The agent is a new addition to the team and is considered deadly. Ryan, Necros' objective was to steal an electro-transmitter from Walker Industries, they succeeded. That transmitter can hack into any supercomputer in mere minutes and can also replicate and genetic codes. In the hands of Necros... all hell could break loose."  
With the right treatment, Ryan was back on his feet and ready to take down Necros. He learned that they may use the transmitter to corrupt the governments of the world and cause chaos. The chaos would need order and Necros would there to bring it all under
Riku aka Warrior
dictatorship. Ryan suits up and heads to Russia to find Necros. Hearing that there have been recent activities in Russia by Necros. Ryan arrives as the Crimson Eagle in Moscow, Eagle flies around the city and soon sees smoke coming out of a tall building. Eagle closes in and soon sees Necros agents setting up bombs. Eagle sees Headshot, Warrior (Riku), and Jeong along with other Necros agents. Jeong orders the attack on the Crimson Eagle, the Crimson Eagle evades some of the attackers' blows and starts to beat the majority of them.  Eagle goes straight to Headshot for a blow. Headshot evades and shoots multiple arrows that curve in the air. Knowing the maneuver, Eagle curves in the opposite direction of the arrow to evade it. At first, Headshot is shocked, but then smirks. "Well, well, well." Headshot said, "You were a student of mine weren't you? I only teach my best students how to evade the trickiest arrow." Eagle replies,"Yes Tenzin, I was your student. You taught me well." Warrior then speaks up and says," Well your arrow evasion won't work on a master swordsman." Warrior then lunges at Eagle with two swords in his hand, Eagle takes out a portable bo-staff and fights Warrior with it. One black after another, Eagle knew that Warrior might win, so he waits for a chance to knock a sword out of his opponent's hand. When the time came, one of Warrior's swords was slipped, but he used the other one to knock out Eagle's staff. Eagle then runs for the dropped sword and usses it against Warrior. Warrior then reconizes the technique Eagle is using. Warrior stops and says, "You were a student of mine also, weren't you?" Then Jeong comes in and says," He was my student too, those bo-staff techniques were my own. I taught that maneuver to one person only, Ryan Candan." Ryan looks at them and says, "You've figured it out. I'm the Crimson Eagle. Riku, you fought well and Jeong, you haven't lost your touch." Warrior looks on, shocked and ashamed. Jeong looks and says, "Riku, you were trained to not look into the past, so don't. Ryan, you dissapoint me. I taught you 
Now he'll get it.
to not hold yourself back in a fight, but you did with me. Now it will cost you. I will not hold back." Jeong and Headshot walk toward Ryan with caution, getting ready for the inevitable, but both failed. Both of them were knocked down by a man with a bowstaff in one hand and a sword in the other. Jeong and Tenzin look up with rage in their eyes, only to hear a traitorous voice, "Sometimes, looking to the past helps shape our future." With hearing these words, Jeong and Tenzin get up and begin to attack. Ryan and Riku exchange their weapons and begin to combat their foes. Ryan begins to fight Tenzin while Riku fights Jeong. Tenzin fires multiple arrows at Ryan and Ryan reflects them by twirling his bo-staff in a windmill fashion. Calculating Ryan's "whirl speed," Tenzin fires an electric arrow at Ryan. When the shot is fired, Ryan already predicts his move and steps to the side as the arrow passes. When it does, Ryan grabs the arrow in mid-air and throws it at Tenzin. Due to not calculating Ryan's prediction, the arrow hits Tenzin square in the chest and shocks him; rendering him unconcious. Meanwhile. Jeong goes into fighting Riku; Riku uses the best maneuvers he has againts Jeong and at the same time blocking all of Jeong's attacks using his sword. Jeong soon breaks a nearby pipe and uses it as a staff. Jeong blocks all of the attacks Riku uses with his twin swords. When Jeong sees an opening in Riku's skills and uses it to his advantage; Jeong knocks one of Riku's swords out of his hand and when Riku tries to stab Jeong when he is near a wall, Jeong evades the move (leaving the sword stuck to the wall) and hits Riku with the pipe in the stomach. Jeong then takes the sword stuck to the wall and stabs Riku with it. Riku screams in pain, Jeong smirks, and Ryan looks on with tears of rage. As he is taking out the sword from Riku's stomach, Jeong says, "Riku, you were pathetic thinking you could take me. What a waste of talent." Ryan, looks on with rage, takes the dropped sword and runs towards Jeong yelling, "JEONG! YOU CROSSED THE LINE!!! NOW YOU'LL GET IT!!!" 
 Ryan lunges towards Jeong with the sword in hand, Jeong easily evades the move, kicks Ryan in the gut and says, "Ryan, you know better to wait before you attack." Ryan drops his sword and gasps for air, he then gets up and says, "You're right, but your rules for killing are wrong! No mercy? What kind of a fight is that? That's not right!" Jeong replies, "Of course it's right, showing mercy to your foe is a sign of weakness. Are you weak Ryan? Are you?" Ryan looks at Jeong for a time and finally says, "Let's fight, you and me. I won't use my powers." Jeong smirks and then says, " Very well, I will bring back your dead body to V.I.N.E. for them to see a failure." Ryan goes and fights Jeong. One kick after another, Ryan fights with his potential. Jeong blocks with frustration. Then Jeong grabs Ryan's leg and punches him on the leg. Ryan creams in pain. Then Jeong grabs one of Headshot's smoke arrows and throws it on the ground. The room is covered in smoke, Ryan listens for some movement. Soon and kick is heard and the smoke clears. Jeong    looks up at Ryan in pain. "How did you?" says Jeong. "You taught me how to listen to my enemy, but Riku taught me to position my body into an attacking and defending phase at the same time. Combining the two, I gave you a lethal kick to the chest." relpied Ryan. "Well then, go on finish me. Avenge Riku and all the people that I've killed." says Jeong. "No" says Ryan," You don't deserve to live, but
The fourth member.
me killing you is just what you want, to complete the training you gave me. But that was the reason why I left your training. So that I don't have to act like you scum." Ryan then kicks Jeong in the face, knocking him out. "Ryan......." Ryan turns and sees Riku barely alive. "Riku, I got to get you to a hospital." Ryan says. "No" says Riku, "My time is up... I am glad to have been your teacher... you've... matured so much...but... the fourth on our... team..." Ryan says, "What about the fourth?" Riku says, "Same... powers... you... and... you... know...h-" Ryan looks at Riku and cries for his former teacher, ally, and most of all, friend. 
"The fourth member? Who was the fourth?" Ryan thought, as he was in Moscow. Four days ago, he saw his friend die and now seeing him at his grave was just too painful. Ryan suited up and flew out of the cemetery. He flies around Moscow and soon a kick struck him in the back. Ryan fell on a building and looks up on his attacker... the fourth member. The attacker was blond and wore a suit concealing her identity. Ryan fought with her for a time. "I have enhanced strength and the ability to fly just lke you," she said. She then kicked Ryan to the ground and said, "The name is Canary, and I will be your worst nightmare." Eagle took out his bo-staff at the same time as Canary. They both fought until they came close together to hold each other off. They made eye contact and their tension loosened. They stepped back and Canary said, "Ryan..." Eagle responses,"Michelle..." They looked for a moment
Eye to Eye
and then Michelle flies away. Ryan looks on, shocked. Soon after, Ryan recovers from his shock and    then takes out a radar that V.I.N.E. had provided him. During the fight, he planted a tracking device on 
Michelle and now he can follow her and get some answers. The tracking device led to Stalingrad, Russia; on the mountainous range. Eagle stopped on a mountain and looks down to see some agents wearing the Necros symbol on them and coming out of the mountain. Before the passageway closed, Eagle flew swiftly inside. From there he was cautious to finding Michelle, but instead, Michelle found him. "Ryan get out of here," she said. Ryan responded,"No, I want answers, I thought you died in a car crash in Spain." "It was a setup," she replied,"my parents were V.I.N.E. scientists and they were captured because they had the basis for the Andrenline virus that soon fell into Dr. Severe's hands. I offered my services to Necros if they didn't kill my parents when they didn't need them anymore. So then, Necros trained me under Riku, Tenzin, and Jeong. Soon when we heard V.I.N.E. had created the Andrenaline serum, Necros asked a man named Ken to replicate after he saw the Virus' coding. He was succesful, but when Necros found out that he was going to sell it, they had him killed. The serum replica was then injected into me as a test subject." "So that's why the electro transmitter was stolen from Walker Industries, to hack into a supercomputer, break it down and send a whole army of superhumans to take over the world. That's not going to happen, not if I'm around. Michelle, come with me, we can save your parents. Together." Michelle looks at Ryan and then smiles. They both went to destroy the facility, Michelle fought the many guards while Ryan looked around to find the replicant serum and the transmitter. Soon the serum was found and Ryan took a torch that was in the lab and burned the lab down. Soon after, Ryan and Michelle were searching frantically for Michelle's parents. Ryan then looked into Necros' computer and searched for the scientists. Michelle looked onto the screen in grief, her parents had been executed one month ago. She began to cry and soon looked up with rage. "Ryan, go, I'll destroy the transmitter" said Michelle. "No" said Ryan, "I'm not going to lose you again." "You won't" she responded, "I promise, the world needs heroes like you, now go." Ryan looked at her and 
Lord Zero

then kissed her, he smiled, and flew off. Michelle looked at fim from the distance and quietly said, "Good-bye Ryan." She left for the other side of the facility. Ryan left the facility and soon an explosion was heard, the facility was in flames. Ryan screamed for Michelle, and another explosion was heard. The facility was no more. Ryan left with grief towards home. Soon a young, blond haired lady looked on from a distance in tattered clothing. A day later (back in NYC) Colonel Wright congratulates Ryan on his victory saying that the facility turned out to be Necros' main base and their work will be slowed down drastically. What Wright or Ryan didn't know was that a man in a mask was on the former base. His assistant said, "Lord Zero, it was confirmed that Canary betrayed you and perished, but the Crimson Eagle lives." Lord Zero looks up to the sky and says, "Then the Crimson Eagle will pay for what he did to Necros."   

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If Bruce Wayne returns, how will this affect everyone?

Here's the big question, How will Bruce Wayne's return affect the people he knows in Gotham? 
I know that G-Man posted something very similar, but I am just going to expand it a bit. 
I think that problems will arise for the Bat-Family. I believe that Bruce, Dick, Tim, and Damien will have a fight over what positions they will take. 
And there are more problems ahead for  them. Hush is masquerading as Bruce, so when Bruce returns, what will happen? Will Hush blackmail Bruce?  
And what about Joker, does he know Batman's identity (I'm not sure because I haven't read Batman and Robin#13. I was told that it reveals whether 
or not Joker knows).  
What about Jim Gordon? 
It is implied that he knows Batman's identity. So if he does, will the friendship Batman and Jim be strained? 
Well... we will have to wait and see.